Booking a rental car in tenerife – tips and tricks

Rent a car Tenerife

Car rental in tenerife can be very affordable. The prices for a borrowed car are well below the central european standard. A small car including mileage and fully comprehensive insurance can be booked for a week from around 120 euros, depending on the time of year and the lead time. Here you will find all tips and tricks.

In addition to the low taxes on the Canary Islands, a price war between local and european providers also ensures favorable conditions for renting a car. But tourists should look very carefully when renting a car. Below you will find our tips.

cheap car hire tenerife

due to the parking situation in the metropolitan areas of the canary islands, small cars are especially popular. For exploring the island or shopping they are usually quite sufficient. If you are traveling with your family or want to transport sports equipment, for example, you will of course find larger models as well. Most of the time, price increases are moderate. It usually only gets really expensive with special requests such as a convertible or an automatic transmission.

car rental tips for tenerife

While a small car including services for around 120 euros is already a very good offer, there are also providers who advertise with competitive prices. This is not bad per se. It can happen, however, that tourists are intimidated by some "black sheep" at the counter with a lengthy sales show for additional services. These should be checked very carefully, because they are not always useful.

car rental insurance

We recommend to pay attention to a fully comprehensive insurance. Whether with or without deductible is more a tactical question. big advantage of this insurance – especially without deductible – is that parking damage can be handled by the insurance company. And it is not so much about your own driving skills. Scrapes and dents are unfortunately part of everyday life, especially in the metropolises of Tenerife. And the hit-and-run rate is high.

Many car rental companies offer additional insurance. These take care of much of what is not covered by comprehensive and liability insurance. Most of the time it is a question of damage to the underbody and tires and loss of keys. Here, too, you should ask yourself how likely such a case is and decide for yourself depending on the amount of the additional rental.

We recommend to deal with the question beforehand and to set a limit for additional services. Otherwise, you could be quickly persuaded by well-trained salesmen to make deals that you will be angry about afterwards.

car rental tenerife: pick up and return

Some car rental companies on tenerife pay close attention to scratches and dents. Especially some of the local rental companies do not check the car at all when returning it. This is why it happens again and again that holidaymakers are assigned cars that show dents and scratches. Beyond the aesthetics, this is of course not bad.

No matter what type of rental company you find: as a precaution, you should document all damage to the interior and bodywork with a camera before departure. Should there be any questions when you return the car, you have the proof of your innocence right there with you.

What to do in the event of an accident?

claims are very clearly regulated by the companies. Normally you will be given a form to fill out in the event of an accident. Moreover, there is usually a hotline to be consulted. Whether you are at fault or not, hit and run or clear case: always call the police!

Gasoline regulation for rental cars

There is also great potential for hidden additional costs in the area of fuel regulation. Some rental companies follow the widespread approach that a car is picked up with a full tank of gas and returned in the same way. Also the model that when you return the car you must have as much gasoline as you found when you picked it up is used more and more often. However, there are also other regulations.

Some car rental companies on tenerife take the approach that the gasoline is also purchased. The tank is handed over full and the car may be returned empty. This is sometimes also in the small print recorded. It can happen that the initially quoted car rental price is extended by a gasoline flat rate. Here, too, you should therefore look carefully before conclusion.

Public transport as a major competitor

by the way, the biggest competitor of rental cars on tenerife is public transport. The well-developed network and the modern buses with the possibility of transporting even large pieces of luggage from the airport to the vacation destination sometimes make the rented car obsolete. In addition, the ticket prices are very affordable, not least thanks to the tenmas ticket (formerly Bonobus).

Nevertheless, it can be extremely useful to book a rental car. If you want to explore the island individually or have an active vacation and go climbing, for example, you should rather choose the car. Also surfers or otherwise active sportsmen should think about a rental car. If, on the other hand, you are planning a quiet beach vacation or have even booked an all-inclusive package, it usually makes sense to book a hotel shuttle and do without a rental car.

book a vacation on tenerife

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