Long car ride with baby: tips& tricks

Vacation at last! You’ve booked a vacation home with a baby and are driving a long distance with your baby for the first time? Many new parents wonder just before the trip what they need to think about for the long car trip with baby have to think. And there may even be tips to keep in mind to make the long drive smooth and relaxing? Today we will give you helpful tips for a long car ride with newborns and toddlers and even have printable checklist created for you.

car trip with baby: what to take?

Long car ride with baby: tips& tricks

What to take with you? This is a question many mothers and fathers ask themselves when packing for their first trip with their baby. For this reason, we have already created a checklist for the vacation with baby in the vacation home and given you tips on family-friendly accommodations. But after booking, you are faced with many other unanswered questions, such as what to take with you on a long car trip with your baby.

We have done a lot of research and have summarized the best tips and tricks on this checklist for long car rides with baby. print them packing list for the car ride with baby simply add your own personal items and then check off what is already packed.

Did you know, for example, that you should definitely take one sunscreen for window panes should have with you? So the privacy screen not only protects from the sun, but can also help to keep baby occupied with fun designs. Or would you have thought of picnic blanket thought? During the break, your baby can stretch out on it and recover for a few minutes from the seated position in the maxi cosi. And also the rocker for feeding in between, one or the other of us might not have thought of it.

Keeping toddlers busy during the car ride

If it is your first long trip with a baby and you are not sure how your child will cope with the long car ride? unfortunately you don’t know beforehand if the baby will sleep peacefully most of the time or if it will be a horror ride. But we have collected some tips from experienced parents and can assure you that you are not the only one who is concerned about the baby’s occupation in the car. With these 5 tips for keeping toddlers occupied during the car ride make your life a little easier in any case.

1. Breastfeeding and diapering before the ride

Whether you leave at night, early in the morning or during the day, your baby will be at its calmest when it is breastfed and freshly changed. So be sure to coordinate your departure with your baby’s rhythm. This way you have the chance to travel the first few hours completely stress-free with a sleeping and relaxed baby.

2. Take along music to calm down

Try out what music your baby likes before the car ride and take it with you. For many toddlers, music is very relaxing and there is even soothing baby music that serves exactly this purpose. You should try out the songs a few times beforehand so that you know exactly what your little bundle of joy likes in stressful situations.

3. Use breaks to stretch out

Just like adults, babies need to stretch out every now and then. Therefore, you should take a picnic blanket or the baby’s blanket with you for breaks in between. This way you can free your toddler from the sitting position for a few minutes and it has the opportunity to stretch and stretch again so beautifully.

Long car ride with baby: tips& tricks

4. Cold washcloths for heat

For trips to the south, for example during long car journeys with the baby to France, Italy or Spain, it can be useful to take cold washcloths with you. Dip washcloths completely in water the day before you leave home so that they soak up the water. Freeze the washcloths in freezer bags and take them with you the next day. your child will definitely enjoy this refreshing cool down!

5. Gifts for older children

Do not only go on vacation with the baby, but also come with older children? Especially in the first time with a new baby, older siblings can often get lost in the shuffle. Then it is nice if they are allowed to unwrap small presents in stages (for example, every 1-2 hours) during the trip. This will make the long car ride more fun and feel less long even for older children.

Long car ride with infant, baby and toddler

Were we able to give you some doubts on the subject of travel with baby take? It is impossible to prepare for all situations and circumstances, but we hope that you will now be a little more relaxed when you go on vacation. Have we forgotten something else? Please use the comment function. We look forward to your feedback!

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