Travel washing machine: the best washing machines for outdoor and travel in comparison

Anne Haffner |

No matter long trekking tour or long time travelsooner or later the moment comes when you have to wash your clothes by hand.

what can be a quick and easy solution for a t-shirt, is a really long and exhausting task for a lot of clothes – and the result is not always satisfying either!

our plan to travel from germany to central asia in a campervan made it clear: we need a travel washing machine including environmentally friendly travel detergent! With this we want to be able to wash our clothes on the road with little water without electricity.

Therefore we present you here three outdoor and camping washing machines with their advantages and disadvantagesn and give you practical tips on how to do it. &

Travel washing machine: washing on the road without electricity

1. Scrubba wash bag

Scrubba Wash Bag 2.0 - outdoor camping washing machine - wash bag and wash bag

The travel laundry bag* by scrubba is probably the smallest and lightest travel washing machine in the world!

With a simple washboard system, you can wash your clothes in a single step always and everywhere in just a few minutes clean.

All you need are approx. 4 liters of water and your muscle power. &

Advantages and disadvantages at a glance:

ideal for backpackers, hikers, long trekking tours, camping, tenting and motorhome travelers

weight: 145g ; can be folded very small (16 x 6 x 6 cm)

13 liter volume and only 4 liter water needed

built-in flexible washboard

easy to use: fill the travel laundry bag, close it, squeeze out the remaining air and then rub the laundry against the washboard for 30 seconds to 3 minutes

our field test showed: absolutely satisfying washing results and a great product for backpackers

travel laundry bag also as a garment bag / packing cube replacement ( reading tips: perfect order in the backpack bring practical packing cubes or vacuum bags for travel )

water temperature must not exceed 50°C

closure and clipper not completely waterproof – therefore only applicable outdoors or in the bathroom

Here is a short video about the scrubba wash bag:

2. Yirgeo drumi washing machine

The search for alternatives to the laundry bag from scrubba is over quite quickly. Because interesting competing products simply do not yet exist on the German market!

Therefore, we present here (exceptionally) a product that is only available for purchase in summer 2018: the ingenious mini washing machine of yirego with the funny name – drumi. &

advantages and disadvantages at a glance:

suitable for washing in the motorhome, for those without access to a laundromat and for environmentally conscious minimalists

mode of operation: laundry is filled into the container, water is filled up, then the foot pedal is rocked for 3-5 minutes and it’s done!

spin function or. Spin dryer with 800 revolutions per minute

filling capacity/washing capacity: 2.5 liters; water capacity: 12 liters

size: 49,2 x 40 x 41,6 cm

high net weight of 9kg

not suitable for backpackers

Here is a short video on yirgeo drumi:

3. Laundry pod

also the "laundry pod" is a washing machine that works completely without electricity. The manufacturer promises a silent wash cycle and clean clothes in just 10 minutes! &

However it does exist not yet available for purchase in germany, but only on amazon USA for approx. 80€.

advantages and disadvantages at a glance:

is ideal as a camping washing machine

has an integrated spin function

suitable for motorhome and camping

relatively low tare weight of 3kg

only 6 liters of water per wash cycle

not suitable for outdoor and backpacking

Here is a short video about the laundry pod:

travel washing machine | our personal conclusion

Anne and Sebastian from reisefroh

the advantages of a travel washing machine are obvious: you save time, water and energy. In addition, you are flexible and can clean from anywhere on the road without electricity his laundry.

Although we are using the scrubba wash bag (price: 46,11 €) are very satisfied, we hope that in the coming years similar products will come on the (german) market.

But so far it is the only practical alternative to the classic hand wash. Because the drumi camping washing machine and the laundry pod are simply not an option for anyone traveling with a backpack &

Here you can find more guides& helpful reviews:


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on the contrary: by doing so you help us to continue to publish great articles on reisefroh. Thank you! &

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