18.02.2020 | Traffic& mobility riding a motorcycle with a car license without an extra test: this is how it works

For many, riding a motorcycle is pure fun and freedom. But it is also risky. On light machines, since the beginning of 2020, it is possible that even car drivers are allowed to ride them – after a special driving training, but without extra testing. We answer the most important questions about the additional driving license.

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Motorcycling is pure fun and freedom for many. But it is also risky. At light machines since the beginning of 2020 it is possible to drive a car with them – after a special driving training, but without an extra test. many driving schools already offer the necessary practical and theory courses for the car driving license upgrade.

Getting on a motorcycle without a test: that’s what it’s all about

Since the beginning of 2020, car drivers have been allowed to ride light motorcycles without a test. However, there are certain requirements that must be met:

  • It concerns so-called 125cc machines with a displacement of up to 125 cubic centimeters and an engine power of no more than 15 hp.
  • the extended driving license is only valid for germany. Driving abroad is not possible.
  • minimum age for the driving license of such motorcycles: 25 years old.
  • The motorist must have had his class B driver’s license for five years.
  • In addition, he must have successfully participated in a driver training course in theory and practice at a motorcycle driving school by a motorcycle driving instructor.
Motorcycle training completed: how to adjust the license?

Those who successfully complete the special motorcycle training course must obtain a new driver’s license from the driver’s licensing authority responsible for their place of residence. In this class B the key number B196 registered. This is the authorization to drive light motorcycles.

What are the mandatory theoretical courses??

Drivers who want to drive small machines must have at least 4 lessons of 90 minutes each courses in which class-specific instruction for motorcyclists is taught. The topics covered include the complex

  • driver/passenger/vehicle
  • special behavior when riding a motorcycle
  • Special difficulties and dangers for motorcyclists
  • Driving technique and physics.
What is the practical training?

Drivers must also prove their driving skills on a motorcycle, but in a very stripped-down form. There must be at least 5 instruction units of 90 minutes each practical driving training for motorcyclists to be completed. Not all rides have to take place in normal road traffic. The training may instead be conducted in a parking lot, practice area, or industrial area.

The following situations must be practiced under the supervision of a driving instructor:

  • Driving at walking speed
  • Circle drive and slalom
  • Braking and swerving
  • Danger braking
  • Intercity driving
  • Freeways or expressways
  • City traffic
what does it cost motorists to get the additional driving permit?

The motorcycle training described is compulsory for car drivers. the costs are about 600 euro. In addition, there are the fees for the reissue of the driver’s license. Class A1 is not entered in the driver’s license.

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