Classic car insurance

The liability insurance is compulsory in germany for every registered motor vehicle. It pays in case of an accident caused by you for damages caused to others. gothaer oldtimer insurance compensates for personal injury, property damage and financial losses up to a lump sum of 100 mio. Euro. Personal injury is covered up to 15 million euros within the scope of this sum insured. Euro per damaged person replaced.

theft, especially by theft and robbery, is insured.

Accidents, also self-inflicted

Accidental damage to your own vehicle, including self-inflicted damage, is insured.

Insured are damages or destruction of the vehicle due to malicious or wanton acts of third parties.

If a comprehensive damage is caused by gross negligence, the insurance company does not have to pay for the damage or. Only partial payment. Gothaer customers do not know the problem, because we refund comprehensive damage also with rough negligence. Exceptions are, of course, damage caused by alcohol and drug driving or if it is stolen the thief or the. The thief was made too easy.

Damage caused by the direct effects of storms, hail, lightning or floods as well as avalanches, mudslides, roof avalanches or landslides is insured.

Fire and explosion

Damage caused by fire or explosion is covered.

glass breakage and windshield repair

Co-insured are z. B. Damage to the windshield. Our partners KS autoglas and carglass perform windshield repairs for you free of charge. This applies regardless of the agreed deductible.

Collision with animals of all kinds

Damage caused by collision with animals is insured.

animal bite and consequential damage

Damage to the vehicle caused by an animal bite is insured (except for damage to the vehicle cell, trunk or cargo area). Consequential damages caused by the bite are up to 5.000 euro included in the insurance.

Short circuit in the wiring and consequential damage

Damage caused by a short circuit in the wiring is insured. Consequential damage caused by this is covered up to 5.000 euro included in the insurance.

Protection on ferries

Insured are damages during the use of ferryboats. Partial coverage includes, for example, if the vehicle is washed overboard due to a storm.

Mobile navigation devices are insured without limit.

No downgrading in case of damage

you have been driving for years without an accident and then suddenly you have a damage. in the event of damage to your enthusiast vehicle, there will be no downgrading. Your premiums remain constantly low.

And: the claim-free period of your classic car policy can be transferred to another policy at a later date.

Consideration of the increase in value

We take the increase in value of your classic car into account within the framework of a non-contributory precautionary insurance policy.

In the event of damage, the classic car insurance provides you with compensation of up to 20 percent above the market value or the value of the vehicle as determined at the beginning of the contract. replacement value can lie.

classic car insurance: costs

What does a classic car insurance cost? Here are some examples. To determine the exact amount, simply use our premium calculator.

Mercedes ponton 190 D
year of construction 1958

Third-party liability + fully comprehensive insurance from

243,66 € per year

  • Classic car with 50 hp
  • Market value 20.000 with a condition rating of 1
  • Fully comprehensive insurance with 500 € deductible incl. partial coverage with 150 € deductible

VW beetle convertible 1302 LS
year of construction 1971

Third party liability + partial casco from

155.46 per year

  • Classic cars with 50 hp
  • Market value 18.000 € with condition rating 2
  • Partial cover with €150 deductible

What else you should know about gothaer classic car insurance

Which vehicles can be insured as vintage cars??

  • Passenger car youngtimer, at least 25 years old
  • Classic cars, at least 40 years old
  • Classic motorcycles, at least 30 years old

What other requirements must be met?

  • An everyday vehicle is available. We assume that this vehicle is already insured with gothaer or that it will be insured with us at the earliest possible date.
  • The vintage car is in good original condition or – if restored – largely in original condition.
  • A certificate of condition and market value / replacement value is available. We require a report from a sworn or certified expert that is no more than one year old. The condition and market value / replacement value must be stated in the report. From a vehicle value of 10.000 euro the appraisal must have been made by appraisal partners of DEKRA,classicdata, TuV, GTu or SSH.
  • The condition score is at least note 3.

grade 1
immaculate condition. No shortcomings in terms of technology and appearance. vehicles of the absolute top class. Unrestored, fully functional original or completely and perfectly restored top car.

Note 2
good condition. Free of defects, but with light (!) traces of use. Original or professionally and extensively restored. no missing or additionally mounted parts. exception: if the stvzo requires it.

What are the advantages of classic car insurance??

classic car drivers tend to be cautious. That’s why our classic car insurance does not include a downgrade of the no-claims class in the event of a claim. your premiums remain constant even after an accident. The damage-free years that you have had with the classic car can later even be credited to an everyday vehicle.

In contrast to normal motor vehicles, the value of well-maintained classic cars increases over time. This increase in value is recognized by our non-contributory provision insurance. in the event of a claim, you are entitled to benefits that are up to twenty percent above the market value determined at the beginning of the contract.

the usual services of the partial casco are extended with the oldtimer-insurance. This is how z.B. also replaces damage that occurs during transport on a loading area when the train vehicle is involved in an accident.

Is it compulsory to take out motor vehicle liability insurance for my classic car??

motor vehicle liability insurance is compulsory for all vehicles registered in germany – even classic cars are not exempt from this requirement.

classic car insurance with partial or fully comprehensive cover?

While the motor vehicle liability insurance for the damage of the accident opponent or. If the other party is liable for the accident, you can also insure your classic car against damage to your own vehicle with partial or fully comprehensive insurance. Partial or fully comprehensive insurance can cover damage caused by fire or theft, while fully comprehensive insurance can even cover damage in the event of a self-inflicted accident or vandalism.

Is there a protection policy for my classic car?

gothaer oldtimer-schutzbrief accompanies you reliably on all your journeys and provides rapid assistance, at home or abroad. For an additional contribution of 19 euros per year, we will not only take over the organization in the event of damage, but also the costs for you to a certain extent.

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