Which environmental sticker will my car get?

58 environmental zones exist throughout Germany. With one exception, these may only be entered with the green sticker. How do I find out which environmental sticker my car will get?? Where can i buy the sticker? How long is it valid and where do I affix it?? find out everything you need to know about the environmental badge in the following article.

Determining the correct fine dust sticker

If you want to enter an environmental zone, you need an environmental sticker – usually the green one. But how does the driver know which sticker to affix to his vehicle?? The solution is located

  • For before 01.10.cars registered in 2005 on the vehicle registration certificate, more precisely under "key number to 1". The last two digits indicate the emission key number.
  • For from the 01.10.2005 registered cars in the registration certificate, under item 14.1. Here again, the last two digits correspond to the emission key number.

the pollutant groups with the emission key numbers for green, yellow and red stickers can be found in the article environmental zones in germany – fine dust sticker on the car. the article also tells you everything you need to know about the background to environmental zones, including a list of all 58 environmental zones in germany.

Where can i buy an environmental sticker?

Now that you have determined which environmental sticker you are allowed to display on your car, you may wonder where you can get it. The simplest and most "natural" way to purchase the fine dust sticker: at the registration office. The cost there is usually 5 euros, you only need to present the registration certificate part 1 (formerly the vehicle registration document).

Alternatively, you can buy the environmental sticker wherever emissions tests are carried out, for example at the TuV, DEKRA and, of course, your local garage. Here you usually pay a few euros more than at the registration office.

Buy the environmental badge online: If you want to order the sticker online, you will also have to pay shipping and handling fees. When purchasing online, the vehicle registration document must be presented for verification; scan the document and have the license plate printed on the sticker immediately – this way it does not have to be added manually.

By the way: if circumstances require that you need the sticker "overnight", there is a solution: simply buy your environmental sticker at a service station with a workshop.

Further things to know about the environmental sticker

environmental sticker green sticker license plate key

When registering your car, remember to take the environmental sticker with you! © istock/jojoo64

The environmental sticker is vehicle-specific; therefore, the number on the sticker must be identical to the vehicle’s license plate number. When registering or re-registering your car, you should always purchase the new fine dust sticker at the same time.

Attachment: the sticker is to be attached inside on the lower side of the windshield with the passenger. Who has the sticker loose in the vehicle, risks a fine.

Validity: the environmental sticker can be used indefinitely. If you change your license plate, for example to one that suits you, you will also need a new sticker.

Blue badge: in addition to the red, yellow and green stickers, the introduction of a blue environmental sticker has been under discussion for some time. This would apply to environmental zones, which may only be entered by diesel vehicles with the emission standard euro 6 and gasoline vehicles with the emission standard euro 3.

penalties – fines

Driving as well as parking without a valid environmental sticker in an environmental zone is a regulatory offense and is punishable by a fine of 80 euro. Processing costs raise the total to over 100 euros. Points in flensburg are not due. Foreign vehicles may also only drive and park in German environmental zones if they have a valid sticker.

If you enter the zone with the wrong sticker, you will also have to pay an 80 euro fine. However, caution is advised in this case. The deliberate affixing of a false environmental sticker is forgery – in addition to heavy fines, this can also result in prison sentences of up to five years!

make sure that the sticker is always legible! If the environmental sticker is illegible, you also risk a fine. If the lettering has faded, you should look for a new sticker in good time. And also the attachment at another place than right down at the windshield can entail a fine.


Who does not need an environmental sticker? All those who rely on it to reach the affected area. These are primarily residents, of course, but also craftsmen or other service providers, dealers, police, firefighters and ambulances on duty, public transport vehicles, garbage collection, vehicles of the federal armed forces and diplomatic vehicles. Vintage cars, two- and three-wheelers, and agricultural vehicles may also enter environmental zones without a sticker, and – of course – electric cars.

Further exemptions can be granted individually by the local authorities. This may be the case, for example, if a vehicle cannot be technically retrofitted or the retrofitting cannot be expected of the vehicle owner for financial reasons

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