Buying a new car: acquiring a status symbol!

When you buy a new car, you also buy a status symbol.

It remains. Your own car is a status symbol. More than every second german has a car. Although the used car market remains strong and there are regular reports about the changing relationship with the automobile and claims that more and more Germans are doing without their own motor vehicle, according to the Federal Statistical Office the number of passenger cars per thousand inhabitants continues to increase. Between 2008 and 2015, it made a whopping ten percent.

In view of this development, it is not surprising that the purchase of a new car continues to be very popular. many germans still want to buy their own new car, even though in the automotive industry share economy (z. B. carsharing) continues to gain ground. For buyers, however, the decision in favor of a vehicle is a not easy, because the passenger car is not just a commodity. Own mobility is an status symbol. The marketing of the car manufacturers sells a image, a lifestyle, in which the customer wants to participate.

Anyone who wants to buy a new car should first be clear about what they actually want. The market holds almost for all your needs offers suitable for every budget. In particular the online trade has brought movement into the business. This guide informs you about what you should consider if you want to buy a new car for. It describes different sales channels and informs you about what you can expect from the new car as reimport should consider.

FAQ: buy a new car

if you are buying a new car, you need to decide on a few points in advance to avoid being confronted with too many different offers. Which questions you should ask yourself in advance, you can find out here.

Car dealerships usually offer installment payments when buying a car. As a rule, an additional down payment is due.

Usually there is some room for negotiation when buying a car. For example, you can get extras for free or push the purchase price down a bit.

How should you proceed when buying a new car?

Every person is different. The days when all customers were satisfied with a mass-produced car like the ford T are over. The car is expression of our personality. Already with the brand a certain image is transported. A BMW or Mercedes driver has a different self-image than someone who drives a Dacia or Skoda. Before buying a new car, customers often already have committed to one brand. If you are completely free of preferences, you first have to find out about the individual brands, filter the offers and make a clear idea of your needs get. Depending on your budget, this can be a difficult task.

at the beginning there is often the question: how much money do you want to spend on the new car?? The purchase is a big investment, which no one makes lightly. Besides the suitable financing model the maintenance of the vehicle should also be right. Therefore, you should always keep in mind that fuel consumption, car taxes, repayment rates and insurance are all important factors running costs represent that should be considered in your decision for a new car.

There is a wide range of vehicle models: small cars, SUVs, station wagons, sports cars and so on… you have to decide what you need.

Before you decide on a brand or model, the most important factor is, of course, the price vehicle type an elementary role. Do you want an SUV (sport utility vehicle), a small car, a sedan, a station wagon or a coupe?? there are numerous types of cars on the market for the different purposes. A small car can be very practical in a city, a station wagon offers space and storage space.

What will it be? if you trust only in german engineering, then you should choose the german traditional brands mercedes-benz, VW, BMW, audi or opel decide. do you prefer a pointy spanish, could seat are possible for you. french cars are also very popular in germany. Then renault or peugeot your choice. Japanese cars from mazda or nissan or south korean from kia or hyundai are a perennial favorite, especially in the small car segment. The standard is often very similar for all types of vehicles. The brand you choose is often the most important one pure matter of taste or one question of the wallet. increasingly popular, however, are vehicles from eastern europe such as dacia or lada. Here usually pulls the low new car price.

When you buy a new car, other factors also play a decisive role. You better shift gears by hand or automatic? Do you want a petrol, diesel or an alternative fuel type such as natural gas? Should it be a front- or rear-wheel drive or would you rather drive an all-wheel drive model?? How many people must be transported? is a three-door car enough?? Also a matter of taste and a question of the desired comfort is the equipment. Power windows and central locking are almost standard today. If you want air conditioning, heated seats or a navigation system, the price of the new car often increases. The passenger car that you will eventually purchase will probably be a compromise between your dream car and your budget its. Technically, however, a lot is already possible today.

Buying a new car: what questions do you need to ask yourself??

