Scrap tire disposal: free scrap tire disposal in cologne area

You are a tire dealer, operate a car repair shop or run a car dealership where large quantities of old car tires accumulate on a regular basis? Then you are certainly not for the first time in search of a free scrap tire disposal in the area. Moreover, you know that usually depending on the quality and number of pieces, costs for disposal arise.
So you are right to ask: how can turak tyres provide this service? free of charge offers?

By receiving the bad and good used tires: fair-trade

Free of charge through fair-trade

The fair-trade enables us to pass on the old car tires to car retreaders or to export them abroad for reuse. This not only makes economic sense, but also protects our environment. Otherwise it is not possible to offer the service for free. Because with the proceeds from the reuse we pay the costs that arise from the disposal of old tires. In this way, both parties benefit. True to the motto:

A deal is only good if both parties are satisfied with the result.

Conditions for the free disposal of old tires

1. you are located in our catchment area 150 km around cologne.

2. You have at least 50 or more car tires in your tire warehouse.

3. 60% of the tires have a residual tread depth of at least 3 mm around the entire circumference

If only 50% of the tires have a main tread of 3 mm, we can only offer you a partial free disposal of the old tires.

We charge 3,50€ + vat per tire that no longer fits the 60% good plus 40% bad tire quantity rule. Please note that the prices per scrap tire vary.

Calculation example: you store 120 old tires. 60 of these have at least 3 mm of main tread depth. Then, in addition to the 60 used tires, we pick up another 40 pieces free of charge. The remaining 20 tires we provide you per piece for 3,50€ + vat. Invoice.

Please note that there is a lead time of 1-2 weeks for the collection of used tires, which increases to 3-4 weeks during the high season

Please understand that we cannot offer free collection of used tires to private individuals. You are welcome to return your old tires to our warehouse for a small fee. Read more..

We ask for your understanding that if only 30% of the tires have a residual tread of 3 mm, we have to refuse the disposal altogether for cost reasons.

In 4 steps to the disposal


We take your contact details and make sure that the requirements are met.
In the next step we make an appointment to check and pick up the used tires.


Our specialists inspect the tires in your tire storage/container and determine if at least 60% of the used tires have 3 mm remaining tread depth in the center part of the tread.


If all requirements are met, we work out the optimal solution for future disposal. And while we are there, we take the existing old tires with us.


From now on, we will take care of the collection of the old tires at intervals agreed with you. Or you contact us when your tire stock becomes full. Just as you like. We are guided by you.

Have old tires picked up free of charge

Save yourself the trouble and time of having to take care of the collection of the old tires and the environmentally friendly disposal yourself. Thanks to many years of experience and expertise we are able to work out a quick and uncomplicated solution for your scrap tire problem. Our modern fleet of vehicles enables us to respond to almost all our customers’ needs.

We can pick up the old tires on site

provide you with a container

Or, if desired, they deliver the tires themselves

Space-saving stacked used tires ready for pickup

Free disposal of old tires: your advantages at a glance

You have doubts whether our free disposal of old tires is the right thing for you? Below we have summarized the most important points for you to help you make the right decision.

Free disposal

If you meet the requirements for fair trade, you will not incur any costs for the disposal of old tires.

Free collection

the old tires are collected by us free of charge. They do not have to do anything else.


you call.We come by. It can be that simple.

No contractual obligation

You are dissatisfied with our service? No problem. send us an email and finish the collaboration.

Environmentally friendly

We ensure that the old tires are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

Many years of experience

We are reliable, fast and flexible. We know all the pitfalls and have the right solutions at hand.

Our contribution to environmentally friendly scrap tire disposal

In the circular economy, the value of products and resources is to be preserved for as long as possible in order to generate less waste. We make our contribution by ensuring that every used tire that rolls into our warehouse near cologne is thoroughly inspected and evaluated by our specialist staff, and then put to the right use according to its quality.

Undamaged carcass with new tread

Approximately 100 baled scrap tires

If the carcass is intact and the tread depth is at least 1.6 mm in the middle of the tread, used car tires are not waste in the EU and can be reused.

This also applies if the used tires are exported and tread depths of 1.6 mm and less are permitted in the country of destination.

If the legal minimum tread depth is not reached, but the carcass is undamaged, the tread is peeled off and a new one is vulcanized on. Retreaded tires cost 45-60% of a new tire and are therefore eco-efficient in terms of raw material.

Instead of a new tire, the recycled car tire is reused and takes off again.

If reuse or recycling is ruled out, the old tires are recycled for materials or energy. car, bus and truck tires are processed into rubber granulate and rubber flour.

Among other things, they find new use on sports fields. Or are added to the bitumen in the asphalt to reduce noise.

What to do with old tires?

The Recycling and Waste Management Act stipulates that car tires can be disposed of at recycling centers, tire dealers and professional disposal companies. But what happens then?

According to CORDIS, the world’s waste management agency, 70% of the world’s used tires end up in landfills and are incinerated.
With yearly approx. 100 million old tires that accumulate in the federal republic of germany alone, this corresponds to a volume of approx. 583.000 tons. But in fact, only 34% of our tires are recycled for energy, which is almost exactly half of the total.

In 2018, 66% of all scrap tires in germany were already being recycled. So we are on the right track.

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