How fleet operators benefit from the ghg quota ghg premium for e-fleet operators and vehicle fleets

Major petroleum companies must comply with the greenhouse gas reduction quota (GHG quota) and can optionally offset this by buying electric car certificates. This is also interesting for fleets or fleets where companies rely on electromobility. You can participate in certificate trading and benefit from an annual GHG bonus. We show how this works and what the best GHG providers are for fleet operators and car owners.

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  • 27.01.2022

We show how fleet operators and fleet owners can benefit from the GHG premium

  • GHG bonus for e-fleet operators- the most important in a nutshell
  • Which GHG providers are good for fleet operators with many e-cars??
  • Which providers offer the GHG premium for fleet operators??
  • apply for GHG premium for e-fleets and -fleet operators- this is how it works
  • What do vehicles from fleets or fleets need to meet to qualify for the GHG bonus??
  • Can operators of public charging points also benefit from the GHG premium??
  • What are the advantages of the GHG premium for fleet operators or fleets??
  • If the GHG premium is a one-off payment?
  • Can private e-car owners benefit from the GHG bonus??

GHG premium for e-fleet operators- the most important facts in brief

  • GHG quota: the greenhouse gas reduction quota is a value to which petroleum companies must adhere. the goal is to reduce harmful greenhouse gases and emissions. This includes, for example, CO2. One possible compensation for such companies is the purchase of e-car certificates.
  • GHG premiumThe GHG premium is an annual amount that e-car owners can secure by registering their vehicles. Various providers collect vehicle certificates, apply for the certificates at the Federal Environment Agency and pay out part of the profit from the bundled sale of many certificates as a GHG bonus. It is between 250 and 400 euros per e-car. (as of 01/2022)
  • Fleets and vehicle fleetsIf fleets or fleets of cars consist of several e-cars, users can easily register their vehicles for the GHG bonus via intermediary platforms. The advantage is that many vehicles are attractive in the quota market because bundling is faster than with multiple individual submissions, z. B. By private owner of an E-car.

Which GHG providers are good for fleet operators with many e-cars??

The number of portals that handle the GHG premium seems countless and is growing steadily (as of 01/2022). For this reason, we would like to take this opportunity to present in a little more detail just three of the brokerage platforms that we believe are worthwhile.

Money-for-e-car 275 euros GHG premium per vehicle secured

Registration with money-for-car is fast thanks to mass uploading of multiple vehicle certificates. As one of the largest GHG platforms, experts generate one of the highest quota revenues from certificate sales. The GHG premium for each electric vehicle is 275 euros (as of 01/2022). There is also the possibility to get the GHG bonus for other electric classes. For example, light commercial vehicles, buses or electric scooters. logo

Earn money with the saved emissions and actively protect the climate. Simply register and register the electric car!
Now 300€+ as an annual payout with money-for-car.De receive!

Emobia- fleet registration for GHG quota for under and over 10 vehicles

ÜWith emobia, fleet operators can register up to 10 e-vehicles at a time for the GHG premium. If the company has a larger fleet with more than 10 e-cars, interested parties must register directly with equota, of which emobia is a part. The limit is drawn at 10 e-cars, since from there on the proceeds from the sale of certificates no longer apply as a lump sum per vehicle, but are dependent on the number of vehicles. Finally, the revenue increases with the increasing number of vehicles and the process costs per e-car are lower. Annual additional revenues are also possible for e-transporters, e-trucks, or e-buses.

emobia from eQuota

Register your e-vehicle for the THQ quota and maximize your payout with the emobia best price guarantee.
Now at emobia the best price of 400 euro with the code ephomeandsmart3j55 secure!

The mobility house- GHG bonus and optional help with charging infrastructure

the mobility house offers up to 250 euros per e-car (as of 01/2022). But the value can increase if the interest in quota trading increases even more. the mobility house’s special feature: e-car owners or fleet operators who not only register for the GHG bonus, but also purchase a wallbox in the online store, receive an additional discount of 50 euros (as of 01/2022). As an expert for charging solutions, the mobility house also supports interested parties who want to market their semi-public, i.e. commercial charging points via the GHG quota.

The Mobility House

At least 250€ GHG premium and additional 50€ secure wallbox discount. Also applies to company cars.
Now 300€ secure bonus with the mobility house!

Which providers offer the GHG bonus for fleet operators??

Since 2022, there has been a relaxation in quota trading and, in addition to private e-car owners, companies with fleets or fleets of vehicles can also participate in the scheme. The GHG bonus is becoming increasingly popular, and the number of platforms that act as intermediaries between fleet operators and oil companies is growing accordingly. In the following table, for example, we show some providers that score points with transparency, good GHG premiums and handling of the processes for fleets and fleets of vehicles.

