Maranello: a formula 1 ferrari on public roads!

Formula 1 star charles leclerc drove the latest ferrari SF1000 on public roads during a special demo drive in maranello

(motorsport-total.Com) "i’m not normally an early riser, but this morning i had a good reason to be", says charles leclerc. The formula 1 driver drove his current SF1000 in the ferrari hometown of maranello. "Maybe I woke up a few people, but it was just great to drive the SF1000 through these streets", he says.

Charles Leclerc drives out of the Ferrari factory (Gestione Sportiva) in Maranello

At the company entrance: charles leclerc takes the ferrari SF1000 on the road zoom

And ferrari had come up with a special route: the starting point was the ferrari factory site. Just outside the former factory halls of the racing department, the mechanics fired up the SF1000, then leclerc walked in the car in the footsteps of ferrari’s history in the small Italian town.

"I was really looking forward to being in the car today, and for this particular route," he says, says leclerc.

The route of leclerc in maranello

This route took him first along the via abetone inferiore, then past the "gestione sportiva", where ferrari has developed and built all its formula 1 cars since 2015, and then to the ferrari museum. At the end of his tour, leclerc used the via gilles villeneuve, which brought him to the fiorano race track.

"Sitting in the cockpit again, it feels like being at home", says leclerc after his special round trip. Ferrari wanted to show that the forced break in Formula 1 was over. Or, as leclerc puts it, "it was a funny way of saying we’re ready to get back on the race track."

In fact, the formula 1 regulations allow such demonstrations with current cars, provided that the world governing body (FIA) has given its prior approval and the formula 1 competition has also been informed of everything in advance.

And now off to the season opener!

Each team is therefore free to hold two events of this kind per season, on special pirelli tires of course. And that’s in addition to the two days of filming over 100 kilometers each, which also have to be mastered on separate, hard demonstration tires.

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Leclerc enjoyed the short drive out of maranello as much as the SF90 stradale in Monte Carlo: "now I can’t wait to drive the SF1000 in Austria", he says. no wonder: ferrari’s formula 1 break since the last day of winter testing in barcelona was exactly 110 days.

The residents of maranello had to wait entire years to see a Formula 1 Ferrari on the streets of their city again. Leclerc is the "first driver of the modern era", to whom this honor has been given, it is said by ferrari, without mentioning years of previous demo trips of this kind.

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