Finance machines, vehicles and technology quickly and easily

A object financing with installment plan offers you the possibility to sell objects such as agricultural machines, transporters, forklifts or construction machines quickly to your property to make: secure, plannable and individually tailored to your needs. No matter new or used, whether planned purchase or object already purchased – with our solutions for installment plan you finance simply and unbureaucratically commercial objects (except real estate) up to 750.000 euros for your company.

Your advantages with lease-purchase

  • Transfer of ownership with payment of the last installment
  • New and used properties up to 000 euro
  • Quick financing decision and payment
  • 12 to a maximum of 120 months, co-financing of sales taxpossible
  • Financing of already purchased objects possible

You prefer to lease?

For off-balance-sheet financing without transfer of ownership.

Learn more about leasing.

Object financing with VR smart finanz

There are many options for financing objects through installment plan. as a partner of the volksbanken raiffeisenbanken we offer you the right solution for your needs. you can finance a wide range of different objects – up to a value of 750 euros.000 euro. For a property value up to 250.000 euro the installment plan is even particularly fast with us: with our solution VR smart express the financing decision is made during the bank term.

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Up to 000 euro in few minutes

With VR smart express, the financing of your desired object takes place at top speed. Unbureaucratic – for the success of your company.

VR smart express is an installment plan comparable to a classic bank loan for financing objects – new or used. Your credit line is not burdened. In addition, as an entrepreneur you can take advantage of corresponding depreciation options, because the lease-purchase object is capitalized in your balance sheet.

Installment plan with VR smart express:

Individually: benefit from a solution that fits your investment needs.

Flexible: installment and term structure according to your wishes (from 12 to a maximum of 96 months).

Smart: take advantage of depreciation options, investment subsidies and tax benefits.

Secured: add suitable insurance cover from R+V on request.

Did you know: with VR smart express, you can also finance properties that you have acquired in the past 6 months – simply and quickly at your volksbank raiffeisenbank.

Installment plan as a leasing alternative:

1. Arrange a bank appointment for the conclusion of the contract.

2. Realize your dream object up to 250.000 euro gross.

3. Ownership is transferred when the last installment is paid.

R+V installment protection policy

The installment protection policy from R+V offers you a sensible supplement to the VR smart express installment plan. No health check is required. In this way, you are comprehensively protected against the following financial risks in the event of a serious incident:

  • Disability: guaranteed financial relief in the event of illness or accident
  • unemployment: security in case of loss of earnings
  • Divorce: bridging financial bottlenecks
  • Death: no additional burden on the heirs or. Legal successor

Find your volksbank raiffeisenbank now!

Quick and uncomplicated to your desired object: contact your volksbank raiffeisenbank right away and arrange an appointment.

Frequently asked questions about installment plan

Which properties can be financed with VR smart express??

With VR smart express, numerous properties with a value between 5.000 and 250.000 euros can be financed. It is important that these are commercially used and so-called "mobile objects" trades – from commercial vehicles to agricultural and forestry machinery, processing machines, medical technology, EDP systems to store fittings and many, many more. Real estate, for example, is not included.

What is the difference between installment plan and leasing??

With lease-purchase, the lease-purchaser is the economic owner of the property. It is encumbered with a reservation of title in favor of the rental seller. In leasing, the lessor is the economic owner of the object. The property is part of the lessor’s investment assets. In the case of a lease-purchase, the property is included in the lease-purchaser’s fixed assets for accounting purposes. This increases the fixed assets and therefore the balance sheet total of the hire-purchaser. The equity ratio becomes lower. With leasing, on the other hand, the balance sheet total remains low. Thus the equity ratio improves.

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object of the month:

immediate financing via your volksbank raiffeisenbank is the solution to this problem. Your bank advisor will immediately calculate an offer for you and can give you a financing commitment during the meeting. Our instant financing is available for many new and used properties. And every month, we will present you with an interesting property that is suitable for financing:

As our calculation example shows, even double-sided grinding machines be financed via VR smart finanz:

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