Greece car hire, insider tips

Taking your own car or motorhome to greece:

As we entered greece with a motorhome on our first trip to greece, we did not need to rent a car for greece until our last trips to rhodes, samos, kos, corfu or crete.

For a vacation with your own motorhome, you should join a car club before the trip, which provides for any spare parts to be procured or for a return transport of the vehicle in case of engine damage.

In addition, it can be advantageous if you also take out a foreign damage travel insurance, because even if you are not at fault in an accident, this insurance pays for costs incurred such as loss of use, interest and compensation for expenses. Foreign insurances do not have to reimburse these costs as we do.

rental car jeep, in greece

With the rental car through greece:

on our second vacation in greece we flew to samos where we rented a jeep to explore the island better. If you rent a car for your vacation in greece, no matter if it is a motorhome or a jeep, you should in any case take out a fully comprehensive insurance.

At the top of the picture, we were just with the rented jeeps on the island of samos on the road. Since we have met other travelers, with which we made a discovery trip to beautiful viewpoints. But I had also borrowed a bike to explore a few paths and to do some sporty activities.

On the freeway in greece: you can’t compare it with germany. The highways in greece are good and are privately owned and operated. Tolls can be paid directly at the toll booths and do not cost very much.

Gasoline prices when refueling in 2010 in Greece

Freeway travel tips: there are in greece on the highways not many gas stations, so you should look with the rental car that you do not fill up too little gasoline even if you do not want to drive long distances. Who knows when the next gas station comes. The freeway in greece is almost a topic for itself, there is so much to say about it.

Actually, it is almost unbelievable what you see when you are on the Greek highway on the road. If you tell someone who wants to learn more about Greece, as a German you just shake your head. As you drive in Greece on the highway, left or right on the shoulder now and then a parked car, where the travelers do their emergency beside the freeway.

Because there is hardly any water on the few freeway service stations, there are often these toilet facilities around, as you know them in Germany from the construction sites. I also like to compare other countries, customs and traditions with those of the Germans. As horrible as this may sound sometimes. But what if you inform yourself here about greece and then on your own trip everything is completely different, that’s no use, you should already stay with the truth. And on vacation it should be different than at home, so you also have more to report.

At the last greece vacation, that was one of the samos travel end of august 2011 there cost the diesel only 1,39², the gasoline unleaded 95 octane only 1,71 euro per liter. That adds up to 10.000 kilometers in a greece round trip with the motorhome are not uncommon and you can see that in the prices for diesel fuel. Almost 20 cents per liter diesel cheaper than 2010 in northern greece is already a word and makes the greece vacation equal to a lot cheaper.

Sanitary facilities in a parking lot on the highway in Greece (northern Greece)

Conditions for renting a car in greece:

Normally it is common that the rental cars in greece are only rented with a fully comprehensive insurance. At the airports in greece you can have your rental car ready for a service fee, this costs between 15 and 40 euros extra depending on the rental period. Often a minimum rental period is agreed. Not infrequently, a certain minimum age (21 years) is required by the renter to be allowed to drive a car at all.

It is important not to forget that most car rental companies do not allow you to change to another greek island with your rental car, if you do this you will lose your insurance coverage. Theft safe, extra driver, child seats or a delivery of the rental car to the hotel usually costs a little more.

Furthermore, the car rental companies in greece offer so-called one-way rentals, that is, you rent the car in thessaloniki or another city and drive it only to your desired destination. The longer you rent a car, the less you have to pay in rent. Similarly, if you book a hotel room in greece, I can also tell you interesting but better in the travel section greece hotels.

prices for car hire in greece:

The categories are for short rentals, rental cars for 3-6 days or from 7 days, depending on the type of car a different price, from 25 euro for a small fiat, for a nissan with more horsepower in about 70 euro per day rental in the low season, which begins in early november and ends in early april. A week’s rental of a car in greece can cost between 200 and 1000 euros, depending on the size of the car and the length of the rental.

The one photo shows us in a jeep driving over the island of samos, the rental car for these greece trips was from the car rental company sixt. So you can enjoy your vacation completely carefree and relaxed. When returning the vehicle to the lender, you do not have to fear any inconvenience in the form of an inspection of any damage such as stone impact or otherwise.

Interesting routes of the roads near Athens the capital of Greece

Whether or not you are at fault in an accident, which can always happen, the insurance pays in any case. A fully comprehensive insurance is reflected in the bill for a rental car only insignificantly.

The current prices for gasoline in greece were in march 2010 for 95 octane unleaded at 1.739. For 100 octane unleaded at 1.999, super LRP 1,899 and for the diesel you paid in march 1,579 euro. But it was not at every gas station in Greece the fuel as expensive as on the one picture of the green scoreboard. But the prices for cigarettes in Greece are not as high as in Germany, per pack you pay 2.80 euros, but should now also be more expensive.

At the last greece vacation on the island of samos, which is almost on the coast of asia, we got a rental car directly from the hotel. From this point of view you don’t even need to go to an agency if you want a cheap rental car, you also save time.

Next time I will tell you what you have to do in greece if you want to buy this delicious barbecue spice.

Preparation and spare parts for greece with your own vehicle:

If you have special requests for a particular model of car for your stay in greece, it is advisable to order a rental car from home, or to rent a car from home. To reserve, because otherwise it can easily happen that the model is just rented elsewhere.

Tollbooth in greece

If you want to explore greece with your own vehicle, you should make a list at home which spare parts, like fan belts or if you drive in the winter over passes, evtl. to take snow chains (alps in austria). In any case, before your trip to greece, have your vehicle made ready for your vacation in a specialist workshop, where everything is checked again, just like during an inspection.

If you want to take this torture on yourself to drive with your own car from germany to greece, as I did once, then I can tell you which route is best to take there. For example by ferry via ancona in italy.

book a rental car from home:

If you want to book a rental car for your vacation from home, you are welcome to use our search engine on the subject of rental cars to rent a suitable vehicle according to your wishes.

Of course you can rent in greece also other vehicles than a car. There are still mopeds, quads, bicycles and what knows everything else. The prices for renting such a quad, I will tell you on the page about crete. There I was able to find out what the current rental prices for rental vehicles in Greece are at the moment. From the trip to crete I am only on the 18.09.2009 returned from greece with the latest info.

On the greece vacation 2012 the prices for gasoline and rental cars were on the greek island rhodesnot yet higher than in 2011 in athens! Let’s see what the prices are for greece vacation 2016 on the greek island of santorin, am curious. In 2015 our greece vacation was on the island of corfu.

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