Which car suits me?

The right car finding the right car is often not an easy task. Apart from the price, the most important thing is that the car also suits your own needs must fit. Which model is suitable for you depends on your daily life: is the car for one person or for a family?? Do you live in the city or country? What are your leisure activities? You can find out exactly which car suits you in this article. With our text you will find your perfect car in no time at all.

The car for the family

If the car is to be family with children is intended, it’s not just the driving characteristics of the car that matter, but other factors as well. In addition to the factor safety above all, as much as possible space. Design, top speed or acceleration are less of a priority.

First, the question arises for how many children the car suitable should be. You have one or two children? Then station wagons or compact family cars that still offer a lot of space are a good choice. Models such as the sharan from volkswagen or the comparable model from seat, the alhambra, have at the same time plenty of comfort and space. Designed as family cars, they wait with high safety standards at. In addition, especially with the VW sharan do not compromise on driving characteristics or fuel consumption. The seat alhambra brings a little less equipment, but is also priced slightly below the sharan. Far more affordable than these two models are the skoda fabia estate or the skoda octavia estate, the not quite as much comfort and space but are still spacious. A family of four can drive and travel in comfort and find enough storage space for longer vacations or trips with a lot of luggage. Despite the much lower price, these models perform very well in comparative tests as a family car.

In a much higher price range audi and volvo score particularly well with family cars. The audi Q5 or A6 avant, as well as the volvo XC60 and the V90 cross country offer families not only a lot of space but also a lot of comfort.

Plenty of space even for large families

You have three or more children and these cars offer too little space for your family? As large family cars, the VW multivan or the V-Class from mercedes, but also a require a big investment. cheaper you can find these buses used on the market. The models, in addition to accommodating large families, are also well suited for two or three people, if you like to go camping or on larger excursions where you also spend the night in a car. the complete rear part of the multivan can be folded down to a comfortable and large bed, which can be prepared quickly and offers a much more comfortable bed than a sleeping mat in a tent.

Who wants a buy a new car and still save money, can go for the cheaper models from opel or peugeot, which are a good alternative to the vw multivan or the v-class. The opel vivaro station wagon and peugeot’s "traveler" model accommodate your family well, even if you have to make some sacrifices in comfort.

plenty of storage space even in the city

When no children have to sit in your car on a regular basis, the choice of your car should be based on several other aspects. Do you live in a city or rather in one rural area? in the city it is usually not so easy to find a parking space if you drive a very large car and do not have a fixed parking space in a parking garage. As very practical car for every occasion is the skoda yeti known. Who his focus in a city car still on more storage space would like to put, is here exactly right. a few snowboards and thick boots in the trunk for a weekend trip with the best friends? No problem. Stowing away three of your girlfriend’s large suitcases to go on vacation to the Baltic Sea? With the skoda yeti no reason for despair. The same is true of the transport of hand tools and building materials for the do-it-yourself market. in the yeti everything finds its place and for some passengers remains nevertheless enough area. Of course, a skoda radiates less elegance and affluence than a mercedes or a porsche. But the brand and model stand for solid and practical thinking, a lot of initiative and down-to-earthness. The skoda yeti is also in the same price range as a affordable frame.

With plenty of storage space and elegance models like the porsche cayenne or the volkswagen touareg. However, these are also in a price range that is considerably higher than that of the skoda yeti.

All-round maneuverability: the small city runabout

Who likes the parking in the city a burden and who is always dependent on a parking space in a public area, which is often difficult to find, should opt for a small and agile car for the city. This is especially true if you usually do not have much to transport and the car for the way to work or for shopping intended is. In the somewhat more upscale price range, the mini cooper and the fiat 500 a lot of fun here. In addition, both models also make optically a bit more. Also small and maneuverable, but a little more favorable available are the smart or the VW up. On small space both models manage to offer their passengers an astonishing amount of space. The smart is now available as a model for two or four people VW up always offers space for four people. However, here you can choose whether the car should have three or five doors, so that the car can be adapted to your needs.

