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Commitment: How long must manufacturers offer replacement parts?

SB | stvo .De – 23.03.2021

Hardly anything is as annoying as a defect in one’s own car. It is even more annoying if the spare part to be replaced is no longer sold by the manufacturer. But how long does a manufacturer have to offer spare parts in the first place?? this article is about what obligations manufacturers have with regard to spare parts.

Legal basics

Of course, you want spare parts for your vehicle to be available when you need them. But do manufacturers have an obligation to offer spare parts at all?

For a long time this was actually not the case. Whether and how long manufacturers stocked spare parts was their own decision. However, the EU has adopted new regulations. According to these, manufacturers are now obliged to make spare parts available for at least 7 years. German automakers also ensure that spare parts will be available for at least 10 years after a model series is discontinued. Depending on the manufacturer, the parts may be available for even longer.

Availability of spare parts

Basically it is easier to get spare parts for wearing parts. Anyone who owns a vehicle assumes that clutch, tires, brakes and exhaust will give up the ghost over time. For this reason, car manufacturers are planning to increase production here. It is more difficult to procure engine components and body parts. Since these parts do not have to be replaced frequently, it may also take longer for them to be delivered. In addition, care should be taken to use original spare parts wherever possible.

Car parts that don’t normally break down are actually harder to come by. this includes trim or parts of the interior of a car. But even parts whose primary materials have not been produced for a long time are difficult to find. Often one encounters difficulties here only if it concerns older vehicles and old-timers.

Why original spare parts??

Above all, it is important for one’s own safety to use original spare parts as far as possible. This also plays a significant role in terms of the TuV (technical inspection authority). After all, regular checks are carried out to determine whether the vehicle still complies with the safety guidelines and whether there are any technical defects.

of course there are also many other suppliers offering spare parts for motor vehicles. These are often not directly from the manufacturer, are the original parts in functionality and often also in quality in no way inferior. If you decide not to buy spare parts directly from the manufacturer, you should be familiar with them and have an eye for which parts are of high quality and which are not.

alternatives to original spare parts

However, anyone who is now faced with the final fact that there are no longer any spare parts from the manufacturer for their own vehicle need not despair now. There are alternative ways of obtaining suitable parts. One possibility is to buy car parts online. On special websites the exact vehicle type and model can be entered. Suitable spare parts are now picked out according to the customer’s own specifications. These can then be ordered directly and conveniently via the internet.

Online purchasing of spare parts for cars is particularly suitable for tinkerers and owners of classic cars. It is not only a question of finding suitable parts, but also of not obtaining inferior used goods, but everyone else can also find suitable parts for their own vehicle from online dealers. Whether it’s a wear part, an engine component or other parts that need to be replaced – everything is available online. Another major advantage of online dealers is that they sell good quality goods. As already mentioned, you need a trained eye to find out whether a replacement part is of high quality or not.

So simply ordering parts for your own car or buying used is not the best choice for everyone. In the worst case, you will receive defective goods that have to be replaced after a short time or even lead to further defects in the vehicle.


If you discover a defect in your vehicle and need a spare part, you can breathe a sigh of relief: thanks to the latest regulations, manufacturers are obliged to supply the end consumer with spare parts for a certain period of time if they are required. For particularly old models, however, solutions can also be found: online portals often also offer rare car parts that the manufacturer itself no longer offers.

In any case, for your own safety and that of other road users, you should make sure that the chosen replacement part meets the technical requirements and standards and does not represent a safety deficit.

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