How to make a remote control car faster?

In the beginning, any remote control car triggers enthusiasm. But as soon as you see the fast RC cars of others or lose in a race without a chance, it can quickly evaporate. This creates the desire for a remote controlled car with more powerful engine, stronger acceleration and more speed. After all, you want to keep up with the competition, outrun them in the race and be the first to cross the finish line.

You have these options

If the remote controlled car is too slow, then there are basically two options. One possibility is to buy a new remote controlled car with a strong engine and high performance speed buy. Another possibility is to upgrade your car, make it faster with tuning.

Tuning is not so far-fetched, after all, it’s done on real race cars too. Both variants, new purchase and tuning, offer advantages and disadvantages, as the following overview shows:

  • You get a new car that is fast.
  • The cost of the new car is known.
  • The old car is no longer needed, but can be sold.
  • You may still need to make some improvements to the new car.
  • The existing car can still be used.
  • If you have tinkering skills, you can be creative.
  • The cost of tuning is often impossible to estimate.
  • It is not foreseeable if the tuning will bring the desired success.

If you decide to buy a new car, you can find a model with more speed with the help of a test or comparison of remote control cars. Helpful in the search are also the experiences of the many other model builders. But experience is also important for tuning of the existing model is important. Because you can tune a car in many places.

Tuning a remote control car – there is a lot of work to do

To make a remote controlled car competitive for a race is not difficult in principle. To do this, you take a car and make it faster than those of the competition. But professionals know that success is in the details.

the base of any remote control car, whether it is a race car or a monster truck, is the chassis. the wheel suspension and the motor with the gearbox are mounted on it. Also the remote control and battery pack or tank will be housed here. the latter plays a big role in weight distribution, which is known to be important for cornering speed. The tuning usually begins with the engine.

The engine – the heart of every remote controlled car

if you want to make your remote controlled car faster, then you need a strong engine. You should always stick with the type of engine that is installed. This means that in a car with internal combustion engine no electric motor should be installed. The effort for the conversion would be too high.

A stronger engine stands for more acceleration and top speed. However, as with the large-scale models, the power must also reach the wheels and be transferred to the road without any losses. When buying a new motor, one should therefore always have the entire technical concept of the remote-controlled car in mind. It should not be overloaded with the power of the engine, otherwise the remote control car is difficult or almost impossible to control.

Tip: for electric remote control race cars, the brushless motor is currently the best option. It may be more expensive than other electric motors, but it offers very convincing performance. In terms of maintenance, too, there is currently no alternative to the brushless engine.

Tires and suspension – they are the link between car and track

Even changing the tires can increase the speed of a remote controlled car. It is like real cars. For each type of track (gravel or asphalt) the right tires are needed. Crucial is also the dimension of the tires. if the tires are too big for the engine, they will have too much friction, which costs power and is ultimately detrimental to speed. If they are undersized, they will not be able to transfer the power of the engine to the track. The car is difficult to steer, especially in curves. The vehicle thus falls behind other RC cars in spite of a powerful engine.

Also the wheel suspension must be adapted to the engine power. The suspension should not be too soft. This guarantees a stable position of the remote controlled race car on straight tracks and when driving through curves. For good cornering, however, an optimal weight distribution is also crucial.

battery pack, receiver and servos – the weight must be well distributed

If, as in drag racing, the remote-controlled car is only driving on a straight track, the weight distribution plays a subordinate role. Otherwise, the weight must be well distributed so that the center of gravity as low as possible and the car drives safely through the curve. Sometimes manual dexterity is necessary here.

Even with money, some improvements can be made, for example with lightweight li-po batteries. Li-po batteries are lithium batteries based on polymers. Thus, they did not break a solid shell, which is weight saves. Li-po batteries currently offer the best power-to-weight ratio and are almost a must for professional racing use.

Tip: If money is no object, heavy parts of the chassis can be replaced by light parts made of carbon. This is not cheap, but it saves weight without compromising the stiffness of the chassis and its optimal stability and road holding.


If you want a fast remote-controlled car, you will find many models in model shops or at electrical wholesalers such as conrad. As always online stores a very large selection. A well-known manufacturer of fast cars is traxxas, which carries very fast models in its program. Other manufacturers of fast cars are for example

  • JLB and .

For a very fast car, higher prices must be expected. However, the dealers on the Internet always offer fast RC cars at attractive prices. Another advantage is that with the offers on the internet you can easily find a price comparison can make.

But an online store for remote control cars also offers many spare parts and components that can be used to make a remote control car faster. The spare parts stock includes stronger motors, powerful and light batteries and tires for different tracks.

With a test about remote controlled cars and their tuning you will find the right parts for more speed. When looking for small prices, a price comparison is also helpful here. With this combination makes tuning the remote control car twice as much fun.

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