Target group

GHG premium

E-fleet operators and fleets

Information after contact

Private e-car owners and fleet operators, owners of public charging stations can also obtain information about the GHG bonus from the provider

250 euros per e-car, 50 euros discount if wallbox is purchased in addition

Up to 250 euros for cars, 1.500 euro for vans, 8.000 euros for bus/truck

Private e-car owners, fleet operators public charging points

260 euros per e-car

Private e-car owners, fleet operators

Best price 345 euro per e-car

Tax-optimized fixed price: 255 euros per e-car

e-transporters up to 600 euro, e-buses up to 10.500 euro

Note: register more than 10 vehicles with equota

Private e-car owners and fleet operators

275 euros per electric vehicle

Private e-car owners, fleet operators, charging stations

200 euros within 24 hours, alternatively with normal waiting time the GHG premium per e-car rises to up to 275 euros

TipFor an even wider choice of intermediary platforms, see our GHG incentive provider comparison table.

Apply for GHG premium for e-fleet and fleet operators- this is how it works

The advantage of the GHG bonus is that providers act as intermediaries and handle the quota trade for e-car owners, fleet operators and owners of a fleet of vehicles. Registering e-cars with one of the many providers is very easy and can be done in just a few minutes:

  1. Upload vehicle registration document(s) in the portal via form.
  2. The platform operators register the documents with the German Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt).
  3. After receiving the certificates, many certificates are offered bundled on the quota market.
  4. After the successful sale and participation in the quota trading, the profit will be paid out.
  5. The service is free of charge, but a part of the revenue is retained by the provider as commission. As a rule, the GHG premium for private individuals or fleet operators per e-car is between 200 and 4.000 euro. It can take a few weeks until the payment is made. (as of 01/2022)
  6. Those who recruit friends receive bonuses in addition to the GHG quota with most brokerage platforms. This is what z. B. 50 euro. Some also advertise bonuses if interested parties commit to the provider for one or three years (as of 01/2022).

Infoat some portals, companies with fleets or fleets have to make an appointment and clarify details by phone, for example, in order to register several vehicles for the GHG premium.

What do vehicles from fleets or fleets need to meet to qualify for the GHG bonus??

In order to be able to benefit from the GHG quota in the form of the GHG premium, commercial operators of e-fleets as well as private owners of e-cars must take into account that only purely electric vehicles can be registered. Plug-in hybrids are not eligible for GHG premiums.

In addition to electric cars, it is also possible to apply for a premium for other classes of cars. This also includes, for example, electric buses or electric light commercial vehicles. The larger the electric vehicle, the larger the potential GHG premium. So far, it is not (yet) relevant whether the vehicles are charged with eco-electricity or how many kilometers are driven, if necessary, in order to. To be able to determine how much the climate is actually saved by a vehicle. (as of 01/2022)

Can operators of public charging points also benefit from the GHG bonus??

Some intermediary platforms help to market commercial charging points via the GHG quota as well. It is important that these charging points are partly public, i.e. that they can be used not only by employees but also by customers or guests. The premium is based on kilowatt hours of electricity sold. For charging points to be eligible, consumption must be measured in compliance with calibration regulations. Moreover, charging points are even more profitable if locally generated eco-electricity is used for the supply. Revenues are then about a factor of three higher. Instead of 6 to 15 cents per kilowatt hour of electricity sold, this is estimated to be 18 to 45 cents. (as of 01/2022)

What are the benefits of the GHG premium for fleet operators or vehicle fleets??

If you choose electric vehicles for your fleet, you are already making a significant contribution to the energy transition and climate protection. The GHG premium generally has the advantage that e-car owners can benefit from the annual payout without having to do much for it.

It is sufficient to register on portals of GHG bonus providers and to submit the vehicle documents in order to be able to prove the ownership of the electric vehicles. Specific GHG quota benefits for operators of a fleet or fleet of vehicles are:

  • GHG bonus attractive at least until 2030 (quota to increase from current 6 percent to at least 25 percent)
  • Only the vehicle registration certificate is needed to register an e-car
  • GHG bonus can be applied for annually
  • Participation in the quota market is taken over by portals; the processing procedure is easy to follow on most platforms
  • Some portals offer a mass upload so that customers can upload multiple vehicle registration documents in just a few steps
  • Additional revenue from GHG premium can increase profitability of e-fleets
  • Net payment is possible for companies entitled to input tax deduction
  • Settlement is correct under tax law using the credit method
  • Platforms provide vehicle overview so that it is clear which e-cars have already been registered for a GHG premium
  • Proceeds can be invested in sustainable projects, e.g. B. In renewable energy
  • Operators of public charging points can also benefit from GHG bonus

If the GHG bonus is a one-time payment, it must be paid out in cash?

No, the GHG premium can be reapplied for annually. Fleet operators and owners of a vehicle fleet can also commit to some providers for the coming year or a total of three years. The advantage is that in this case customers are reminded to re-register and receive optional loyalty bonuses of 50 euros or more.

It is important to note that a GHG bonus can only be paid out once a year per vehicle. This means that when buying a used electric car, if the previous owner had already registered the vehicle for the GHG premium in the current year, there is a one-year waiting period.

Can private e-car owners benefit from the GHG bonus??

Yes, since the beginning of 2022, private e-car owners can also register their vehicles for the GHG premium and participate in the quota market. practical: brokerage platforms are a great help, as they can collect and sell multiple certificates. As a single person the effort would be too big and a sale is unlikely.

In our big GHG-premiums comparison we show different platforms, where also private e-car owners can register for the GHG-premium.

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