Beautiful color, high weight: “there goes my money in the grill”: butcher exposes cheap meat tricks of corporations

Many go for the cheap meat at the discounter. Visually, the goods also seem to make a good impression. But what are the differences to organic products?? Butcher eddie exposes the tricks of the corporations when it comes to cheap meat.

For many, meat does not have to be on the plate every day. Therefore: quality instead of quantity. Seraphina kalze and butcher eddie compare organic and factory farmed meat. Where are the qualitative differences?

Tricks with cheap meat: butcher exposes nasty scam

He compares two steaks with each other. In one case, the animal has lived for three years on the local farm and has not received any medication. The cheap meat, on the other hand, starts to juice as soon as it is placed on the cutting board. When grilled, the meat is then revealed to be full of water.

The high proportion of water makes the discounter meat look bigger and heavier. But this is deceptive. When lifted on the grill, the meat drips in front of it. The comparison afterwards shows: the cheap meat has become significantly smaller in pure mass after grilling.

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Beautiful color, high weight: 'there goes my money in the grill': butcher exposes cheap meat tricks of corporations

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