Mallorca with the rental car

how to experience the originality of the balearic island

There is so much to discover on mallorca. How about exploring all the enchanting places and bays in mallorca with a rental car? My reader lea has done the test for you and tells you about her experiences.

Majorca is always worth a trip. The beautiful Balearic island is particularly popular with package holidaymakers who want to spend their well-deserved summer vacation on one of the island’s enchanting beaches. From quiet and secluded coves, to picturesque towns, to lively party places, mallorca has it all. But what’s wrong with exploring the island on your own, away from mass tourism?? Nothing! So grab a cheap rental car, to discover many undiscovered treasures of this island. in my article you will get all the tips you need to explore mallorca by rental car.

Majorca made easy by rental car

Mallorca round trip by rental car

I have often spent my vacations in one of the most popular vacation destinations in germany. Mallorca is versatile and enchanting – with every trip you could discover new corners instead of devoting yourself to the old familiar ones. Besides party areas and tourist resorts, there are countless charming regions, secluded coves, endless beaches, green nature and picturesque villages. So why not grab a rental car and take advantage of the many beautiful explore regions of the island? providers like europcar, avis, sixt and co. Nowadays, you can find them in countless countries all over the world, so you can also rent a car spontaneously at a local station and just drive off.

Tips and tricks for booking a rental car

So that you don’t get any problems when renting a car, I’ll give you a few more tips tips and tricks take it with you. Whether you want to book online or on site should be decided individually. but it makes sense to compare car rental prices in advance. This will give you a better idea of what you are up against financially. Pick up and drop off location are the first thing to show. If you decide not to return your rental car at the same place where you pick it up, the price will increase. Sometimes even considerably – then a small round trip is worth rather than a one-way route.

In my lexicon you will find important explanations about rental cars and relevant providers.

After you have travel period with the car rental, you may choose the car of your choice in the next step. Depending on how many people you use the rental car with, the smallest variant is usually enough: small car or compact class. the last important point before the payment: the insurance coverage. use common sense and local road and traffic conditions to decide which insurance makes the most sense for you, and find the cheapest offer based on the relevant criteria. in my travel magazine you can find more tips about this topic book a rental car.

Mallorca by rental car – reader lea takes the test

my reader lea wanted to find out for herself what it’s like to explore mallorca by rental car. She has done the test for you and tells you about her experiences.

i had planned five days for my round trip on the spanish island. Since I have to drive several hundred kilometers in as flexible as possible I decided to use a rental car as my means of transportation. On the advice of a friend I already booked the car from home. The booking was very easy via a price comparison portal and I was able to choose the right rental car from a large selection of inexpensive offers. Since a small car was perfectly adequate for my purposes, I decided to rent a seat ibiza. Then it finally started! the big day of my five-day mallorca adventure had arrived. At the airport of palma i was able to pick up my rental car right away. So all I had to do was sign the local rental contract, leave a deposit and off I went!

driving in mallorca – useful tips

Of course there are big differences when it comes to driving in other countries. Before you start your trip, you should find out what the road conditions are like and what special traffic rules you have to observe. In mallorca the road conditions comparatively good, as reader lea also says.

the road network on the balearic island is very well developed for southern european standards. The roads are in good condition, especially in the tourist areas, and are well signposted. With a road map armed with the information i had received from the local rental company, i steered my rental car towards adventure. On my round trip I have made the experience that it is advisable, especially on the wild romantic west coast driving slowly. The roads are very narrow and partly single lane. on unsecured slopes and mountain roads there can be boulders behind every bend or suddenly oncoming traffic can appear.

Unlimited freedom with a rental car

The great advantage of renting a car in the vacation destination is that of unlimited freedom and flexibility. With no time constraints, I was able to gradually run down my list of sights and remote picturesque towns and beaches, spending as much time as I wanted in each place. besides the beautiful harbor of andratx in the southwest of the island, i also wanted to explore the mountain ranges of the serra tramuntana and the dragon caves in porto cristo in the east of majorca. by the way, i discovered one of the most beautiful beaches of mallorca rather by accident. To the picturesque beach cala varques you can only get there on foot or by boat. For this reason the beach is also pleasantly empty. The white sand, the pine-clad slopes and the clear water make you quickly forget about time and everyday life.

you see, when you rent a car, unimagined possibilities open up to you. From the airport in palma you can immediately explore mallorca’s south. And I’m not talking about the well known party miles. Whether secluded coves like cala pi and es trenc, the parc natural mondrago, where you can explore the underwater world while snorkeling, or my secret tip, the island of cabrera – in the south of our favorite island, one highlight follows the other. If you already know the surroundings of palma like the back of your hand, then why not explore the northeast of mallorca with its dragon caves and picturesque villages like lea?. No matter where you’re headed, rental cars let you drift by feel.

Discover the original mallorca

The unlimited possibilities a round trip with a rental car have also convinced lea and she is already making new plans for a trip that offers her the same flexibility as in her mallorca vacation with a rental car.

fact: on my round trip of about 500 kilometers, which took me along the mallorcan coast to the mountainous landscape of the serra tramuntana, i saw the original mallorca got to know and love. no guidebook can convey the impressions that you experience on an independent expedition with a rental car. For me this vacation was unique, filled with freedom and adventure. For the next vacation is therefore again a road trip with the rental car planned.

A rental car is always a good idea

I’m sure you’re in the mood for a travel through mallorca get with the rental car. Before you book, there are two important things lea would like you to keep in mind:

If you want to save money, you are well advised to use the services of a car rental comparison portal. Such portals compare the offers of over 200 providers worldwide and are therefore much cheaper than the car rental at the airport or in the resort itself. And: no matter how carefully and safely you drive, you can never completely rule out an accident. Therefore, it is better to invest a little more money in a good insurance cover at the time of booking and avoid any unpleasant surprises in the end.

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