How much does a used washing machine cost?

Nowadays, a washing machine is a basic equipment in every household

A washing machine should not be missing in any household.

In this day and age, a washing machine is a basic piece of equipment in every household. For this reason, there is now a huge range of different types of washing machines from various manufacturers. This includes both proven and well-known brands, as well as extremely inexpensive models without a brand background. For the right purchase decision, personal needs should first be analyzed. For a single household, a small machine is sufficient; for a large family, a large multifunctional device is required. The choice ranges from a simple basic model with manageable programs to a modern washing machine with the latest technology and sophisticated washing cycles. The respective demands of the users on the appliances are very similar, the washing machines should wash cleanly, last as long as possible and be economical in use.

Used washing machines will be on the market.De already for under 100 euro offered, like z.B. The AEG oKO lawamat 6200. The renegotiation of the price is still possible in most cases. In the acquisition costs used models are therefore clearly low than buying a new machine.

The price depends on various parameters, such as the type of washing machine and the age of the machine or the name of the brand manufacturer. So for a well-preserved brand-name washing machine from miele usually still with approx. 250-300 euro be counted on.

For comparison: a washing machine of the brand AEG lavamat with the latest standards is currently offered by amazon for 429 euro offered and delivered free of charge. For a new miele washing machine on the other hand is priced at at least 1.000 euro to be counted.

If you decide to buy a used washing machine, you should find out in advance about prices for relevant spare parts inform. for older models, ask whether the manufacturer still produces spare parts at all. With a little luck you can buy very good condition washing machines cheap and save a lot of money.

What makes a good washing machine?

An efficient washing machine convinces with a very good processing. In addition, this is equipped with useful programs and is easy to operate. Depending on the location of the machine, it should operate quietly during washing and spinning so as not to disturb the occupants of the household too much. The washing machines of the leading brand manufacturers score points with an exceptional durability and extremely robust features. When buying, the drum size of the machine is also an important factor; models with a large drum offer more space for laundry, but also consume more electricity and water than smaller machines. The larger the household, the more worthwhile it is to buy a large-format washing machine. Conversely, small households that never fill the drum completely waste electricity and water unnecessarily with each wash cycle. Furthermore energy efficiency class a decisive factor, a machine with a poor energy certification consumes significantly more electricity. The spin speed is also an important aspect, especially if there is no dryer in the household. The faster the drum spins in the spin cycle, the drier the laundry comes out of the machine. Today’s models operate with over 1400 spin cycles, the value of the older versions is significantly lower.

Front loader, top loader and program variety

The faster the drum spins in the spin cycle, the drier the laundry comes out of the machine

used washing machines can be found at particularly favorable prices on online portals.

In the most households is there enough space for one freestanding front loader, that’s why the model selection in this area is particularly large. It can be loaded from the front and opened either to the left or to the right. The pricing of front loaders is widely spread and all brand suppliers are represented. Top loader can be filled from the top and are not so often in demand, therefore there is only a limited model selection. These are ideal for a cramped apartment with small spaces and little room to maneuver. the usual boil and color laundry are available with each washing machine, normally also a program for fine laundry. If, however, special washing programs are required, then a modern and functional machine is necessary. With this, there is an eco wash cycle, programs for cashmere wool and a precisely adjustable temperature regulator. However, high quality, latest technologies, extreme durability and quiet wash cycles also have their price.

when to go for a new brand machine?

In a large household with many members and frequently occurring dirty laundry with extensive volume, the purchase of a new machine is recommended. This can be optimally to the respective washing needs align, with special wash programs for fine laundry and coarse soiling. In addition, the machine can be specifically adapted to the desired location and its dimensions. In this context under-counter capability is crucial, so that the machine can find its place in a kitchen counter without its lid. In addition, the noise level generated is a crucial aspect if the washing machine is placed near living quarters. New models with modern technology make little noise during washing and spinning and can be used until late in the evening.

Why is a used machine often sufficient??

If the washing machine is placed in the basement, attic or laundry room, the dimensions, noise level and substructure capability are not important. In this case also fits a used machine, which saves the budget. Used equipment of well-tried brands convince with an extremely long life and low susceptibility to failure. Especially young people, new families and older generations with a low pension have only few financial means for the purchase of a washing machine. Used washing machines are available often relatively cheap a good source are second-hand markets and stores and internet portals for used items. Often, due to a move or other adverse life circumstances, the purchase must be made quickly, so the purchase price is very low. the cheapest used models are available from 50-80,- euro, but if you still want quality and a guaranteed long lifetime, you should invest at least 150,- euro.

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