Classic car insurance

Protection for old- and youngtimer .
With immediate-evb number for registration.

classic car insurance: the best way to insure your classic car

insuring classic cars – a topic that probably concerns every car owner. after all, insurance should be a perfect fit for you and your vehicle. In our classic car insurance you can choose between three tariff options: classic car partial cover, fully comprehensive or all-risk insurance. optional: liability insurance and other extras round off the classic car insurance. just try it out: you can calculate a non-binding offer online. You have a question about classic car insurance? We advise you gladly to the optimal protection of your oldtimer. In addition, you will find here a lot of information about the enthusiast vehicle and the oldtimer insurance.

Ideal for inexpensive vehicles

From 70 € /year
incl. Vst. DE 19% (for AT 11,6%)

  • fire/explosion/short circuit
  • theft/vandalism
  • animal bite/animal accident
  • Natural events
  • Glass breakage
  • Loss of the vehicle key
  • Transport accident
  • Protection in case of self-inflicted accidental damage with the classic car
  • Transport damage
  • Brake damage
  • Tire damage

ideal for well maintained vehicles

From 140 € /year
incl. Vst. DE 19% (for AT 11,6 %)

  • Fire/explosion/short circuit
  • theft/vandalism
  • Animal bite/animal accident
  • Natural events
  • glass breakage
  • Loss of the car key
  • Transport accident
  • Protection in case of self-inflicted accident damage with the oldtimer
  • Transport damages
  • Brake damage
  • Tire damage

Ideal for high quality vehicles
& collector’s items

From 150 € / year
incl. Vst. DE 19% (for AT 11,6 %)

  • fire/explosion/short circuit
  • Theft/vandalism
  • animal bite/animal accident
  • Natural events
  • glass breakage
  • loss of the vehicle key
  • Transport accident
  • protection in case of self-inflicted accidental damage with the classic car
  • Transport damage
  • brake damage
  • tire damage
  • And many other damages

protection against claims for damages, passive legal protection.

Free cancellation service:

at hiscox you can cancel your old car insurance free of charge after signing the contract

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99% customer satisfaction:

Competent advice in the event of a claim

This is how classic car insurance protects you

Driving a classic car is a special experience. therefore, do not take unnecessary risks. trust in our many years of experience and comprehensive professional expertise – because we are very familiar with the topic of insuring classic cars and offer special insurance for classic cars, youngtimers and collections. We know from practical experience: unfortunately, a lot can happen to your vehicle.

  • When loading, the wet tires of your classic car spin on the ramp. the vehicle sits on it and the car is severely damaged. the classic car insurance will cover.
  • Your classic car and spare parts are stolen from your garage. The classic car insurance covers the damage.
  • The door of your classic car suddenly flies open while you are out for a drive. This causes it to be heavily distorted. The insurance for classic cars takes effect.

We know how emotional a loss can be for classic car owners. That’s why we offer special policies that insure your classic car. insurance for classic cars is possible with H-plates, road registration or any other license plate. You have in the hiscox classic car insurance the choice of three tariff options, which differ in their benefits: partially comprehensive insurance, fully comprehensive insurance and all-risk insurance. You can also add liability insurance – or leave it with another insurer.

Insuring classic cars: this is how hiscox classic car insurance performs in an insurance comparison

We have created an overview that makes it easier for you to compare classic car insurance policies. these points make the special solution classic cars by hiscox (designation of our classic car insurance) so special:

classic car insurance from hiscoxstandard car comprehensive insuranceother classic car all risks insurance
cover for insurance policy, foreign damage cover and driver protection possible partially partial
all risk coverage X X
spare parts and accessories also insured partially partially
no automatic premium increase in the event of a claim X partial
value increases are covered up to 25% X X
classic car insurance from hiscoxstandard car comprehensive insuranceother classic car all risks insurance
automatic coverage as driver for third-party vehicles insured with hiscox X X
large capacities available for high sums insured for corresponding collections and individual values partial partly
short and clear insurance conditions partial partly
market, replacement or restoration value insurable by arrangement X partially
fast and fair claims handling partly partial
transports included in all-risk insurance partial partial
daily cancellation options for the customer partially partial
different deductible options available for all enthusiast vehicles partly partially
waiver of the defense of gross negligence (except in the case of damage caused by drunkenness or ingestion of other intoxicating substances) partial X
worldwide coverage possible by arrangement partial partial

Tip: home check – create a short appraisal for your classic car insurance from the comfort of your own home

For the oldtimer insurance an appraisal of your car is necessary. classic cars up to a vehicle value of 90.000 euro do not need a costly value appraisal. At hiscox, you can submit the home check (online self-assessment) from classic-analytics online – with this brief assessment (condition grade), you save yourself a time-consuming appraisal and only pay 14.95 euros for the neutral assessment of your classic car!

Classic car insurance& home check: this is how it works

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