Vacancies for car salesmen

Job offer
. outside your profile: several years of professional experience in a comparable position, ideally in the automotive- or tire industry sales strength and entrepreneurial thinking skill in handling

Application engineer (m/f/d) inspection solutions

Job offer
. ensure onic assemblies. Together with our customers from the telecommunications and, automotive- and industrial electronics, we develop solutions for testing

Management assistant (m/f/d) for wholesale and foreign trade management

Job offer
. At the same time, reliable processes at the customer. Our customers come u.A. From the chemical, energy, automotive and services. Training in wholesale and foreign trade management of the

Automobile salesman (m/f/d)

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. WA personaldienstleistungen gmbh offers the right job in your region in just a few steps. As automotive salesman (m/f/d) in the future you will be an important part of our

Senior business development manager – logistics (m/f/d)

Job offer
. G of motor vehicle parts and residues.Development and sale of innovative solutions for automotive aftersales in europe – from saas solutions to operations

job vacancies car salesman – the most important questions

What does a car salesman do?

the profession to become an automotive salesman is sales consultant. These are available for a wide range of industries where a "simple" sale like in a grocery store is not possible, but where background knowledge is required.

What are the tasks of a car salesman?

The tasks of a sales consultant is customer service. The customer or. advise interested parties on the company’s products and services. He or she should not only "sell" a product, but also build customer loyalty, organize visits, telephone calls and newsletters, and deal with complaints. he should also be able to arrange for their rapid processing.

the sales consultant hands out information material, often in the form of brochures and the like. It introduces and, if possible, demonstrates the novelties. In the automotive sector, this may include, for example, a test drive of a new model.

He conducts sales talks, prepares offers and in this context offers additional services etc. At. He receives and processes the orders, ensures order processing and monitors it.

He may also be assigned to develop sales concepts in the respective company, to carry out advertising measures and to participate in marketing campaigns.

Last but not least, the sales consultant can be responsible for business management tasks, such as calculating prices, carrying out inventories or issuing invoices.

What is expected of an automotive salesperson?

For the sales consultant in the automotive trade, you can have previously been trained as a salesman, as a merchant or specialist, as well as a specialist salesman/sales consultant in another industry. A retraining is here usually possible without problems.

What are the trends for automotive salespeople?

The trend in the profession is moving toward collaboration or. Division of labor with servicerobots. This should be designed in such a way that they answer routine questions from customers, and the sales consultants have more time for individual inquiries and discussions with customers. It can also be assumed that the sales consultant of the future will have to familiarize himself with the technology of the 3-D printer, as this will be able to fulfill more and more customer wishes (spare parts, etc.).).

What does an automotive salesman earn??

On average, a car salesman earns between 2.500 euros and 4.000 euro.

Salary depends to a large extent on the revenue generated by the car salesperson. in order to achieve good sales, the right product is an essential prerequisite in addition to sales experience.

How to make a career as a car salesman?

A car salesman can earn good money fast by specializing and choosing the right brand.

After that, he can advance as a sales assistant all the way to sales manager of a car dealership or branch office. For those with additional technical and business management training, the doors to management are also open.

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