Disposing of tires: where old tires belong

Old tires should never be disposed of with household waste. They are made of different materials and cannot be grouped into one waste group. It is about so called Composite waste.

In addition to rubber and steel, tires also contain fillers, plasticizers, and chemicals – including numerous toxins that can cause cancer. These components must be carefully separated from each other in order to dispose of them properly – this is not possible in household or bulky waste.

That is why it is forbidden by law to throw away tires, burn them, bury them or just leave them anywhere. Violations not only harm the environment – they also carry heavy fines. The penalty varies depending on the federal state.

Car tires – the right way to dispose of them

In Germany, there are special companies that recycle old tires. You can take your old tires directly to one of these dealers waste management company bring them to. The operators will certify you that the tires will be disposed of correctly. Most of the time you don’t even have to pay a fee.

Also many tire dealers accept old tires. This is usually part of the free service for customers. Some tire dealers will accept tires regardless of whether you buy new or not – but they are not obligated to do so.

You can also take your tires to the local building or recycling yard bring. Here the old tires are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way and partially recycled. You can find out the nearest recycling center by contacting the municipality. The recycling is mostly free of charge, in some municipalities small fees may apply.

What happens to old car tires?

Some old tires that are still in good condition are retreaded and shipped abroad exports. However, this is only a small quantity. In germany, more than half of the old tires are disposed of as waste burnt. Most of them end up as substitute fuel in large building material plants.

Approximately 30 percent of the discarded tires will be recycled. For this, they are first broken down into their main components of rubber, steel and textile. These materials are then recycled. Rubber granulate is often produced from the rubber. It is mainly used as a road or floor covering, but is also used for garden hoses or seals. The steel from old tires is melted down in steel mills and recycled. The textiles are burned to generate energy.

environmental risk rubber tires

Old tires cause environmental problems if you dispose of or burn them illegally. You contain plasticizer and other toxic substances that can harm people and the environment. But even before they’re disposed of, rubber tires are a burden on the environment: friction and heat abrade small particles of the rubber – creating fine plastic dust. It gets into the air and into the seas, where many organizations take him in.

You can prevent this by cutting down on car you drive, as possible. It can help you to start carpooling, to switch to bicycles or to public transport.

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