Cars kids birthday games

Here you will find all the cars kids birthday games that will set off the kids party alarm for you.

This will make your party a unforgettable experience for your birthday boy and his guests.

The most beautiful is certainly a cars birthday in good weather in the garden or in a park or nearby playground.

But also for autumn and winter cars fans you will find here the suitable children birthday ideas as indoor variant.

On this page you will find suggestions and&#xa0appropriate to the birthday theme;ideas for all the games for your birthday party.

Ideas for a complete cars birthday with great ideas from the invitations, decorations, food, crafts, games to the favors you&#xa0ll find; here  on my side.

All my suggestions for a nice children’s party follow a certain procedure. Here I explain the procedure in detail .

It works well and helps you give structure to the party. So you can always keep an eye on things and enjoy the party yourself!

Before the first engines start howling in your party area, I have here the latest offers for one of the motto matching play equipment for you:

Bobby car race at piston cup

At our racer party the bobby car race was part of the cars kids birthday games.

After the children had made their license plates, they were ready to go. All kids on the track and full throttle 😉

Bobby Car race at the Cars kids birthday party #kindergeburtstag #birthday #mottoparty #kinderpartyalarm #birthdayideas

Bobby Car race at Cars kids birthday party #kids birthday #birthday #mottoparty #kids party alert #birthday ideas

I must say that we live on a slight hill and the road is therefore rather sloping, which of course has increased the driving fun significantly.

We had chosen the track in such a way that we had the cars after approximately 500 m could put with friends and then the scavenger hunt for our racers went on foot first of all.

bobby car race at the Cars kids birthday party #kindergeburtstag #birthday #mottoparty #kinderpartyalarm #birthdayideas

This was totally ok for the kids, because they were already 6 years old and didn’t like to drive the bobby cars much longer anyway. 😉

If it’s different for you, you could take one or two bobby cars, or for older kids, one or two go carts, and the kids take turns at the scavenger hunt from station to station every now and then everyone gets to steer and sit on it.

We had the kids party set from hudora*. We bought this years ago, but it is still a classic that we like to take with us on trips. With us absolutely indestructible and brings a lot of fun to play with!

So that we did not have to carry so much and the children themselves find something at the previously considered stations, we have previously hidden the utensils at the stations; behind a bush, on a tree, ..

Always as it just fit. We have marked the track with small animal litter.

Station 1 – sack race

pit stop at the Cars kids birthday party #kids birthday #birthday #mottoparty #kids party alert #birthday ideas

Why now just sack hopping at a race car children’s birthday party?

Well, the thinking bridge is perhaps a bit broad, but I think we have told the children that racers must also always be fit, because such a race also requires a lot from the drivers physically.

Afterwards everyone wanted to know who was the fittest rider of them all. 😉

Station 2 – egg run

Here you could also do "egg driving", so to speak, if you have one or two vehicles with you.

Then you form two teams and one from each team drives and one pushes and the driver has to steer and balance the egg at the same time.

(the egg run equipment is included in the set).) 

Station 3 – slalom

without vehicle: run around the obstacles with one leg or in teams of 2 with legs tied together

With vehicle: one drives and one pushes and the driver has to steer

. More cars birthday games

If you don’t want to do a "scavenger hunt" or the location doesn’t allow it, … no problem!

I have gathered for you here all cars kids birthday games that can be prepared super well in the garden, play street or playground:

show the flag

You need: many target flags (party pegs, shredded napkins, copied checkered paper, o.a.)

Before the party, hide the little flags all over the party area, sometimes more sometimes less visible. Be sure to note how many there are, so you know if all have been found.

Now the teams have to go and look for flags.

at the end there is of course a small reward for all hard-working finders.

Hot tires

You need: a rubber tire / team, the size according to the size of the children

The children are again divided into teams. Each team gets a tire. One after the other, each child takes its turn to "drive" its tire back and forth along a marked track. The first team that finishes wins.

Pit stop

A super fun game that can certainly be played indoors if you z.B. Have a ball pool.

Here all mechanics can show what they are capable of.

You need: sandbox, lego / duplo bricks – depending on the age of the children -, colored pencils, paper

The kids are divided into teams again or if z.B. If there are less than six children, there can also be a large team. 

before the party starts, you have already hidden a number of lego / duplo bricks in the sandbox / ball pool.

on a piece of paper you have drawn the model drawing for the car. There you can also see what stones are needed and in what quantity.

The teams now run to the sandbox and look for the required stones, which then have to be assembled correctly according to the instructions.

Depending on the age of the children, they may need your help to identify which bricks they still need and which are already there. The fastest team wins.

Ramp racer

You’ll need: toy cars *, race ramp made of cardboard or old rain gutters, boards o.a., a small bag or pouch

* if your budget allows it, buy a small toy car for each child – is then at the same time a great giveaway. otherwise just take the one your birthday racer already has at home.

In advance, make a ramp for the party with your birthday boy or girl. Maybe you have a sloping area in the garden that can be used as a ramp, or create a ramp with wooden blocks o.a.

In any case, there should be room for two cars on the ramp so that they can compete against each other.

each child dips his hand in the bag and chooses a car (do not cheat!) 

On "3" the race starts! Which car goes the furthest?

There are several options: either everyone gets to compete once or the winners compete again and the slower ones as well.

everyone finds this game funny!

Cars kids birthday games for indoors,

. Which can of course also be played outside when the weather is nice

car race

If you haven’t already used it for gift unwrapping:

you have attached reasonably long twine or wool thread to toy cars. All cars are lined up on a starting line and now the little racers have to cross the finish line as fast as they can. How?

Everyone gets an empty cardboard roll and pulls his car by winding the string on the roll.

Pit stop with music

You need: colored flags, music

this game reminds a little bit of "journey to jerusalem".

In advance get a bunch of different colored flags (4 or 5 should be enough and towels will do). These are distributed around the room.

The music plays (maybe the cars soundtrack*) and the kids dance.

When the music stops, yell a color like "pit stop at team red" and all the children have to rush to this area. The last racer to get to the colored area is out.

You can also play without losers and just for fun 😉

follow this link* and you can amazon music unlimited test cheaper. Perfect to add the right music to your party!

Cars pinata

Here the little racers can really work off their energy and show their concentration on a goal. 😉

Pinatas are very popular at children’s birthday parties and this game is becoming the new highlight of every party.

Each one has two strokes at first and then they switch so that each racer gets at least one stroke 😉

Where is the steering wheel?

You need: a big piece of paper/cardboard, pens, glue dots

The game is simple, but always funny! Especially younger children laugh themselves silly when the steering wheel is "attached" in the most impossible positions ..

On a big piece of paper A2 (cardboard) you draw a car. From the perspective so that a steering wheel could be glued on. This steering wheel you prepare on an extra piece of solid cardboard. It doesn t have to be perfect, a circle will do 😉

This is then applied individually by each child blindfolded. This is too funny!

We played it at the horses birthday party, the kids loved it! And they laughed the most when I couldn’t get it right in the end and the horse’s tail stuck to the sun!

 You are well prepared! 

None rain cloud gets you out of your mind – you just move the party to the living room.

You don’t need to plan your party meticulously, so prepared, can boredom at the little party guests gar does not arise first.

Get your little emergency kit – especially for you ♥︎

nice games for bad weather, games kids birthday indoors

 You look left and full of anticipation towards the children’s birthday!

Your ideas for cars birthday games

You know more cars kids birthday games? Class!

Then please send us your ideas for cars kids birthday games, so that this collection becomes bigger and bigger! Here you can send your ideas.

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