  • What budget including running costs is available?
  • Which type of vehicle is eligible?
  • Do you prefer a certain manufacturer brand??
  • What fuel do you want to drive with??
  • Which type of transmission and which drive should it be?
  • How many seats and doors should the new car have??
  • What equipment would you like?

In the dealership you often have to negotiate the discounts for the new car yourself. online, high new car discounts are often granted right from the start. Comparing the prices of new cars is therefore worthwhile.

Where to buy a new car?

Rarely has it been so easy to buy a new car. In the course of globalization, the automotive industry in particular is a highly competitive market. At the same time, the internet gives customers the opportunity to find out comprehensive to inform. On manufacturer sites, in forums or blogs you will find not only technical data, but also experience reports and ratings.

the net also helps when deciding on a model. In objective test reports become advantages and disadvantages listed and different manufacturers compared. After a decision for a car has been made, within a few seconds the new car is presented to a price comparison and the dealer with the most favorable offer is contacted.

In the end, the question remains as to where they should conclude the purchase contract. Most Germans continue to prefer the car dealer, but buying a new car in the internet is steadily increasing. There are advantages and disadvantages for both sales channels.

Buying a new car from an authorized dealer

The "traditional" car trade via brand-name or. dealership is still the most popular way to a new car. There is a lot of movement on the internet, but many people who are interested in buying a new car prefer to buy it direct contact with larger investments. A local contact but this is one of the advantages of the classic car trade. At the dealership, customers can get advice and the view vehicles directly. Most car dealers also take the previous car in payment. Repair and service are often available from a single source. If there are problems, the dealership is always the right address.

However, the cheapest new cars are usually not available at the dealership. Depending on the sales skills of the dealer, customers often allow themselves to be sold to unnecessary equipment persuasion, which drives up the price. Nevertheless, car dealerships usually offer attractive financing options to. So there is the new car often also without down payment. A particularly emotional experience is the test drive, where customers feel for the first time that they are sitting behind the steering wheel of their new car. another advantage is that sellers for the new car often have a discount grant.

At car dealerships, however, it is difficult to compare different brands. As a rule, they are bound to certain brands and therefore advise accordingly subjective. Unlike the internet, there are opening hours, which makes the purchase of a new car much more time-consuming than online trading.

Buying a new car on the internet: click your way to your dream car

The online market is growing rapidly. Increasingly, customers want to buy their new car on the internet. online high discounts are often possible.

Who wants a new car buy cheap wants to go to the internet. Numerous providers and portals make this possible uncomplicated ordering of the dream car from the couch. The brokerage of new cars on the internet is still relatively new, but already offers many advantages such as new car discounts. When buying a car, the factors of trust and safety play a particularly important role, which is why business on the web has been slow to take off so far. However, as a general rule warranty and guarantee claims are the same as when buying a new car on the spot. Through hotlines there are often also good communication channels.

there are two variants in the internet trade with vehicles: online exchanges and intermediary platforms. The exchanges take on the role of a virtual marketplace, on which dealers offer their services. have nothing to do with the actual business. Such platforms often have stock vehicles as new on offer. The advantage is that the cars already exist and can therefore be purchased online long delivery times should be avoided are. The delivery modalities must be taken into account. Not infrequently the vehicles for collection by the customer advertised. Under certain circumstances, this can become a logistical problem.

Differently work the brokerage platforms. About these the customers, as the name already says, at car dealer mediates. As in the classic car dealership, customers can choose a car from the order vehicle decide, so their put together the car of your choice yourself. Many suppliers provide a configurator for this purpose, where the prospective buyer can specify the equipment. The purchase contract then comes with a dealers from the network, that stands behind the platform. This takes care of the ordering process from the manufacturer and organizes the delivery. The platform can be used to order many compare brands and models, at the same time new cars can be high discounts are granted, which the authorized dealers negotiate directly with the manufacturers. In car dealerships, on the other hand, it often depends on one’s own talent to negotiate good prices.

