Schwacke list reveals: this is how much a car is worth

The old car has to be sold or a new used one is needed: then it is important to determine the value of the used car as accurately as possible.

Only after assessing the value can sellers set a realistic selling price. Otherwise, you may miss out on a lot of money or set the price so high that no one will buy your car. Conversely, as a customer, you should also know the value of a car as accurately as possible so that you don’t pay too much.

Car costs: what you should consider

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In order to determine the value of a vehicle, a proven method is to look at the so-called schwacke list.

The residual value describes the price that can be achieved when selling a used car for example. This price depends on various criteria, including age, condition and equipment of the model, but also supply and demand. Therefore, it can happen that a rather unpopular model can only be sold below its value.

What is the schwacke list?

The schwacke list is a market report for used car prices provided by the company eurotax schwacke – and has been since 1957.

the ratings are based on data on more than 80.000 vehicles and more than 60.000 equipment features that can be retrieved from a database. The prices on online portals and in newspaper advertisements and dealer surveys, among other things, serve as the basis for the valuations. Statistical data on new registrations, owner registrations and service lives are also included in the comparative values in the database.

How does the online valuation by schwacke work??

The online valuation of a single vehicle model costs 7.90 euros. For the most accurate result, you should have the vehicle registration document at hand. But the valuation is also possible without a vehicle registration document. For this purpose, they provide various data, such as:

  • Year of manufacture
  • First registration
  • brand
  • Model
  • Vehicle type
  • Fuel type
  • number of doors
  • Mileage

If you also provide details about the equipment, you will get a more precise result. In addition to the online rating, a telephone query is also possible.

Does the schwacke list only exist for cars?

No. cars are the main focus of the list: it contains data on more than 3.000 models. In addition to cars, you will also find vehicle valuations for motorcycles, vans, off-road vehicles and delivery vans.

When is the schwacke list inappropriate??

The market for vintage cars (from 30 years old) has its own laws. For very rare or old models, a professional appraisal can therefore be helpful. You can search the Internet for independent vehicle appraisers in your area or ask TuV or ADAC for contacts.

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