Connected cars for more safety

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10. August 2018

Connected cars for more safety

Into the future with self-driving cars.

Modern cars already collect vast amounts of data for driving assistance systems such as ABS, ESP& co. With car2car technology, this information could protect many lives on our roads.

According to a study by traffic data specialist inrix, digital connectivity in cars is already more important than engine performance for the majority of car buyers. High tech comes before high speed. A large number of modern car models are permanently connected to the internet as rolling hotspots. We can stream our favorite music while driving, find out about restaurants in the area, or check the weather at our destination. Have I really locked the car?? This can be controlled remotely via the app. The latest features of the connected car make life easier for drivers – but can they also protect or even save lives??

Every year, around 26 people die in traffic accidents in the EU.000 people in traffic accidents. Up to 2.000 of them could survive if help were called in time. In austria, that would mean 50 lives a year. Since the 31st. March of this year, every newly registered car in the EU must be equipped with "ecall". This is an emergency call system in the vehicle that automatically alerts the rescue services in the event of an accident and transmits the position of the car. A first step toward making the connected car a lifesaver. While we can’t yet talk about comprehensive connected mobility, it’s not that far off.


Autonomous driving at the touch of a button.

Many "eyes" see more

When it comes to road safety, our cars are still lone wolves. They are packed with cameras, radar, sensors and optical distance measurements that feed an armada of assistance systems with a vast amount of data. Data that not only your own vehicle but also other road users could use to improve safety on the roads at home: car2car technology makes it possible. Cars can communicate with each other in real time.

Warning of black ice or wrong-way drivers

If a car reports an accident after a bend, for example, the vehicles following behind can adjust to the situation in good time. Similarly, other cars on the road can be warned immediately of wrong-way drivers, black ice and other hazards. Experts are convinced that connected mobility has enormous potential in terms of traffic safety. The development towards this goal is progressing in leaps and bounds. According to the automotive industry, car2car technology should be installed in all new vehicles in no more than five years.

Self driving

On the road in the smart city of the future.

On highways, increasing connectivity can in turn optimize traffic flows. Initial experience shows that traffic jams can be significantly reduced if only 15 percent of all cars are equipped with car2car technology. A significant gain, because in austria alone, traffic jams cost around six billion euros a year.

Communication with traffic lights& co.

The next but one stage in the development of the connected vehicle is not likely to be too far off: V2X technology ("vehicle to everything"). The car will become a comprehensive control center and, in addition to other vehicles, will be networked with smart traffic lights, traffic jam warning systems and the infrastructure. It would be the next milestone in the development towards more traffic safety. All in all, connected mobility lays the foundation for the automotive industry’s future topic par excellence: autonomous driving. Experts believe that driving completely without a human driver could be possible by 2025, even outside protected environments.

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Connected cars for more safety

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Connected cars for more safety

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