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The headlights are sometimes also referred to as main headlights or front headlights and help the driver to see the road or the road ahead in the dark and in poor visibility conditions. Seeing the traffic ahead better. Of course, headlights also serve the purpose of being seen by other road users. Modern headlights therefore also have separate daytime running lights that are switched on every time the vehicle is driven. Halogen lamps, xenon bulbs and economical LEDs are the main light sources used for headlights, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Headlights are required by law, but can be freely designed and adapted to the vehicle by the manufacturer within the limits of the specifications. They determine the character of the car, which is perceived as being between friendly and aggressive. This is why small city cars often have round headlights, while sporty vehicles have narrow lights that resemble squinted eyes.

When to change the headlights?

The headlights have to be replaced whenever they are mechanically damaged. This refers primarily to accident damage, but also to vandalism. Another common problem is the clouding of the headlamp lenses and the. Headlight lenses. Due to the daylight, the plastic loses more and more transparency with time and also small damages due to stone impact affect the light image. Another typical problem of headlights are water droplets on the windshield. They always occur when the seal of the headlight fails, allowing moisture to penetrate and condense. The driver’s vision is reduced and the refraction of light can also cause unwanted glare from oncoming traffic. In extreme cases, you can also see the water standing on the underside of the headlight. It goes without saying that in this case it is a HU defect that you should fix before the pruftermin.

Change of headlights

If you need new headlights, we recommend that you buy online from an experienced dealer such as autoteile24.De. You will save a lot of money compared to the OE part without compromising on quality. The installation is depending on the vehicle sometimes more and sometimes less complex, but can usually be done with a little skill in self-direction. However, the headlights still need to be correctly adjusted by a specialist workshop afterwards. This way, the maximum luminous range is obtained while ensuring that the headlights do not dazzle. Incidentally, a non-symmetrical light pattern with better illumination of the right side is normal and intended.

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