For more climate protection: the new vehicle tax as of 2021

In september 2019, the federal government adopted far-reaching measures to protect the climate. This also includes a new vehicle tax from 2021 onwards. Find out all the information and important changes to the car tax here.

New vehicle tax for new cars

Who after the 1. september 2018 bought a new car, already had to buy a new vehicle tax pay. Reason for the adjustment of the tax level was the introduction of the new WLTP test procedure. WLTP is a new testing standard for realistic determination of CO2 emissions from motor vehicles. This new test procedure also affects the taxation of cars, so that the tax levy increased, if there are high CO2 emissions.

In order to achieve the climate targets, the ministry of finance has further changes to vehicle tax set, which will apply from next year.

calculate car tax 2021

Vehicle tax 2021: those who emit more CO2 will pay more

After the first tax increase for cars as a result of the new WLTP procedure, the vehicle tax will now increase again for some vehicle owners as of 2021. This new regulation is intended to help achieve the targets for climate protection. It is even planned to successively increase the tax contributions for cars in order to meet the set climate targets by the end of 2030 really reach.

The specific changes to the laws were decided by the government during the corona crisis at an economic summit. The reform includes CO2 emissions of vehicles even more weight will be given to the Assessment of the car tax. Accordingly, for vehicle owners whose car emits more than 96 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer driven, the car tax more expensive. On the other hand, anyone who has bought a new car after september 2018 does not have to expect higher taxes. In the meantime only cars are registered, which have all conditions of the emissions standard 6c meet.

But the new regulation also offers for some car owners tax advantages. Owners whose newly registered car has a low CO2 value will pay less from 2021. Owners of a new car or an e-vehicle will save about 30 euros in taxes per year in the future. However, the prerequisite is that the passenger car no more than 95 grams of CO2 per kilometer emissions.

However, there is a restriction. The new vehicle tax will not apply to cars registered before 2021. The old vehicle tax still applies to these vehicles. e-cars, which is due to expire on 31 December 2009. vehicles registered on December 2025 will continue to be taxed as before for tax-free for ten years from first registration. This tax exemption also applies to already registered electric cars.

You can easily calculate your new calculate car tax yourself. We show you how.

Calculation of the new vehicle tax in 2021

From 1. January 2021, the tax for registered cars with an CO2 emissions between 96 grams and 115 grams per kilometer by 2 euros. The increase as well as the calculation will take place gradually. If a motor vehicle more than 115 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer out, the tax 3.50 euros more expensive.

Information on the engine capacity, to the CO2 emissions, to drive type and the date of first registration help calculate car tax. You can find information on this in your vehicle registration certificate. simply enter the requested data into the official car tax calculator of the ministry of finance and you will receive information about your new tax.

Why is there a vehicle tax?

As motor vehicle tax refers to a tax paid to the government on the basis of the ownership of a vehicle. The revenue from the tax the authorities then use the construction and maintenance of public roads. In addition, the levies also refinance measures that are necessary for the elimination or reduction of pollution mitigation of environmental damage contribute.

The vehicle tax is a federal tax under article 106 abs. 1 nr. 3 of the constitution of the federal republic of germany, which was still a state tax until june 2009. Since then, the tax amount is no longer determined by the federal Ministry of Finance, but by levied by the federal revenue administration. therefore, this type of tax has been counted as a federal tax until today.

The assessment of the contributions results from the polluter pays principle. Behind this is a regulation in which the amount of the contributions is dependent on the degree of impact on the environment calculates. For this reason, since July 2009, when new cars are registered for the first time, it is not only the engine capacity that is taken into account.

Decisive for the amount of vehicle tax now also includes CO2 emissions. The assessment of the taxation the road traffic office in cooperation with the respective registration authorities before. In this context, the decision on the classification into the various emission classes like.

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