How to properly clean your pc, cell phone and co. Cleaning and disinfecting

crumbs in the keyboard, dirt in the sockets of the cell phone. Our multimedia equipment is in constant use in the home office – with consequences. This dirt is not only unappetizing, it is also the perfect breeding ground for germs. And then there is the corona virus. We will show you how to clean your PC and cell phone and even remove viruses and bacteria without damaging the equipment.

Disinfect – but please do not use alcohol!

Conventional disinfectants, such as those we use for our hands, usually contain alcohol. It doesn’t matter if it is a spray or disinfectant wipes. Disinfectants of this kind have no place on the PC keyboard or cell phone. In the simplest case the inscription comes off by the alcohol, but also the surface can be attacked. Better are special disinfectant wipes for multimedia equipment, which are alcohol-free and do not damage the equipment.

How to clean the cell phone?

A woman cleans her cell phone with a cloth

If the cell phone is in a silicone case, most of the dirt will be in it. So first remove the cover and clean it with water and possibly a little soap. Then let it dry well before using the phone again. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done against the yellowing of transparent silicone cases.

The cell phone itself should never be treated with glass cleaner, as this can destroy the coating.

Cotton swabs or wooden toothpicks can be used to carefully remove coarser dirt particles. Never use metal objects, as they can scratch and damage the connection contacts. A good tip is also cleaning compound, which you can get in specialist shops. This has a similar consistency to plasticine, and you can use it to pull dirt out of the crevices. Do not work on the contacts with compressed air and also with water is caution advised. Although many modern smartphones are waterproof, this does not mean that you should aim a jet of water directly into the jack.

How to clean a PC keyboard?

Hand cleans a computer keyboard with the help of a yellow adhesive mass

Here, too, cleaning compound from a specialist retailer is a good choice. You can press them on the keyboard like plasticine and when you pull them off, the dirt particles stick to them. Sticky notes have also proven effective for keys that are close together. If the cracks between the keys are somewhat larger, a battery-powered hand vacuum cleaner can help remove the crumbs from under the keys.

Under no circumstances should you wipe the keyboard with cleaning solutions containing alcohol – this can loosen the lettering on the keys.

How to clean in-ear headphones?

Unappetizing dirt also tends to collect on headphones. If the headphones have silicone plugs, you can usually simply loosen them and clean them with water and possibly a little soap. the headphones themselves can only be cleaned mechanically and carefully – cotton swabs or toothpicks are good tools here as well. But be careful not to mechanically destroy anything inside!

How do i remove dirt and fingerprints from screens??

Flat screens – whether PC or laptop – are best cleaned with special microfiber cloths. The antistatic effect ensures that the dust does not stick to the screen after cleaning. By the way, dried baby wipes have the same effect. kitchen towels or cloth towels are not a good choice to clean the screen from dirt. And under no circumstances use alcohol-based or chemical cleaning solutions. They could destroy the surface of the screen.

For heavier dirt there are also special TFT cleaners available. By the way, you can also clean your television in the same way.

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