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Schwacke list – this is how the vehicle valuation goes online

Everyone who has ever bought or sold a car has already come into contact with it or at least heard about it – schwacke list. If you haven’t been able to use it yet, this guide will show you what it is and how you can use this useful tool to calculate the residual value of your used car.

Schwacke list

How much is it still worth?

What is the schwacke list

The schwacke list has been around for more than 50 years, it can be used to determine a car evaluation and learns the real value of the own car in euro. The schwacke vehicle valuation takes into account many factors that are very close to the market, that means things like special equipment etc. are taken into account in detail in the valuation, which means that the calculated price at the end of the vehicle valuation is relatively accurate.

Advantages of the schwacke valuation

The advantages are obvious. As a car owner, you usually don’t know enough about the car market to really assess what you can get for your car under regional conditions. If you go to a car dealership or to a car dealer then he will see through this very quickly and will move the price wherever possible – so you lose money through ignorance. But with a vehicle evaluation you have enough arguments in your hand.
In addition, an evaluation of your vehicle also creates confidence if you want to sell your used car to a private buyer.

Is the schwacke list free of charge?

No, every car review costs a fee. and that is currently 7,90€. But keep in mind what this small amount means for the sale of the car. You are protected from windy car dealers and have a compelling argument more in a private sale. with this background the 7,90€ are vanishingly small.
There are a handful of alternative vehicle evaluations that are free of charge. But as with almost everything you get for free, the results are not very good. The residual value of the vehicle is calculated using static tables without taking into account brands, equipment or the like. So in terms of scope, the free alternatives are by no means comparable.

How does the vehicle valuation work?

The online evaluation of a vehicle is done in a few minutes and you do not need any previous knowledge. In the following instructions, we will show you how to carry out a car valuation based on the wackelist.

  1. Click the following link to go to the schwacke list to get to the homepage> click here
  2. Have data such as: year of manufacture / first registration, make, model ready> alternatively you can take the vehicle registration document to hand
  3. you will see the following input mask:

Schwacke list

Screenshot of the schwacke homepage

It is more comfortable if you have a vehicle registration document at hand, by entering the key numbers your vehicle will be identified without any errors.
But even without a vehicle registration document it is possible to find the right car without any problems using the search function.

  1. The next step is to select the optional equipment, which can be very extensive depending on the car and year of manufacture. It is important that you make the information as accurate as possible, it is in the end your money what is missing from the valuation.
  2. Once all the details have been entered, it’s time to pay for the vehicle valuation, where you have a number of options. By paypal, credit card, phone and several other payment methods are available.
  3. Afterwards, you can print out your vehicle rating and now have "something in your hand" in the battle for the best price for your car.

The blacklist includes not only cars, but also motorcycles, off-road vehicles and vans can be rated online.

tip: by the way, it is also possible to evaluate another vehicle like your own used car. This is very useful if you want to find out if the new used car is too expensive or if you can get a bargain.

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