The online dealer offers some advantages. This is how offer often broader than in the classic car dealership, where only a few brands are offered. Cheap new cars can by comparison different models can be found easily. The internet platforms are available around the clock. The delivery to the door is a very popular service, but not all portals offer it.

Even though many portals try to create a certain emotional experience through pictures, videos or animations, it is always something else to really experience the vehicle live. Also the test drive, trade-in of the previous vehicle or the manufacturer financing are usually not offered by online dealers. in addition, on the internet special caution apply and only in the case of reputable providers be purchased. The best thing to do before signing a purchase contract is to find out about the dealership.

If you want to buy a new car, the dealership is the right place for you if you want to have a local contact person and value service and repair from a single source. For those who expect higher discounts and prefer the convenience of ordering from the comfort of their couch, the online dealer is the right choice.

Buy new cars at low prices: stock vehicles are also on offer. With daily registration, these are available quickly and at low cost.

Buying a new car: advantages and disadvantages of different ordering methods

Everybody who wants to buy a new car can choose between different methods decide which also decisive for the price are. These are:

  • order vehicles
  • Stock vehicles with and without daily registration
  • EU new vehicle as reimport with purchase option

vehicles can be ordered: it is the classic and most popular method when buying a new car. order vehicles can be the personal requirements and needs become. From the type of drive to the paint color, performance features, look and equipment are freely selectable. Customers’ passion for customization is usually limited only by their wallets. The downside, however, is the often long waiting times of over eight weeks. So you can buy the new car do not buy on the spur of the moment.

stock vehicles: stock vehicles on the other hand are quickly available. manufacturer or. Car dealers have these previously configured and have them produced. Despite limited choice, stock vehicles often offer the common equipment features and paint colors. The customer therefore has the option of buying a car "off the shelf" and. Often there are vehicles in stock at favorable conditions. the waiting time is eliminated. It can be worthwhile to compare the offers, maybe there is a vehicle in the stock of the dealers that meets your requirements.

In online retail, a test drive is often not possible when buying a new car. For authorized dealers, this service is standard.

day registration: Even more favorable are vehicles in stock with daily registration. These new cars are offered by the dealer allowed for a single dayn without being moved though. This makes it possible for the sellers to offer the new car to the particularly high discounts to grant. The end customer is therefore always the second owner. Nevertheless, the legally prescribed warranty obligation for new cars. The manufacturer’s warranty However, the bonus period starts with the initial registration and is shortened accordingly by the daily registration.

The daily registration is a win-win method for all parties involved. Customers receive favorable prices. authorized dealer can empty their warehouses and increase sales figures, which has an influence on the bonus payments of the manufacturers. For the producers the daily registration is also lucrative. the increase in the number of first-time registrations can be interesting for marketing. The figures have an impact on public statistics. In addition, vehicles can be sold at low prices without having to lower the list price.

When buying a new car, many customers want service and repair from a single source. Then the dealership is the right choice.

New car as reimport: EU new vehicles are cars which produced for customers in the EU foreign countries have been. The new cars come as reimport on the german market and are for customers especially low-priced. This is due to the different pricing the manufacturer. Especially in countries where the value-added tax is very high, the net price of the vehicles calculated significantly lower, in order to be able to generate sales accordingly. According to EU law, the taxes are due where the vehicle is registered. with reimport the new car is taxed in germany with 19%.

The favorable price for the EU vehicle is therefore the result of the lower net sales price. German end customers, however, have to contend with a changed basic equipment life, because the EU new vehicles are designed for the corresponding sales countries and customer needs on the spot configured. Also the transfer can become a logistical challenge.

leasing with an option to buy: leasing with an option to buy gives end customers the most flexibility. With fixed rates you can drive a vehicle of your choice and after a fixed period decide whether they want to purchase the car or whether they would rather opt for a other new cars decide. suppliers there are many. A price comparison and comparison of the individual leasing models is indispensable in advance.

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