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Project management for the production of transport unit 4 for RDC autozug sylt

Customer: RDC autozug sylt gmbh
period: october 2018 – october 2019

In october 2018, RDC AUTOZUG sylt gmbh commissioned KNRBB gmbh with the project management for the expansion and optimization of the blue AUTOZUG sylt fleet by 34 vehicles. New four-axle freight cars of type snps 475 and 2 pieces of four-axle freight cars of type rens 300, which are otherwise used as freight cars for the transport of heavy products, are the basis of the fleet expansion. Both single-deck freight car types have a vehicle length (over buffers) of 19.9 m, are approved for a maximum speed of 100 km/h and can carry loads up to 65 tons. When converting the freight cars, the requirements for car transports over the hindenburg dam had to be taken into account, based on the conditions for passenger transport and the infrastructural conditions. In concrete terms, this meant achieving the emergency brake for every vehicle driver, rescue and escape routes, and the installation of fire extinguishers.

There are three different types of construction:
1. Loading and unloading wagon, which was designed for side loading and unloading and transportation of motor vehicles,
2. Intermediate wagon, which is designed for the transport of motor vehicles with side wind protection and
3. Ramp wagon, which enables the use of the upper loading ramp at the railroad stations.

The project was implemented with an engineering office, two KNRBB network partners and two local entrepreneurs from niebull. KNRBB gmbh coordinates all parties involved in the project, starting with the design, through the production of the various components and modules, to the final assembly. KNRBB gmbh also took over the coordination of the process for the commissioning approval by the federal railway authority.
After 8 months of intensive project work and completion of the first wagons, the commissioning approval was granted by the EBA at the end of june 2019 and the first vehicles are already in use.

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Project int.Rail.Digital – kompetenznetz rail continues its internationalization activities

Thanks to financial support within the framework of the "program for internationalization" of the berlin senate department for economic affairs, energy and enterprises and ERDF funds, the KNRBB can continue its activities and events for internationalization in the field of rail transport technology in the period from may 2021 to september 2023.

With the approved funding project int.Rail.Digital, the challenges of digitalization in international networking can be better addressed. However, in addition to digital or hybrid event formats for initiating and supporting national and international cooperation processes, analog options will continue to play an important role at network meetings.

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heike uhe, manager
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Project int.Rail.Net

(KNRBB networking project for internationalization in the field of rail transport technology)

"program for internationalization – network funding" of the state of berlin.
Participants: KNRBB and rail-related smes (primarily from berlin)
period: 2016 – 2020

The state of berlin uses state and EU funds to support KNRBB gmbh in initiating cooperation with international networks in the field of rail transport technology. The objective of the KNRBB network is to initiate and accompany nationwide and cross-border cooperation processes from within the network together with german and international partners.

Within the framework of the project, not only have numerous events been held with international partners, but in the meantime about 30% of the KNRBB network partners already come from other european countries.

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