Vacation with the e-car: on the road, ready, go!

Electric cars are becoming more and more common on the roads, so it is only logical that people want to drive them on vacation as well. It’s not a problem if you invest a little time in planning beforehand, because there aren’t charging stations on every corner. If you plan well and make clever use of charging times, you can drive to your well-deserved vacation in an environmentally friendly and stress-free way.

For a longer vacation trip with many kilometers and a lot of luggage, electric suvs are the best choice. We have a selection of high range vehicles for you:

top electric sUvs with a long range

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Traveling by e-car: good planning is important

Maybe in a few years, the charging network will be as well developed as the gas stations are today. At the moment, however, there are not enough charging possibilities everywhere – both in germany and abroad. So plan the best route before you start your journey, and find an alternative route that can be taken in the event of a route closure. Here are some important points to consider when planning a vacation with an e-car:

  • Plan route (and alternate route) before travel
  • Using digital route planners
  • Charging network in europe is under development
  • The more northern the country, the (usually) better the charging network
  • use charging cards from major providers

Practical: digital route planner

Longer trips with an electric car are difficult without the support of a route planner. But especially when you are on vacation abroad, you should have selected suitable routes with possible charging stations in advance, so that you do not experience any unpleasant surprises.

You can download the digital route planner as an app to your smartphone. Meanwhile, there are several suppliers you can choose from. But a good route planner should ask the following points:

  • Which e-car model do you drive??
  • What is the charging capacity of the indicated charging points??
  • What are the payment options at the charging stations??

You will certainly not be the only person who wants to charge the e-car on the chosen route. Charging stations can be busy or even defective, so you need to think about alternatives.

Charging network in europe: which countries are far ahead?

Not only in germany, but also in other european countries, the charging network for e-cars is not yet fully developed. Some countries are already further along than others. If you are not fixed on a certain vacation country, you should also consider the charging network of the individual countries, and choose a destination with a well-developed charging network for your trip. At the end of 2020, approx. 287.000 public charging points registered, which are, however, very unevenly distributed among the individual countries.

The following countries are currently equipped with many public charging points (status: end of 2020):

  • netherlands (66.400 charging points)
  • France (46.000 charging points)
  • Germany (44.500 charging points)
  • Great Britain (33.300 charging points)
  • Norway (18.500 loading points)

This means that five european countries account for 73 percent of all charging points available in europe.

charging abroad: use charging cards from major providers

Not only in germany are there at least as many different payment options at charging stations as there are charging points themselves. Unfortunately, the situation is hardly any better in other european countries – but the charging costs are cheaper. But here caution is advised! Make sure you don’t have to pay roaming charges, which can quadruple the price of charging per kWh.

Charging cards are a good way to pay at charging stations abroad. The following providers are reputable, do not charge roaming fees and have cooperative agreements that cover a large charging network:

  • ADAC with e-charge
  • Chargemap with the chargemap pass
  • Newmotion
  • Plugsurfing

Charging cards must be ordered from the respective provider before the start of the vacation. Charging costs vary depending on charging time, amount of electricity and charging point. None of the providers charge a monthly base fee, but surcharges must be expected when abroad.

Make clever use of loading breaks

If you are going on vacation with your e-car, you will hardly be able to avoid an intermediate charge. The comparatively long charging time must, of course, be planned for, because the journey to the vacation destination is extended accordingly. You can find unwelcome breaks due to an empty battery annoying – or you can see it as an advantage and make clever use of charging breaks!

  • Power nap to recharge your own energy reserves
  • Walk around a charging station in the greenery
  • Refreshment in a restaurant
  • Filling up the travel provisions in the supermarket

Even if you would have taken fewer or no breaks with a combustion engine, you will notice that you slow down a bit when traveling with an e-car. The "forced" breaks help to relieve stress, recharge oneself and arrive already relaxed at the vacation destination. Charging breaks are therefore by far more beneficial than one would initially think.

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