Leasing without schufa – this is how it works!

Driving a brand new car at regular intervals, paying monthly installments comfortably and not having to make a big investment – this is just a small part of the many advantages of car leasing.

Without schufa the dream of leasing is a long way off.

Even if you have a solid, regular income and a permanent employment contract, the SCHUFA rating plays a significant role in deciding whether you are eligible for a leasing contract.

Why credit reports play such an important role in the conclusion of contracts and how you can get car leasing without SCHUFA or SCHUFA-free credit. Despite SCHUFA entry come, you will learn in today’s article.

Your SCHUFA self-disclosure according to. DSGVO

What is SCHUFA and why is it so important??

Every german citizen has to deal with his credit report at least once in his life.

Whether you’re moving house, signing a mobile phone contract or leasing a car, you can’t do anything without a SCHUFA report.

The schutzgemeinschaft fur allgemeine kreditsicherung, commonly called SCHUFA, is a German company that helps companies, banks and landlords to check the creditworthiness of potential contract partners.

In short: SCHUFA collects information on whether and how conscientiously individual citizens have fulfilled their payment obligations in the past and passes this information on to interested contract providers.

A bank that grants a loan or a company that offers car leasing naturally wants to know whether the installments can be paid on time by the customer.

If you have always paid your bills and installments on time in the past, you will have an excellent SCHUFA score.

However, if you have already attracted negative attention and, for example, have already been involved in debt collection proceedings, your credit rating from SCHUFA will be poor.

The result: it becomes almost impossible to conclude a deal where you have to pay on account or make regular installments.

This also includes leasing contracts.

That’s why people often have to resort to car leasing without SCHUFA exclusion criteria.

Can I take out a car lease without SCHUFA??

First the good news: yes, in principle it is possible to get a car lease without SCHUFA or SCHUFA-exclusion. Despite SCHUFA entries to conclude.

However, you should note a few points.

For example, the choice of reputable leasing partners shrinks considerably, while the risk of falling for dubious providers increases significantly.

Recognize dubious offers

There are some scam companies that take advantage of the emergency situation of people with bad SCHUFA who are dependent on a car and drive them to the edge of private insolvency with horrendous rates or hidden payment obligations in the small print.

Therefore, it is important that you check carefully in advance whether it is a trustworthy provider of leasing without SCHUFA.

Therefore, it is essential that you take a close look at the imprint of the provider and see who and which company is behind the offer.

A brief internet search should tell you whether the company is a "rip-off" or an honest one.

In addition, you should read the contract conditions completely, several times and down to the smallest detail, so that you do not overlook anything in the small print.

If you do not understand one or more passages of the contract, it is best to call the provider directly.

If there is an easily accessible and serious-looking customer service, this already indicates a trustworthy company.

However, if you do not reach out to anyone, discover hidden payments or other untypical clauses that put a financial burden on you, it is best to immediately refrain from this offer.

Find reputable providers

Fortunately, there are also some agencies to which you can send your leasing request online and discreetly.

When deciding whether and for which leasing without SCHUFA you are eligible, they mainly consider factors such as income, assets and a secure employment relationship.

Not all, but many companies even offer a free choice of dealer. Whether BMW, mercedes or audi – you are free to choose the make and model of your car.

reputable providers have an accessible and professional customer service, where the employees take time to answer all your questions.

In addition, the contract is clearly and transparently designed, so that you can directly overview all costs and obligations.

How much does car leasing without SCHUFA cost? ?

First of all, leasing without SCHUFA is always more expensive than conventional car leasing.

Since the provider must calculate with a higher risk of default, the monthly leasing rates are correspondingly higher.

If this has to be paid, the one-time down payment at the beginning of the contractual partnership will also be significantly higher than for a normal leasing contract.

However, car leasing without SCHUFA does not only have disadvantages.

Since the providers of credit-free leasing contracts do not cooperate with SCHUFA, the information about the conclusion of the contract is not reported to SCHUFA.

So your credit rating will not be affected by it.

Car leasing without SCHUFA – 5 steps

If your "normal" leasing request has been rejected, please do not blindly sign a credit-free contract directly.

a lease is a serious, long-term financial commitment, which is why you should take your time to consider how and where to look for other offers.

