Lpg refueling while traveling: on vacation with autogas

Autogas is an attractive alternative to petrol and diesel. Also during the vacation season. We give you tips for a relaxed vacation trip to other european countries.

Put your luggage in the trunk and let’s go: german vacationers traditionally like to go on vacation by car. after all, many attractive destinations – from the north sea coast to the alps – are easily accessible by car. In addition, arrival and departure can be planned flexibly and vacationers are also mobile at their vacation destination. Another advantage: on many routes, the car is still the cheapest means of travel. This is especially true when driving on liquid gas instead of gasoline or diesel.

Dense network of LPG filling stations in germany

The mixture of propane and butane, also known as LPG (liquid petroleum gas), is easier on the wallet than conventional fuels. It is so cheap that consumers save on driving despite the slightly higher consumption: the liter currently costs only 0.57 EUR on average in germany. In addition, less greenhouse gases and air pollutants such as fine dust are released during the journey. When it comes to range and comfort, car drivers don’t have to compromise with autogas either. But what if your tank is running low on the way to your vacation??

In fact, long journeys are no problem with LPG vehicles. Drivers in germany don’t need to be afraid of getting stranded. With currently about 7.100 stations, the alternative fuel is mathematically available at almost every second gas station. An overview of all autogas filling stations is offered, for example, by the german liquid gas association (DVFG) on an interactive map.

almost every second gas station in germany offers liquid gas.

Many LPG pumps in other european countries as well

On trips within germany, vacationers traveling on autogas are thus well provided for. But how does the coverage in our neighborhood look like? All in all, the network of filling stations operated by liquefied petroleum gas suppliers is also well developed in other european countries – according to the DVFG, there are more than 46 LPG filling stations in europe.000 LPG filling stations in operation.

However, depending on where the journey takes them, motorists will have to contend with different densities of supply networks. While there are many autogas pumps in the netherlands, italy and poland, the offer in denmark and austria is more sparse.

LPG route planning: the navi guides you to the nearest LPG filling station

To be on the safe side, you should check the fueling options along your route and at your destination before you start your trip. You can find the corresponding lists of petrol stations on the Internet. During the journey, the navigation device also makes the search easier: many devices have functions that can be used to guide you to the nearest LPG filling station.

Once you have arrived at the gas pump, you need to have the right adapter at hand. Because refueling with liquefied petroleum gas requires a sealed connection between the vehicle and the filling station – and there is no europe-wide standard for this. Only with the right adapter can any car be filled at any gas station.

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