Installing a subwoofer in a car – what you need to consider

Loud and thumping basses can also provide entertainment during car journeys. So-called subwoofers, which provide that background sound, have been around for a long time – even for your own car body. A subwoofer is basically a loudspeaker that amplifies sound in the low frequencies. It is also called bass speakers or low frequency speakers.Before buying, however, it is important to consider important points – including the model and the costs.

Such audio systems can often be admired at trade shows. – pixabay / ozharte

How high the investment for the own car subwoofer actually is depends on the type of model. Different models sometimes differ in frequency range, sensitivity, impedance and size. Basically, interested parties can choose between two options. With an active subwoofer, the necessary amplifier is already integrated into the audio system. With a passive device, a so-called power amplifier is also necessary. This means that when buying such a model, the additional cost of installing the amplifier is also necessary.

The actual cost

Depending on the previously mentioned models, the actual cost of your own car subwoofer depends on several factors. The design can also vary – whether the subwoofer has its own enclosure or is concealed are important questions that reflect the actual investment required.

Is a active subwoofer installed in the car, costs usually start at approx. 250 euros to. In the case of a passive model, it depends above all on the area of the car in which the system is to be installed. For the trunk, experts usually demand less than for frontal installation. Nevertheless, several hundred euros must be planned in each case.

Somewhat more expensive is a concealed installation in the car. For subwoofers without enclosure, a double bottom is usually installed in the trunk. Cables run underneath for connection directly into the loudspeaker. Here also finds a possibly, necessary power amplifier sufficient space. For the installation of the power amplifier and the mounting of the subwoofer 600 € are usual in the industry – the actual costs for the system are not included.

Saving money through independent installation

If the costs are too high, you can also try to install the subwoofer yourself – provided you have the necessary technical skills. With cable set and wrench, this is most likely to be recommended with active subwoofers, as no separate power amplifier needs to be installed.

First, the subwoofers must be attached to the side wall of the trunk with screws. Then the cables from the radio to the system can be installed. For this, the passenger covers must be removed, which are usually loosened by pulling hard. the subwoofer gets its power from the battery. For this, the cable has to be routed under the panels along the driver’s side. Under the steering wheel there is usually a passage for cables to the engine compartment. Important: good ground connections and sufficiently large cable cross-sections are mandatory when connecting the system. The video at the end gives important hints for self-installation.

Organizational framework

If a subwoofer is not installed by yourself, as already mentioned, additional costs by professional service have to be applied for. However, it is important to note that, for warranty reasons, many suppliers only install those loudspeakers that were also purchased from them.

Apart from the warranty, the purchase of a subwoofer should also be clarified with your own insurance company. Ines hoffmann, insurance agent and advisor at the insurance magazine FITFORMONEY clarifies. "retrofitted fog lights, subwoofers or spoilers are things that are not part of the normal equipment of a vehicle. Basic rates only cover a fraction of additional investments in the car". Therefore, it should be checked in advance whether special equipment is included in your own motor vehicle liability insurance. In addition, it is crucial whether the installation is approved by the technical monitoring association TuV – this is a basic requirement for any modification of the own vehicle.

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