Tips for effective car care or. Maintenance

The car is the German’s favorite child. It will be cherished, cared for and looked after. Polished, cleaned and screwed. The rims are made to shine and the paint is polished to a high shine. The interior cleaned with cloth and cleaner to the last corner and washed off. And every saturday the car is completely vacuumed and made ready for the coming week. At least that’s the cliche among real car fanatics.

But what exactly is needed to actually make the car shine in the best possible way with the simplest means and tricks?? How do you go about it and what do you have to do and especially with what?? How to protect the paint and make the body durable? Here are some good tricks and tips on how to take care of your car effectively and correctly.

Car wash

What is included in the care and maintenance of a car?? – picture: kfztech.De

Care and maintenance

To the correct care of the car belongs also the optimal as well as regular maintenance. And the change of the engine oil is one of the most important and regularly executable activities. The engine oil and the oil filter should be changed every year or at least every 15 years.000 kilometers to be changed. So at least a rough rule of thumb, which may vary depending on the vehicle and engine model. Otherwise, you can also make the manufacturer’s specifications for this their own and act accordingly. The engine oil has the task of ensuring that everything runs like clockwork, in the truest sense of the word. It absorbs particles as well as combustion residues and thus cleans the engine. oil type and viscosity vary depending on car type. use only one, but a high quality brand of engine oil. So you can be sure that you can benefit from the constant quality.

Spare parts with high quality

If you buy spare parts for your car, you should also pay attention to quality and always use original parts. Otherwise, the shot after the installation and the first trips can backfire.

changing tires – consider all seasons

The tires are one of the most important parts of the car. Because they provide with their safe grip also for the safety of the vehicle and thus also the passengers of the vehicle. The tires should be of high quality and suitable for the season with the correct profile. winter tires and summer tires, or even all-weather tires. All of these are also part of the good equipment of a vehicle as well as the care of the car. The tire theme is very extensive. That’s why you will find everything you need to know about tires here.

Paint and polish

The paint is the shell of the vehicle and should not only be polished to a high gloss every now and then, but also be protected as much as possible from damaging influences. To protect the paint, the appropriate polish is just right. It makes the rain water and also salt residues and other dirt particles roll off and acts like a protective film. The polish should, however, only be used now and then and not immediately with every car wash. Apply the polish only with a soft and clean cloth. The car must be absolutely clean and, if possible, dust-free before the polish is applied and worked in in circular motions.

Tip: never put the car in the blazing sun while doing this. That gives unsightly streaks in the paint.

Car polishing

For polishing it needs some know-how. – Image: kfztech.De

Car wash like the pros

Saturday is car wash day. at least the majority of german drivers wash the car on saturdays. But how exactly does the right car wash look like?? If it should be the hand wash, then one must consider some things. A bucket with lukewarm, clear water is the first thing, then add some shampoo and lather the car with a soft or real sponge and wash it off. Also here make circular movements. Don’t forget all the places and angles on the car itself and then wash it thoroughly with clear water until no shampoo residues are visible any more. Cleaning agents and more can be found among other things at detailpro | autopflege store.

Interior care – making surfaces shine

the interior can be cleaned with a soft cloth and some detergent. You can also use a so-called cockpit spray to get a shiny interior. It makes the surfaces smooth and more dirt repellent.

Sucking out done correctly

vacuuming the vehicle interior can be quite strenuous. Especially if it has been a while since the last cleaning. Here, for convenience, you should either use a vacuum cleaner from home, where you can detach the nozzle from the style and with an additional attachment that has a narrow opening. Or to the nearby gas station after the car wash immediately start the vacuuming with the company vacuum cleaner. These are usually quite absorbent and cheap at the same time.

Video car care interior

All containers for these and other fluids should be regularly checked and refilled. A loss of fuel can indicate leaks. One should also always consider the expansion / contraction due to temperature differences withberucksichtten. Sufficient antifreeze should be added to the coolant at the latest when autumn arrives. But the antifreeze also contains a rust inhibitor and other additives, which is why it should be used all year round.

Check batteries

The batteries do not last forever. Therefore, you should always be on the safe side and after a few years to renew and replace the battery. To our little battery guide

Brake pads and discs

Both should always and especially independently of the TuV, best checked by a specialist. Because the braking power and effectiveness of a car are among the most important to ensure the safety of the vehicle while driving.

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