Long car ride with kids these things you should take with you

Everyone who travels longer distances with the family in the car from time to time knows this situation. After a short or long time, there comes a phase when the children start to get bored. And what could be worse than bored children, who make themselves loudly noticeable and let the just calming engine hum and the passing landscape, very quickly forgotten, to spoil the vacation mood within a short time.

But it doesn’t have to come to that. Because if you take a few precautions, it can be a very relaxing trip for all occupants. Because you can keep the kids with some measures quite long in mood:

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1. Delicious snacks and drinks

Having the right food for the kids is half the battle, because time passes more quickly for the little ones when they are eating. What you take with you should be adapted to the habits and preferences of the child. Fresh fruit, such as sliced apples, lightly sugared blueberries, bananas and much more is possible. Depends also on the season.

The butter bread is a classic, which is also always welcome. Beware of cereals with milk, yogurt and other liquids, which can quickly lead to dirty seats. Sweets such as cookies or gummy bears are of course always good and keep the child in a good mood.

Drinks that you give to the child should not be too sweet, but thirst quenching, e.g.B. Tea or normal mineral water, also with freshly cut fruit in it, for a little taste.

2. Entertainment with screen and without

There are many possibilities for entertainment nowadays. You can give the child for example audio books or children’s songs play. This can be done with the car stereo or of course with the child’s own mp3 player or tablet. While we’re on the subject of tablets, there are of course plenty of them too games in the relevant app stores. There are programs for the very young where letters, numbers, colors, etc. are taught. Playfully taught but also full-grown adventure and strategy games for advanced. At movies and series watch, the time flies of course also like in the flight. For this case, youtube, netflix and amazon have a wide range of offers for all age groups. When it’s time for a screen break, there are of course card games, that train the little ones’ memory. A great toy that entertains and educates at the same time is the tiptoi pen. The pen is sold with the corresponding learning books. If the child presses on certain pictures in the book, explanations and tasks for them become audible.

3. Time flies when you are asleep

Yes, you don’t have much influence on the sleeping rhythm, that’s true. But most of the time it happens all by itself that the eyes get heavy during the monotonous car ride at some point. And then it’s mileage, and use the time in which the little ones sleep.

4. Breaks for big and small

At least every two hours, should you stop with the offspring. The obligatory pee break can be used right away to provide some variety. Either for a more extended meal break or, if available, a little romp on the lawn or the playground. Many rest stops on freeways are already very well prepared for the needs of small children.

Safety first

Finally, a few very important tips that should go without saying. Drive with foresight and within the speed limit! And also for the children on the backseat the seatbelt is compulsory. By the way, this also applies to four-legged friends traveling with you. Cargo security for luggage is just as important.

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