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In Germany, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) is responsible for the freeway network. With more than 13.000 kilometers of freeway, the federal republic has one of the most modern expressway networks in the world. Repairs and road improvements are carried out by the respective federal state (they also know much better what is needed and where taxpayers’ money is best spent on road construction). Well-developed roads are safer for all road users.

According to the German motorists’ association ADAC, the damage to many German highways has dangerously revealed that far too little has been invested in the maintenance of trunk roads in recent years. ADAC continues to see huge deficit and roads would be driven to wear and tear.

The former construction site information system from the BMVI was discontinued. The federal road agency (bast) now manages the construction site directory for construction sites on freeways and federal roads. This will map traffic data in germany.

According to a study by the German economy (IW), two-thirds of commuters take the car to get from home to work. There are about 30 million commuters in germany and only one in eight uses public transport to get to work. No wonder, then, that railroad strikes have a minor effect. But there are also many environmentally conscious people. So one in six people gets on their bike or walks to their job. Among car drivers, this includes 11.5 million men and 8 million women.

Construction sites in brandenburg

Since berlin, or more precisely east berlin, was already a capital city before german reunification, namely that of the GDR, many important cornerstones of today’s very dense freeway network in brandenburg were already laid in pre-reunification times. The heart and starting point of all the highways in brandenburg is today’s federal highway 10 [more…]

Freeway construction sites in Rhineland-Palatinate

The federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate has approximately 862 kilometers of freeway. Here is the list of the largest freeway stretches. The A3 has three lanes throughout and is in good condition. On Fridays and in the morning and evening hours, it is very busy. The A61 is mostly two-lane only. [more…]

Construction sites in Saxony-Anhalt

The federal state of saxony-anhalt has a well-structured freeway network (550 kilometers of freeway) that has been developed to a high quality level. The complete expansion of the stretches is almost complete and most stretches have 6 lanes. However, some smaller construction sites are still on the A9. [more…]

construction sites north rhine-westphalia

Due to the high density of cities, there are many freeways in north rhine-westphalia. Especially the A3, but also the A2 are the main traffic axes in this state and therefore very busy. Commuter traffic is particularly heavy here in the morning hours and late afternoon. [more…]

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