Marco reus – can he ever drive again?

Marco reus on the road for years without a valid driver’s license | can he ever do car commercials again?

Yesterday at BVB training: reus strokes his hair, looking thoughtful photo: AP/dpa

BILD revealed: marco reus (25) must pay 540,000 euro fine for driving without a license. Now it turns out: the national player had a dutch driver’s license – a fake one!

BILD comment

Matthias brugelmann from the BILD editorial department comments on the case of marco reus, who drove for years with a forged driver’s license.

Marco reus and the driver’s license scandal: the case is a feast for the internet. BILD shows the funniest contributions.

The case marco reus. Now it comes out: apparently he had a fake driver’s license! This is reported by WDR.

WDR quotes from the warrant: "in 2009, you obtained a dutch driver’s license through an unknown contact person, knowing that it did not entitle you to drive motor vehicles in germany. This one is a forgery."

Who gave reus his fake driver’s license?? Since 1. July 2009 he played in gladbach (20 kilometers from holland).

As a justice spokesman confirmed to BILD, reus was also investigated for document forgery. He had on 18. March presented the invalid driver’s license. The investigation was discontinued because he was already facing a higher penalty for driving without a license. The reus side did not want to comment to BILD.

Is the league experiencing a new driving license scandal??

in may 2008 it was revealed that a driving instructor from lower saxony, driving examiners and accomplices had "helped" about 50 professionals.

Also interesting

may reus continue to advertise cars?

The midfield star was part of a campaign of BVB sponsor opel. Whether this will be continued is open.

Opel explained: "of course, the case has surprised us. We know that our partner BVB dortmund has discussed and clarified the issue with marco reus. We have nothing to add."

Not the only car ad with reus!

Before the world cup in brazil, photos of the BVB star were taken – sitting on a mercedes (DFB sponsor).

In addition, reus advertises for the mineral oil company aral. On his facebook page, he wrote in june: "just fill up, collect points and dust off bonuses."

Almost curious: at toy manufacturer mattel, reus advertises the "hot wheels" model cars.

How dortmund reacts?

Reus had a serious one-on-one talk with trainer jurgen klopp (47). Klopp: "at some point in his life, to stay on topic, he made a wrong turn as a very young guy."

And: "he’s maximally insightful. A stupid story where there is no real way out until you get caught. For this he gets an extraordinarily high penalty, which is then also in order."

How does dortmund evaluate that reus was on the road with forged papers according to the criminal warrant?

BVB boss hans-joachim watzke (55): "this incident has also obviously been assessed under criminal law. That’s all I can say on the subject."

Nevertheless, watzke puts himself in front of his employee: "what marco did was serious. He has received a severe and just punishment for it. I know from conversations with him that he deeply regrets the matter. All BVB officials stand united with marco."

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