Image Red little Fiat

Small but mighty: the fiat 500 can be parked almost anywhere and consumes little fuel.

nor a little more affordable you can store the models suzuki alto or nissan pixo get. However, one should be very careful when buying one of these small cars, with which equipment they are delivered. Because often take manufacturer out of the basic equipment some, the car as a new car price under ten thousand euro to offer. If you then want features such as air conditioning, a radio or six airbags, you have to pay on top of the actually low price.

classy and elegant: the sedan for the city

If you think everything from a mini cooper to a VW up is too small, a skoda yeti isn’t chic enough, and a porsche cayenne or volkswagen touareg is too big, you’ll find the right car for you sedan perhaps the right car for you. Not too big, but still classy, the 3 series BMW, the audi A5 or the C-class from mercedes benz. Besides high driving comfort, which is also suitable for higher speeds and thus offers some riding fun, the models bring a very elegant design with. In addition, the cars not too big, so that you can also use find a parking space if you use the car for your daily commute to work.

Suitable cars for rural areas

Image Metallic Seat Ibiza

a seat ibiza is not only nice to look at, but also looks good on country roads.

Is one in a rather rural area at home, the car is often indispensable. Buses and public transport do not usually run as regularly and frequently as in the city and you have to rely on the car to get around.

If the focus is nevertheless on reaching the not too distant workplace every day and you are driving alone anyway, an small car like the VW up or one of its competitor models. However, since these are often designed primarily for slower traffic in the city, small cars in the countryside are models such as the seat ibiza with a higher engine are more suitable for. If you want to focus on a fancier model and generally have rather little to transport, you can go for a convertible like the BMW 1 series convertible fall back.

the previously mentioned limousines for the city of course also offer enough space for the life in the country, if it is only about the way to work goes. slightly cheaper, but still larger than the mini cooper and its competitors are the volkswagen golf, the opel astra or the mazda 3.

plenty of space for transport

If you don’t have a constant problem with city traffic and tricky parking situations, you can easily fall back on a car that is a lot more space has to offer. A large amount of suitcases, the skis for the weekend trip, a shopping trip for the large family or extensive shopping at the hardware store- there are many models that can accommodate quite a bit. In the more expensive price range the audi Q7 or the BMW X5, which, in addition to space, also has a fair share of luxury bring along. Who rather prefers a loading area, is with the volkswagen amarok well served.

If these models are too expensive, spacious models with large luggage compartments can be considered. These include, for example, the skoda yeti described above or the VW caddy.

Driving with friends

Who often on the road with friends needs not only a large trunk, but also plenty of room to sit down. Whether it’s an evening out to the bar or a weekend excursion, when the car is full and everyone has a bag with them, the car quickly becomes overcrowded. Sufficient space is offered by models such as the BMW 5 series or the audi A4 avant. Who prefers to cheaper model is being used to meet these demands in the skoda superb or volkswagen passat or. Passat variant finds.

Image Black Jeep SUV

An off-road vehicle usually overcomes numerous obstacles effortlessly.

off-road fun

In order to not only transport a lot, but to be able to drive properly off-road, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. Robust all-rounders are here the off-road vehicles of the companies land rover or jeep. With the jeep wrangler or the land rover range rover you are optimally equipped and also need rough terrain not having to worry about anything happening to the vehicle.

Sporty, fast and yet environmentally conscious

three things that previously seemed almost impossible to combine, the brand has tesla managed: with your fast, chicly designed and sporty cars you have thanks to electric drive still a environmentally friendly car brought out. Even though many manufacturers are now trying to emulate tesla’s developments, tesla remains the pioneer in this field. Since both the brand and the models are still relatively new and are little seen in germany and not yet widespread on the roads, a tesla makes people turn their heads. If you are looking for an environmentally noble looking car search, which is also latest technology is equipped, is definitely right with tesla.


The bottom line is that the car you want to buy must not only have its fulfill purpose, but also yours taste correspond. To see how well you get along with the car, it is best to have a test drive at the dealer test drive to make. So you can try out the driving feel and handling before you even order or buy the car.

Cheaper in any case used cars, because vehicles in the first years a particularly strong loss of value takes place. When buying a used car, it is important to look at everything carefully and in any case to have a test drive to make.

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