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More than cars

The automotive industry as we know it was yesterday. Today, we move in a mobility ecosystem driven by megatrends that fundamentally question the purpose of a car.

Advances in connected and autonomous technology, the shift to the software-defined vehicle, the emphasis on sustainability and ever-changing customer expectations, pose a threat to traditional manufacturers. But also offer exciting new opportunities and new value chains. harnessing them requires a new generation of the automotive industry. Companies need to get creative – not just in terms of product design. But also how to restructure business, deploy technology and redesign the services and experiences they offer their customers.

High time to understand the ecosystem and collaborate across industries for innovation and new successes.

COP26: net-zero in the mobility sector

The decade of electrification has finally arrived not only in technology and politics, but also with customers. 30% of new cars expected to be electric by 2030. But to secure their share of the growing e-mobility market, companies will need to bring forth a new form of collaboration to create shared business models. Because no single company has the size, technological know-how or customer base to succeed on its own. cross-industry collaboration, building effective partnerships and customer-centric strategies will be key to achieving this. This is just one of the many topics we will be exploring at COP26. Join the 9. Join industry leaders and experts from across the e-mobility ecosystem in November to find out how to drive growth and enter new markets.

drivers of the future: what they want and what drives them

Stricter emissions standards and the digitalization of driving continue to raise questions among automotive original equipment manufacturers (oems). What customers expect? Are you overwhelmed by the switch to alternative drive systems?? How are sustainability requirements and vehicle connectivity changing customer expectations for sales and after-sales processes?? Will customer buying barriers increase as vehicles transform into complex data centers? And last but not least: what challenges do these expectations pose for the oems??

Stay tuned for these factors and their importance to the mobility industry. Benefit from our study that sheds light on customer expectations and preferences in the context of burgeoning alternative powertrains and the increasing digitalization of mobility. And which provides important insights for sales and customer service in europe, china and the u.S. To be released in Q4 2021.

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