Which 1-cup coffee machine should i buy??

There are many small coffee machines. This is why many people are unsure which coffee machine is the right one for 1 cup. We give some tips for people looking for a good 1-cup coffee machine. In addition, we have selected 3 good coffee machines to give you a small preselection and tips. Let us inspire you!

About the coffee maker for 1 cup

Before we go into more detail on three selected models, we will answer some general questions about the 1-cup coffee maker. How to make an informed decision for or against a model.

What to look for in a 1-cup coffee maker?

When buying a coffee machine for one cup, you should always consider features such as size, price and volume. In addition, of course, a good and convenient operability of the 1-cup coffee maker plays an important role in the choice. But the type of coffee also plays a role: do you prefer filter coffee or are you more of a coffee pad type??

We have already collected useful tips for buying a coffee maker in another article. These are of course also valid for 1-cup coffee machines. Depending on the purpose for which you are looking for a small coffee maker, it should also be portable or usable in battery mode.

For on the go (z.B. On mountain tours or construction sites) it should also be robust. For this purpose we recommend one of the many coffee machines for the car or the smallest espresso machine in the world.

Which 1-cup coffee machine should i buy??

How much does a 1-cup coffee maker cost? ?

The prices of a coffee machine for 1 cup are very different. There are already offers on ebay between 1 and 9 € – but these are mainly used devices or defective devices for hobbyists. If you prefer to buy a new machine, you can also find a new coffee maker for 1 cup on amazon from 10€*.

However, we recommend rather to rely on one of the proven and well-known kaffeemaschinen for 1 cup. Because there are many cheap models that are poorly made or imported from china. These can u.U. Do not meet german quality standards. That’s why we recommend only quality 1-cup coffee makers.

3 selected coffee makers
for 1 cup

Here we present you three selected coffee machines for 1 cup. These are popular, well rated and from well known brands. This selection is intended to show you three exemplary models with differences between coffee pod machine and filter coffee machine.

Clatronic coffee maker for 1 cup

The clatronic coffee maker is also a very popular and affordable model. It is a filter coffee machine. Therefore, instead of a coffee pod with coffee powder, you need to brew a fresh filter coffee. Although this takes a little longer, it is also a very popular method, depending on personal taste and preference. This great coffee maker for 1 cup has a permanent filter. So there is no need to buy paper filters all the time. This also protects the environment!

It is therefore more environmentally friendly first of all than the senseo coffee pod machine. The permanent filter is also easy to clean. Depending on the offer, it is a lot cheaper than the senseo and as a coffee machine for 1 cup also well suited for people who drink little coffee and for whom the brewing of filter coffee is not too much effort. In addition, the clatronic 1-cup coffee maker is much cheaper compared to the senseo.

  • aromatic coffee enjoyment with clatronic – the compact and powerful KA 3356 automatic coffee maker from clatronic is designed for exactly one cup of coffee – ideal for single households or for coffee between meals.
  • Aromatic enjoyment – the coffee maker including ceramic cup brews aromatic coffee just the way you like it.
  • Easy cleaning – the permanent nylon filter is removable for quick and easy cleaning.

Melitta aromaboy coffee maker

The melitta aromaboy is another compact 1-cup coffee maker. It brews the coffee with 93 °C hot water. This allows the aroma to fully develop. In addition, the aromaboy has a brewing filter that allows the coffee powder in the filter to swell slightly. So even more aromas are released. Therefore, this is a 1 cup coffee maker that provides the perfect coffee enjoyment despite its size*. Small but mighty!

The water reservoir of the melitta aromaboy has an indicator for the water level with information about the number of cups. So you can always estimate the amount of water ideal. You only have to turn on this one-cup coffee maker and the brewing process starts. The cable can be rolled up in a convenient cable compartment. the melitta aromaboy is perfect for a single household, a single office or hotel room. There is only one switch for operation. However, the aromaboy requires a paper coffee filter, as it does not have a permanent filter.

Tip: there are also many other melitta coffee machines that can also make much larger quantities of coffee.

Cleaning this 1 cup coffee maker is very easy because the individual parts are dishwasher safe. This applies to the filter insert as well as to the can lid and the glass jug. In addition, the melitta aromaboy has an automatic shut-off after 40 minutes. Through economical LED lights on the switch is also consumed in operation quite little electricity. We think: a great 1-cup coffee machine for everyday use!

  • Space-saving design: especially slim filter coffee maker with glass jug for ca. 2 cups, ideal for single households, caravan or vacation home, fits melitta filter bags size 100
  • Individual coffee enjoyment: full aroma development thanks to optimum brewing temperature, for full enjoyment and optimum coffee temperature even with small quantities
  • Easy to use: illuminated on/off switch, glass jug with filter insert, transparent water tank with scale, automatic limit switch

Senseo coffee pod machine for 1 cup

The senseo is a classic among coffee pod machines for 1 cup. It can be found in many single households and small offices. The coffee is brewed from coffee pods. This means that you can not make filter coffee with this machine! Not only the own senseo coffee pods fit in this coffee maker for 1 cup, but also cheaper coffee pods like z.B. From aldi. You can find more details about this device in our article about the senseo coffee maker.

It has a perfectly shaped, round design and is available in different colors (u.A. Black, blue/grey, wine red, silver) available. This 1-cup coffee maker has been proven to have a very long life and is extremely easy to use. A perfect coffee maker for a quick cup of hot coffee in the morning or afternoon.

With an additional filter insert, however, you can also prepare 2 cups of coffee, if you have visitors or two people in the office& there are a number of senseo models that also differ in price. However, it can be said that this 1-cup coffee maker is among the most used and sold.

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