Seat – a spanish car manufacturing company

Seat as one of the most famous manufacturers of passenger cars

Seat cars are very popular, especially in Spain

Seat cars are very popular especially in spain.

In spain, the car brand seat is very popular and widely known. However not only in spain, the country where seat was founded, the brand is often found on the roads. The vehicles are also often seen in this country.

Seat belongs as manufacturer of passenger cars in spain with to the largest and leading company the automotive industry. Moreover, the car manufacturer seat belongs to the group of volkswagen.

What interesting information the company "seat" associated with its cars, what special features there are in the different model types and what facts are there at seat in the history you can find out about the most important facts in the following guidebook.

FAQ: seat

the name of the car brand "seat" means "sociedad espanola de automoviles de turismo, S.A.", which translated means "spanish company for cars.

The company seat was founded in 1950 in barcelona. More information about the history of the car manufacturer can be found here.

In addition to spain and germany, seat also has production sites in portugal, slovakia and the czech republic.

Specific advice on the seat car brand

The VW scandal also affects Seat vehicles

Seat is a volkswagen car brand and therefore also affected by the VW emissions scandal. What does this mean for seat customers? Which vehicles are affected by the seat emissions scandal?? What rights can seat customers claim on the basis of their tampered car?? » read on.

Seat and the history of the company

Created seat plant 1950 at barcelona industrial park. Even today, the spanish company still has its headquarters in spain in the city of martorell. This is also close to the original and is therefore only 35 km from barcelona removed.

For the company there were three various investors. the majority was held by the state industrial institute of spain and the banks. A small percentage added fiat.

The purchase cost of a Seat car is not as high as that of a Porsche

The purchase price of a seat car is not as high as that of a porsche car.

The fact that right from the start fiat with the lenders owned and operated by the company, more vehicles were initially equipped with fiat licenses built in the company. In the first thirty years of the company’s existence, the development of new seat models played less of an important role.

After the time of franco it was difficult due to high import costs, foreign vehicles into the country. This meant, for example, that a very large number of new seat spanish roads on the road. Quite popular from seat are the models seat 600 and seat 1500.

For a long period of time in spain there were only cabs, which were exclusively vehicles from seat, preferably the model 1500.

Progress and spin-off from fiat

From 1980 there is a further development in seat. More independent models, like the well known seat ibiza, were developed. There was a disagreement with the fiat company, which however made seat more independent as well as more independent in the production and research operate. Also the headquarters in the city of martorell was created after seat and fiat broke up.

Due to spin-off there are since the cooperation in the european area and the business relationship with volkswagen. Own models for a seat SUV or a seat coupe were developed. demand for new cars from the company and also for seat used cars increased.

Seat: the logo and the different finishes

Unlike porsche, the car manufacturer, seat has several versions of the logo. Over the decades, not only did the color scheme change, but there were also less like the fiat logo designs.

Since the last three decades, the major "S" with the ripples in the middle characteristic of the company. currently the color of the writing under the logo is red, before it was blue. The seat name is essential for the company and should serve as a trademark. Because seat stands for "sociedad espanola de automoviles de turismo". The letters seat are the abbreviation for it. Translated seat therefore means "spanish company for cars.

The models of seat

Seat has as its plant and headquarters the city of Martorell

Seat has as factory and headquarters the city of martorell.

From the foundation in 1950 to date, several models of seat have been created. seat is known for the middle class as a car and for the production of the compact class. there are also some cooperations with VW, audi and skoda. In these models, the design and characteristic features are modeled on the respective companies, based on their cooperation and partnership.

In this process, some vehicles have been modified and offered as a differently named model of the partner manufacturer. Until 1990 get more models with licenses and similarities of fiat in the production to find at the sale. After seat became part of the VW group, there are many identically built models from the VW platform.

Among the best known and most popular models of seat, the seat ibiza and the seat leon. Of these there are several versions and improvements in the past time of the company history.

The corporate culture of seat

the company itself, as part of the VW group, likes to describe itself as a sustainable economic enterprise. So the company policy to the effect that in the future spanish cars should be built in such a way that the vehicles are more economical to drive. Smaller cars and less in the total number in the year are also to be produced.

Seat is a manufacturer from Spain and was founded there in Barcelona

Seat is a manufacturer from spain and was founded there in barcelona.

Since the enormous emission of carbon dioxide is avoided here, the company comes very close to its idea of sustainability. In addition, it is known that as a result 25 % of future seat-leon production CO2 neutral is produced.

For seat vehicles there are besides spain and germany other production sites. In portugal, slovakia and the czech republic, there are factories that produce seat cars. Mostly these are from the factories of volkswagen AG and are in partnership relationship to each other.

On the basis of the business relationship it can be seen that after the spin-off from fiat, a thoroughly independent company with its own ideas has emerged. Even if financially and in good cooperation to another large company and car manufacturer coupled was, could so own types are created.

Seat has even developed and built its own models for motor sports. Thus, the car manufacturer is like many other companies, which produce vehicles, also in the production of race cars gone.

In the industrial area at the port of barcelona seat has also a location. There are collection of different prototypes and race cars, which have been not published have been. This collection of special seat models is also not for the public accessible.

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