With the rental car abroad: what is to be considered?

The guide around the fines with the rental car

Driving a rental car on vacation

Driving a rental car on vacation

Traveling by rental car on vacation is a real challenge for many couples and families alternative to owning a car. especially people who live in big cities and are therefore not dependent on the car, book a rental car for their vacation.

Renting a car, especially abroad, is an attractive for vacationers. You don’t have to just lie on the beach, you can take out the explore your vacation destination and return the car. But what happens if the traveler with the rental car has been flashed? Who pays the parking ticket and above all, does it cost more?? what to consider when renting a car for vacation?

Car rental abroad: country regulations

FAQ: rental car abroad

As a rule, the driver is also prosecuted for rental cars. The authorities inform the rental company, which forwards the contact details of the driver to them.

As a rule, in addition to the fine, agency fees may also be incurred. However, this may vary depending on the company.

Fines from other EU countries are enforceable in Germany from a minimum of 70 euros due to the enforcement agreement. However, this does not apply to fines from other countries.

Speeding with the rental car: who pays?

If a person is caught with a speed camera, they often wonder if they will have to pay at all. First, the fine authority contacts the rental company. This searches the database for the respective driver data and give the contact and address data to the authorities. If the photo is missing, you can usually request it and receive it a little late. On it you can see who has been driving.

This is how anyone who has been caught with a speeding ticket in a rental car will also receive the lawful parking ticket. However, the regular fine according to the catalog of fines is increased, as the car rental company has a service fee for the search of the car data charged. This is – depending on the provider – at about 20 to 30 euro.

If you would like to save yourself this lump sum, you can generally call the nearest police station and report the incident yourself. Have your contact there, so that the authority no longer has to write to the rental company, thus saving them the save on agency fees can.

The rental car abroad: the procedure with the fines

Who drives with the rented car in the foreign country, must count on high fines

Those who travel abroad with the rental car must expect high fines

Would you like to rent a car, especially in abroad, and if you are flashed here, you usually have to expect higher fines. Our European neighbors, such as Austria, levy stiffer penalties, so that also already once with a speeding violation up to 2.180 euro penalties can be. The company for renting a car in a foreign country usually causes the same procedure as german providers through. The foreign authorities then write to the company and this passes on their address data. Also here come high agency fee vary depending on the rental company and the country in which you have been flashed.

By the way, due to international EU agreements fines incurred with the rental car abroad recognized in germany. So the traffic tickets are also enforced in this country are. However fall no points in flensburg at. A foreign driving ban is not recognized here in Germany as a rule also.

on the road with a rental car: what to look out for?

If you want to go on a winter vacation with a rental car, there is a winter tires obligatory in most countries. Although there are in the majority of the surrounding countries no winter tire obligation, however, the driver is liable in the event of an accident.

And it is he who takes care of the correct tires of the rental car must take care. The change of winter tires is no obligation from the rental company. the renter must pay attention to the correct tires. Some rental agencies charge a extra fee for this, if the rental car is equipped with winter tires. For this reason you should rent your check the contract very carefully.

Is the vignette included with the rental car?

If you are going on vacation with a rental car and want to go to austria or italy, you have to be prepared to pay a vignette to buy and affixed to the rental car. For the most part there is still no vignette on the rental car.

They must then get it yourself. However, this is already possible with German institutions such as ADAC. If you rent your car in the country you are traveling to, the rental car often already a vignette available. This results in more fees or. Rent.

Rental cars abroad: what rules apply in the individual countries?

If you want to rent a car abroad, you have to meet the legal requirements comply. The requirements can vary from country to country. For example, some countries define a minimum or maximum age for rental cars or stipulate a minimum duration of the driving license before. For this reason you should inform yourself thoroughly in advance.

To deposit the cation for the vehicle, most car rental companies abroad require a credit card. In addition drivers under 25 years most of them a so-called daily young driver fee to compensate for the higher accident risk of novice drivers. Analogously, a senior surcharge to be charged. therefore, check the costs thoroughly before signing a contract.

In the following we have collected information about different countries. (without guarantee)

car rental in greece

rent a car in greece: discover the impressive cultural monuments on your own

rent a car in greece: discover the impressive cultural monuments at your own pace.

Whether it is athens or thessaloniki is or one of the beautiful islands in the aegean – a stay in the cradle of philosophy is worthwhile in any case. the beauty of nature combined with the fabulous cultural treasures such as the temples on the acropolis in athens – an eventful vacation awaits you. So that you can rent a car hire in greece If you are able to rent a car abroad, the following regulations must be observed:

  • german driver’s license sufficiently
  • Minimum age: 21 years
  • maximum age: 70 years in some cases
  • Driving experience: 1 year
  • Young driver fee: 10 – 15 euro per day

rent a car in ireland

Due to picturesque coastal roads and the green meadows practically invites ireland to a road trip a. because often only this type of travel offers the necessary flexibility, to appreciate the country in all its beauty. Who traveling with your own car including the crossing on a ferry you can book a rental car for ireland if you want to spare. The following conditions usually apply:

  • German guide sufficient
  • minimum age: 21 years
  • maximum age: 75 years in some cases
  • Driving experience: 1 or. 2 year(s)
  • Young driver fee: 30 euro per day

Rental cars in italy

Renting a car in italy: so you can explore the countryside and take day trips to nearby towns and cities.

Italy is one of the favorite destinations of the germans. With its sunny location on the mediterranean sea, its cultural treasures, its beautiful cities and last but not least its delicious food, it delights its visitors year after year. You can discover the country in a very individual way if you rent a car car rental in italy rent a car. But which rules apply?

  • German guide seemed sufficient
  • minimum age: 18 years
  • driving experience: 1 year
  • young driver fee: 13 – 25 euro per day

Car rental in norway

With a round trip through norway vacationers can discover all kinds of things. These include, among others, picturesque fjords, dense fir forests and crystal clear waters mountain lakes. With luck, travelers may even be able to find a moose discover in the wild. They can usually get to know the country and its people much better if they travel with a rental car through norway driving. These requirements must be observed:

  • German driver’s license seemed sufficient
  • Minimum age: 19 years
  • driving experience: 1 year
  • young driver fee: 125 – 160 kroner per day

renting a car in the USA

For many people the united states of america the dream destination par excellence. Wait the 50 states but with an incomparable cultural and scenic diversity at. In order to get to know as much of the country and its people as possible, many travelers therefore decide to, driving a rental car through the USA to travel. The following guidelines apply:

  • German and international driver’s license required, depending on the country
  • minimum age: 21 years
  • maximum age: partly 75 resp. 80 years
  • Driving experience: 1 year
  • Young driver fee: 35 dollars per day

Unfamiliar routes, a new vehicle and often different traffic rules: if you are traveling abroad in a rental car, you run a higher risk of an accident. In case of emergency, it is worthwhile for drivers to have a so-called mallorca policy. Why this is important, we reveal in this guide.

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It can take many months for a foreign fine to arrive in your mailbox in germany. Some of those affected then wonder whether the traffic violation has not long since become time-barred. Learn everything about the statute of limitations for fines abroad here.

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