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Malaga has a lot to offer throughout the province, good weather, great beaches, sightseeing, many outdoor activities, excursions, etc. If you are planning to arrive via the airport, car rental in malaga or at the airport is a good choice.

Is it a good idea to rent a car in malaga?

Along the coast known as the costa del sol you will find a selection of beaches with a wide variety of hotels and restaurants. The cities host historical heritage and nice, open and helpful people, both in the coastal cities and in the hinterland of the province with lush forests and even snow-capped peaks.

you will want to maximize your vacation by visiting as much as possible all the places of the province. one of the concerns when planning your vacation to the costa del sol is transportation. You can get around by cabs, public buses or look for a rental car in malaga.

Recommended website

There is always a popular website that everyone uses. The one that generates trust is undoubtedly the right choice; in these circumstances, we can recommend the website below:

Malagacar google reviews

The reviews have been very positive for many years and it is an established company for car rental in malaga with more than 20 years of experience.

Advantages of renting a car in malaga

When you rent a car in malaga, you have the great advantage of choosing the one that best suits your needs, depending on how many people are traveling with you, how extravagant you want the car to be or what areas you want to visit. For example, if you are driving through the interior of the country, covering main roads and various country roads to the villages, it would be more convenient for you to choose an SUV instead of a small and cheap rental car in malaga.

  • On the positive side, we can say that there is more freedom and control. Unlike using public transportation, they don’t have to adhere to a strict schedule and have the advantage of traveling at their own pace. You can make the stops you want in the most attractive places, undoubtedly you will enjoy it much more than by bus.
  • One advantage of renting a car is that in case of problems or breakdowns, the rental company will quickly change the car for you. you don’t have to worry about repairs or lack of service over a long period of time, as the company you choose will take care of all this for you.

Photo and vehicles by malagacar.Com

At malaga airport there are many companies that offer rental services according to your needs. It is advisable to always read the conditions that each of these companies establishes, taking into account the time and place of return, as well as damage due to improper use, fuel, fines, etc. Or if you don’t like reading, just call and ask; the companies we recommend are of high quality and will always be at your side to help you make the right decision.

how to rent a car in malaga

How to rent a car at malaga airport? Car rental companies near the airport offer their customers a pick-up service directly in the arrivals hall. In just a few minutes, the customer is at the offices, where all the necessary formalities can be completed quickly and easily.

Staff and drivers are usually at least bilingual and speak fluent english. You will be personally attended to in english or in your native language and without waiting and will be in your car in no time at all.

The car rental companies that we recommend take full responsibility for their cars too, renew their fleet every year and take care of any problems that arise in connection with your rental car at malaga airport to make your stay as pleasant as possible, which is reflected in customer satisfaction and tremendous positive feedback.

Car rental at malaga airport

The arrival at the airport for most flights is through terminal T3, from where we can choose between several alternatives depending on the destination; there is a difference between going to marbella or torremolinos, to give a simple example, because in the second case the suburban train is a possible ally in the transport. However, car rental at malaga airport is a simple and inexpensive process; it is worth checking prices before making a decision.

for those who want to relax and rest in their vacation area without moving much from their hotel, you can take a malaga airport transfer to any area of the costa del sol and organize the return to the airport for the departure flight.

For those who come to malaga to make the most of their vacation, renting a car at the airport is undoubtedly the most recommended option. From malagaweb we recommend you to use some of the websites we suggest, we rely on an outstanding quality and the degree of satisfaction is very high.

the big brands like AVIS, hertz, europcar. Are present in the terminal, although they do not always have the best prices and the quality can vary from airport to airport. For these brands you usually have to pay in advance, so you need to use your credit card online.

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