So keep a cool head and go through these 5 steps at your leisure:

1. Request self-disclosure

SCHUFA also makes mistakes – and a lot of them.

According to various studies, around one third of all SCHUFA entries are incorrect or outdated.

So before you get frustrated and sign up for a more expensive lease without SCHUFA, be sure to order your personal SCHUFA report first and check whether you have any false entries.

If this is the case, you can delete these entries immediately, so that nothing stands in the way of a cheaper leasing with a conventional provider.

For detailed information on the SCHUFA deletion deadline and who to contact, please refer to our article "Delete SCHUFA entry – in just 3 steps".

In general, we recommend that you check your SCHUFA at regular intervals so that you do not run into difficulties when applying for credit, looking for an apartment, signing a mobile phone contract or financing a house or car.

2. Request alternative contract terms

Leasing applications are often rejected in order to protect the applicant.

Sounds strange, but is actually quite plausible.

The monthly payments that have to be made on a car lease always represent a continuous financial burden for the lessee.

Before inquiring about leasing without SCHUFA, you should ask some "normal" leasing companies whether a contract could be made despite your low score – and do so by setting the down payment higher.

A simple example:

For example, if you want to lease a car for three years, with a one-time down payment of 1.000€ and the rate is 200€/month, you get a total contract value of 8.200€ (3×12 months = 36 months, 36 months x 200€ = 7.200€, 7.200€ + 1.000€ = 8.200€).

If you have a bad SCHUFA, you will be relatively sure to be rejected on these terms, as 200€/month is a high rate.

However, they could ask if they could pay, for example, 3.you can make a down payment of € 000 to reduce your monthly payment to around € 140. (8.200€ – 3.000€ = 5.200€, 5.200€ / 36 months = 144€ / month).

So your monthly burden is not so high and you get the leasing despite SCHUFA perhaps yet approved.

3. Compare providers

If your SCHUFA-score is justifiably too bad for normal leasing providers, the only option is car leasing despite SCHUFA entries.

In any case, invest time in the search for suitable, reputable providers and check whether they are trustworthy offers by doing a little research on the company.

There are also significant price and performance differences between the various providers.

So compile a small list of potential providers and note in bullet points where you get what service for what money.

Then ask for a non-binding, individual offer from the three providers that seem most attractive to you.

small tip: even if you don’t have any questions: call the customer support to see if there are competent contacts there!

After all, it’s a lot of money and the company will be your contractual partner for a long time.

a professional customer service that is easy to reach is an absolute must!

4. Calculate your ability to pay (realistically)

before you decide on a provider, be honest with yourself and calculate exactly what down payment and what rate you can afford.

Do not calculate too tightly!

It is best to have something on the side to meet your payment obligations even in financially difficult situations, for example, if you lose your job.

If things don’t look quite so rosy, you should factor that into your car choice.

This means that if you are not in such a good financial position, you should perhaps consider a skoda instead of a mercedes C-class.

Remember: if you get into financial difficulties, your leasing provider is not interested in why you are currently in a tight spot and cannot pay your installments.

The company will try with all means to collect your installments and if necessary also resort to collection procedures and bailiffs.

Therefore it is better to calculate generously in advance!

5. Check contract

If you have chosen a provider for your leasing without SCHUFA, have the contract sent to you.

Very important: if you are at the company in person, do not allow yourself to be pressured into signing the contract on the spot!

This is highly unprofessional on the part of the leasing company and deprives you of the chance to read through everything at leisure.

As mentioned above, it is absolutely necessary that you read the contract carefully before you sign it.

So take your copy of the contract home with you and inspect it without any stress.

If there is any uncertainty, ask the provider or contact a legal adviser.


as you can see, it is possible to get a leasing without SCHUFA.

However, check your personal SCHUFA information regularly in any case, in order to be able to delete any errors directly, so that you are not dependent on a credit-free leasing in the first place.

Be vigilant, calculate realistically and question the terms of the contract.

If everything is in order with the contract, nothing more stands in the way of your leasing despite SCHUFA.

Then it is also from us: have a good trip!

For your credit rating – for your freedom.

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