Lte minirouter

With the LTE minirouter from congstar, you can use your own fuel anywhere and at any time WLAN hotspot set up. Surf on the road in the train, in the car on the back seat or in the open air. With the LTE minirouter you can of course also surf carefree abroad at any time with a daypass or the weekpass. And to keep your friends and colleagues connected, you can use the LTE minirouter to connect up to 15 devices at the same time – whether laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Always with you and ready for immediate use: the compact, mobile WLAN router

  • Connects up to 15 wifi enabled devices to the internet simultaneously
  • Small and lightweight – fits in any pocket
  • Download speed with LTE-speed
  • Up to 6 hours of battery life

Now only 45 00 € 47 congstar one-time price for end devices: all prices include sales tax and exclude VAT. 4,99 € shipping.

Small, light and durable

At 10.4 x 6.4 x 1.17 cm, the LTE minirouter is barely larger than a current smartphone – but it has what it takes: you can send up to 15 devices simultaneously to the Internet at LTE speed.

In a few seconds the router is ready to go. Just turn it on, connect your device via Wi-Fi and you’re ready to go! The battery will provide you with 6 hours of operating time.

By the way: thanks to its own app for android and ios, you can easily operate the LTE minirouter to z.B. Manage passwords or see who all is currently logged in. Alternatively, you can easily operate the router via browser-based software without having to install extra software. So you can manage everything also comfortably on the laptop.

What is a mobile WLAN hotspot??

One mobile WLAN hotspot is an access point for the internet that lets you connect easily via WLAN. This works exactly like a conventional WLAN router for your home, except that the connection to the Internet is established via the mobile network. For this purpose the mobile WLAN router your own SIM card.

You can surf with our mobile wifi router so wherever you receive mobile internet, set up your own wifi for up to 15 devices. This works with both laptops as well as with tablets or with smartphones – for example, if your friends don’t have a data flat themselves, but still want to surf on the road.

All 15 devices are supplied via the same SIM card. This means you can access the Internet much more cost-effectively than if you use a separate SIM card with a contract for each device. For example, surf on all your devices with just one data plan!

Z.B. With these devices you can on the road about the mobile WLAN router to the internet: smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop pcs, printers, mp3 players and all other wi-fi enabled devices.

Who is the LTE minirouter interesting for??

The LTE minirouter serves multiple devices with a single SIM card. This makes it interesting for anyone who wants to use a tablet, smartphone or laptop to access the Internet without having to pay for a separate contract for each device. with a single data plan you can connect up to 15 devices at the same time. 3 different data tariffs are available to you, offering you between 1.5 GB and 8 GB of monthly data volume in LTE speed with up to 25 mbit/s, depending on your needs.

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