Long car rides with kids – 10 game ideas for the road

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When kids get bored on the road, parents’ nerves suffer. A single child whines if he has to stay in his seat for too long and several children often start fights among themselves. Then it’s good to be able to distract them with games, so that peace reigns again and you can concentrate on the driving.


Children from kindergarten age can usually be quickly inspired to play entertaining games that can be played spontaneously and without preparation anywhere. Adult passengers, if they don’t want to participate in the games, can find entertaining activities for themselves. The internet offers itself. And if you have WLAN in the car, the connection is also stable.

You can pass the time with social media like facebook and twitter. Or you can store online comfortably, without having to dig out your credit card from the bag you may have in the trunk of your car. Payment methods like paypal make money transfer easy and secure. In addition, you can use paypal for online games and thus take advantage of the offer of exciting online gambling games on the road.

Of course, the little ones in the car can also be kept busy for a while thanks to the internet. But sometimes that’s not enough. And not everyone always has a suitable tablet or smartphone for the children with them. After all, even on shorter trips, traffic can cause unexpected delays.

If toys, books and mp3 players are not available or have already become boring, then guessing, memory and word games provide welcome variety. Fun games not only pass the time for the children, but also keep them in a good mood.


  • Yes-no game

With a little concentration even very small children can play this game. One player asks all the others some questions that are answered easily and quickly.But: it is not allowed to answer with "yes" or "no. Anyone who slips in one of the words will have to sit out the round.

  • Color game

In the color game, one person names a color and all the others have to discover things in that color. The winner is the one who finds the most. Or you can limit yourself to cars of that color: the first to discover ten is the winner and now gets to choose a color.

  • I see something you don’t see

A popular game for toddlers: one player chooses an object that everyone can see and begins his description with the sentence: "I see something that you don’t see and that is – blue/ green/ tiny/ huge, etc". The others now have to guess which object is meant by taking turns asking for other characteristics. The questions may only be answered with "yes" and "no. An alternative is to come up with an object. This has the advantage that you don’t have to limit your choice to the interior of the car.

  • I pack my suitcase

A player thinks about something he needs when he travels, like a toothbrush. He starts the game with the sentence "I’m packing my suitcase and taking … a toothbrush". The next person repeats the sentence and thinks of another object. The list for the imaginary luggage grows with each additional player. If someone forgets a thing in the list or makes a mistake in the order, he is eliminated.

  • Word line and sentence line

Either with letters or with the parts of compound words, the children begin to form a series. The last letter or part of the word becomes the first letter or part of the next word. For smaller children it is easier with letters. You can also choose a topic from which the words have to come from. A series of words about food, for example: "pizza", "apple", "lentils", etc.

  • Tell stories

"once upon a time there was a little prince who kept slipping his crown down into his forehead. It was that big. Then he went to his mother…" one player gives the beginning, the others continue in turn. Everyone continues the story until they can’t think of anything else to say, then chooses the next narrator. So it goes until everyone has had a turn and the last one has to invent an ending.

  • Fortune telling

An exciting travel game for older children is "fortune telling. Before the ride, guesses are made about what might be discovered along the way. Of course, you can also start during the trip and set a later trip segment for the predictions. You might see horses, cows, a lake or a castle? Will you drive over a bridge? The predictions are noted down and the player who could guess the most things wins by points.

  • Teakettle

A player thinks of a term that has more than one meaning, e.g.B. "pony" as an animal and "pony" as part of the hairstyle. Now you have to describe the different meanings, like this: "my teakettle can whinny and my teakettle can be combed out of your forehead". The person who guesses the word is next in line.

  • Place Signs Game

When you pass a sign with the name of a city, you have to look for other places that begin with the same letter. Each player names a place until no one can think of another one. A silent version of the game is suitable for older children: the children write down places and at the next break the parents count them and award points.

  • city – country – river

the only thing you need for this classic is a piece of paper and a pencil. Each player draws a table in which the city, country and river are entered. You can add more categories to the table. Then one player names a letter and everyone has to find a word that starts with that letter for each category. Whoever has finished calls "stop" and the round is over.


A long car ride is usually perceived as exhausting. But especially when you are traveling as a family, you can use the time well for common games. You should try to make the best of it. When does everyone sit together in such a small space and have time to have fun together?? Especially when the trip leads to a destination, the children are often excited and full of anticipation. But of course they are also impatient. With fun games on the way the mood stays good and the trip will be especially nice.

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