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No matter if you live in aachen, wurselen, kohlscheid, eschweiler, stolberg, duren, julich, alsdorf, baesweiler, herzogenrath, ubach-palenberg, geilenkirchen, or heinsberg, with "mit24-7.De" you can rent your transporter around the clock at a reasonable price. Call us directly under 02406- 98 99 832 to.

Moving service, movers and furniture assemblers in the city region of aachen and also in the border area (belgium and netherlands) there for you!

Here is a short overview of our services:

  1. moving service with many individual services
  2. From only 5 € per hour (see price list)
  3. Free placement of moving helpers
  4. Relocations planned regionally even at short notice
  5. Furniture transport
  6. IKEA transports, DIY store transports
  7. EBAY transports
  8. Clearing out old furniture, cellar or garage
  9. storage of your furniture
  10. Renovation service for the handover of your apartment

We offer professional help for removals and transports, as well as removal vans and removal vans. Our team works fast, clean and conscientiously. Reliability, punctuality and commitment are a matter of course for us. Contact us at any time!

your fast, reliable and professional partner for furniture transport, removals and small transports is pleased to be at your disposal from now on. Removals are an expensive affair. Ask us. We will be happy to help you plan your move and offer you a free inspection and quotation!

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Costs of a move

Many people plan and execute a move without really realizing how much it will cost. Based on many individual points, the move can become very expensive. In the following article you will learn what costs you should pay attention to and what additional costs can arise.

A move is coming up? You want to save time and money?

What costs can bring a move?

  • Housing costs: Many landlords require a deposit for the new apartment and sometimes even double the rent.
  • Renovation costs: the amount of these costs is optional, as the new apartment can be either in good or bad condition. The range can be several hundred euros.
  • Cost of transportation:
    1. Moving companies, transporters and helpers: this point can be optional, but then you will have to pay other costs.
    2. Packing material: you should be clear in advance what and how you will transport your things. for some items the simple moving box is not enough and special packing is needed.
    3. reregistrations: you should definitely remember to re-register at the residents’ registration office. However, this is not enough. If you have a car, telephone or internet connection, you will have to register them as well.
    4. Installations and new furniture: when you move, you will have to pay for new furniture, which of course will also be reflected in your expenses. You should keep in mind that the installation of telephone, internet, etc. is not included in the price., if you can not do it yourself, can cause the same costs. The amount of this cost is variable because it depends on whether you need an installer, how many you need and how much effort is required.
    5. Additional costs: these costs are different for everyone. This includes things like: garage, parking fees, size of the apartment, etc. Of the house, garden, etc.

    The move can cause a lot of hidden costs. Therefore, before the move, make a list of the possible costs and also write down how much you are planning for approximately. However, you need to keep some extra money in reserve, because moving can be more expensive later than you think at the beginning. However, if you want to be on the safe side, you should thoroughly inform yourself about the exact costs before moving.

    Vacation time is moving time

    Since many families go on vacation in the summer months, many moving companies have fewer orders. This is the perfect opportunity for you to save money.
    Here are some tips on how you can plan your inexpensive summer move perfectly.

    Book in time
    even if summer is not the most popular time for moving, you should make an appointment as soon as possible. This allows the company to make the best plan, and you to get the best price.
    Tip: to lower the price even more, choose a date outside the weekends and the beginning and end of the month.

    Plan sufficiently
    Time is money. You know this saying for sure. Of course this is also the case when moving. Plan in advance how much time you need, how big the van has to be, how often you have to drive, ect. This not only saves time (and money), but also nerves. Who would not like to move into their new home relaxed??

    Make the move comfortable with children and animals
    Moving is always stressful, especially for our children and pets.
    Make sure that the animals stay in the transport boxes for as short a time as possible. Especially in the hold of a transporter the temperatures can rise drastically and harm your darling.
    children should also be relieved and if necessary. Be accommodated with friends or relatives.

    Advantages of moving in the summer
    a great advantage in summer is especially the pleasant weather. No cold or icy weather, as in winter, and no unstable weather, as in spring or autumn. The weather makes good mood and facilitates the transport immensely. So your belongings will arrive safely at their destination!

    Disadvantages of moving in the summer
    summer is not only known for mild temperatures. It can quickly happen that the temperatures rise to 30°C. Be aware of this and make sure your helpers have enough drinks available to avoid dehydration.

    if you follow these hints, there should be nothing in the way of a summer move!

    Telephone is the fastest way! 0 24 06 – 989 98 32

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