Classic car

Old love does not rust: at the sight of a polished classic car, our pulse also begins to race. We tell you what you should consider when registering a classic car.

Classic car
Classic car

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Brochure with useful information: when is a car considered a classic car, when is a vehicle a "motor vehicle cultural asset"?, which conversions are recognized

The H-number for cult-bodies and cult-bikes

Since 1997 there is a special oldtimer-registration. You can recognize this status by the license plate: the letter "H" follows the identification number. The tax office currently taxes classic cars at a flat rate of 191 euros per year. For vintage motorcycles, the vehicle tax is currently 46 euros per year.

When does a car or motorcycle qualify as a classic car??

  • Your vehicle must have been put into service for the first time at least 30 years ago.
    The date of first registration of vehicles that have never been registered before can be equated with the date of production with regard to the oldtimer guideline, if the corresponding evidence is available.
  • Your vehicle must be appraised by an officially recognized expert, inspector or test engineer.
    The decisive factor is the value as of 1. November 2011 updated "guideline for the appraisal of oldtimers according to § 23 stvzo" of the federal ministry of transport and ditigal infrastructure.
    An appraisal according to § 23 stvzo includes
  • For approved vehicles or. vehicles with valid registration certificate a test in the scope of a main inspection
  • For vehicles without or with invalid registration certificate, an appraisal according to § 21 stvzo (full inspection)
  • And for all vehicles, the determination of whether the vehicle can be considered a motor vehicle cultural asset.


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VW T2 pritsche – TuV NORD oldtimer value appraisal

What is a classic car actually worth after conversion work?? More or less? this question is answered by the moderator det muller with the VW T2 platform. Together with the head of the TuV-STATION flensburg, olaf meyer, you will take a close look at your vehicle? It determines market value, replacement value, restoration value and the condition score. This provides the basis for his sales negotiations. Whether marcel gets his desired price?

When is a vehicle a "motor vehicle cultural asset"??

Before a classic car can be given the coveted H license plate, the expert must classify it as a "motor-vehicle cultural asset. the conditions for this are regulated by § 23 stvzo:

  • Your vehicle must be in a condition worthy of preservation. For this purpose, a good state of maintenance and preservation is required as a distinction from "normal old" vehicles vehicle provided (used condition possible, normal traces of the years (patina), without technical defects, no accident residual damage or improper repair, no missing essential parts).
  • The originality of the vehicle must be given. This means: it looks like it did when it first saw the light of day on the roads. If it was modified, then only in the usual and permissible framework at that time. Small tip: for very rare vehicles it is helpful if you present model documentation, manuals or brochures.

For some features your vehicle may differ from the original, for example

  • Paintwork, provided it is contemporary
  • Other engine from the same series of the respective vehicle type
  • Conversion from diagonal to radial tires
  • True to original replica of the exhaust system in stainless steel

However, these modifications must also be contemporary.

  • The color of your vehicle must be contemporary, including any decorations, stickers, company inscriptions, etc.

Which conversions are accepted?

  • The conversions must have been made in the first 10 years of registration or must have been typical for this period.
  • No rule without exceptions: permitted are z. B. Catalytic converters or conversions for the disabled.
  • The vehicles and their conversions must in any case be roadworthy and comply with the regulations of the stvzo. For example, sharp-edged original parts are not eligible for registration, despite their originality.

In case of doubt, please talk to a TuV NORD expert before the test.

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