Vw: ex-designer attacks with electric runabout! This is how it should look

VW: ex-designer attacks with electric car! THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD LOOK

VW: ex-designer attacks with electric runabout! THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD LOOK

VW with e-car offensive – this is the carmaker’s plan

German automotive giant volkswagen is focusing more and more on e-mobility and is pushing ahead with its plans for electric cars. VW currently builds around 400.000 e-cars per year. The automaker aims to increase the number of all-electric cars produced to 2.7 million per year by 2025.

Now a former designer of VW competing with the group!

With his electric runabout, the renowned automotive designer murat gunak wants to put a minivan on the road that resembles the VW ID.Buzz looks quite similar. First prototypes to be produced this year.

VW: ex-designer creates his own electronic minivan

For the Munich-based company fox E-mobiliity, the former VW designer has designed the "MIA 2".0" designed. The overall design has now been completed. It is a further development of the predecessor model "MIA 1", which was also designed by gunak.0" from 2012.

The vehicle is 3.2 meters long, has short overhangs, a long wheelbase and two sliding doors. The weight is under 1000 kilograms and offers a loading volume of 1500 liters.

As a one to three-seater, it is designed to attract both private and commercial customers not only with its electric drive but also with its efficient use of space.

Minivan from ex-VW-designer has range up to 400 kilometers

in the front there is only a single seat with a steering position for the driver, behind it there is room for two or three more passengers, while entry and exit is via two sliding doors, as in the first attempt of the "MIA" mobile.

The range of the newly launched "MIA" is 200 kilometers. An optional second battery, which can also be retrofitted, doubles the range to 400 kilometers.

  • volkswagen AG was founded in 1937
  • The Group also owns the audi, seat, skoda, bentley, bugatti, lamborghini and porsche brands
  • in 2018, the wolfsburg-based company produced around 40 models under the volkswagen name
  • In 2019, around 22 percent of all new registrations were cars from VW

Praise for ex-VW designer

"the design work of murat and his team is a great success and groundbreaking for the entire development. design language stands for more than just esprit, beauty and elegance," says christian jung, head of development at fox E-mobility and chief technology officer.

The electric car project is to be financed and developed exclusively in europe and built with european partners in europe. And at affordable conditions: the base price is to be well below 20.000 euros.

Will the electric runabout compete with VW??

Production of the first prototypes is still planned for the current year 2022. Series production in cooperation with a leading vehicle manufacturer to begin in 2024.

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Whether murat gunak’s electronic minivan will compete with the VW ID.-But it remains to be seen whether the electric car will be a real competitor in the future. (mk)

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