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Car subscription search order

With a search request you will be automatically informed about new car subscriptions that match your search. You can delete the search request at any time.

We won’t send you SPAM!

The new smart models

Cars from the smart company are known for their uniqueness. On German roads, they are extremely popular, especially in city traffic. The new smart models are the fortwo and the forfour – which will only be produced fully electrically from 2020 onwards. Find out what makes these models so special and what the advantages of a car subscription are in this article.

The smart forfour

The forfour is available in two different generations. The first generation of the five-door small car was built from 2004 to 2006. The second generation has been available since 2014 and is built together with renault.

The second-generation forfour is offered exclusively with a gasoline engine. Two different engines are available: a 0.9-liter three-cylinder turbo with 90 hp and a somewhat smaller 1.0-liter three-cylinder with 71 hp. Smart claims that the gasoline engines consume only 4.3 liters of premium gasoline per 100 kilometers, but experience shows that this promise is not kept. In tests, fuel consumption was closer to 6.5 liters.

Since smart was the first car manufacturer in the world to switch its entire product range to electric drive in 2019, no more combustion engines have been produced since then.

The all-electric version of the smart forfour is called the smart EQ forfour and has a range of up to 153 kilometers. For trips within the city this is sufficient. The model is available as a convertible or a coupe.

To fully charge the car, a 22kw charger needs about 40 minutes. A battery certificate protects the battery for eight years or 100 years.000 kilometers from.

The new all-electric smart models can even be linked to the smartphone via an app. In this way, various vehicle data can be monitored at any time and from anywhere. These include, for example, the charge level, the vehicle status or functions such as pre-air conditioning.

Smart fortwo

The fortwo combines all the features that an ideal city car should have. It requires only a small radius to turn, has achieved decent crash test results and has a good amount of space for its size. the two-seater has a length of 2.7 meters. Finding a parking space should not be a problem.

The turning radius is 7.3 meters, which makes the car particularly maneuverable. With 105 liters, the trunk seems quite manageable, but it is sufficient for small purchases.

The 1.0-liter engine doesn’t deliver top performance on the road, but its 71 hp is perfectly adequate for city driving.

The all-electric fortwo has a power output of 60 hp, which is still slightly less than the gasoline-powered model. With a modest top speed of 130 km/h, it is ideal for urban traffic.

The new models in the car subscription

Car leasing used to be the only alternative to buying a car. Thanks to innovative companies, this is no longer the case today. A car subscription combines the advantages of leasing and renting. The tenants have the option of changing cars on a monthly basis without being contractually bound to one model over a long period of time.

The smart car subscription includes costs such as taxes, insurance and repairs. Only refueling incurs additional costs.

If you want to buy an all-electric car for city driving without making a long-term commitment to the vehicle, a smart monthly rental might be just what you’re looking for.

For a detailed search for smart cars just use our car subscription comparison. You can use it to filter for further details and find the smart that’s right for you.

Smart in the car subscription: explanation of terms

A car subscription is the possibility to rent a car for a short period of a few months. The term auto flatrate refers only to the monthly costs that are covered by a fixed fee. a long-term rental usually refers to a fixed rental period at the end of which the contract cannot be extended. So the car has to be returned. And there’s another term: the monthly rent. On the one hand, the monthly rent refers to a fixed monthly amount for the car, and on the other hand, it implies that the contract can be terminated on a monthly basis.

Price comparison for car subscriptions. My goal is to bundle all available auto subscription offers here so that everyone can find the perfect offer.

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