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29.01.2022 updated: 15:35

parking in a supermarket parking lot can be expensive – especially if you don’t read the signs carefully.

munich – only very few car drivers think about parking in the supermarket square. You park your car in front of the store, go shopping in peace and quiet, and maybe do a few things in the neighborhood on foot.

But beware: more and more operators of supermarkets, DIY stores and other shopping environments are starting to restrict the use of their parking spaces for a limited period of time and at the same time leave the monitoring and compliance with the time requirements to private service providers, reports 24auto.De*.

In the event of infringement, drivers risk expensive "parking tickets". Businesses want to prevent cars from blocking parking spaces, which are particularly rare in urban areas, for long periods of time. not to mention third-party long-term parkers. ("scancars" instead of foot-patrol: berlin wants to track down wrong parkers more efficiently)*

supermarket parking: this is why parking here can be expensive fun

Drivers who park their car in a supermarket parking lot should pay attention to signs that draw attention to parking rules such as time limits and the use of a parking disc. These must be clearly visible (all service news on RUHR24*).

The rules of the game must be noted here: maximum parking time, the use of a parking disc, or what happens if it is violated. Sanctioning measures include towing with costs or fines. (crazy crash: car parks with flight-action one „you have reached your goal")*

Parking tickets in supermarket parking lots

"anyone who uses such a parking space enters into a contract with the landowner and, by using it, accepts the general terms and conditions," points out wolfgang muller, legal expert for ideal insurance. If the driver violates the rules, for example, by parking without a parking disc, he or she risks a ticket.

Since this is a private parking space, there is no classic warning fine, but a contractual penalty. ("wrong parking at superchargers: tesla is fighting this with this technology)*

supermarket parking lot: trouble because of forgotten parking window

No matter what the "parking ticket" is called, it is usually expensive. Most of the time, you can expect to pay a fee of 20 to 30 euros. It’s particularly annoying when you’ve been shopping at the supermarket as a customer and still have to pay a fine because you forgot to put the parking disc in the windshield.

In such a case it is possible to ask for a cancellation in writing with a copy of the purchase receipt. For reasons of culpability, the owner of the parking lot may grant this. Accordingly, you should always take your receipt with you when you go shopping (dortmund even wants to keep car drivers out of the city altogether with a psychological trick*).

Two hands holding a parking disc (symbol image)

supermarket parking: in case of penalty check if it is worth to object

Those affected should check in each case whether it is worthwhile to file an objection, advises the ideal legal expert. For example, if you have to pay an unreasonably high fine of 50 euros, you can take action against it.

Even hidden or dirty – and thus poorly legible or not legible at all – signs are reasons to raise an objection. It is best to take a photo of the signs to be able to prove the circumstances.

Are there any details like tow preparation noted on the payment notice, but the vehicle was never towed and the towing never prepared? Even then, you should contact the monitoring company or the parking lot operator in writing.

Not responding to the parking ticket is not a good idea. Then reminder fees as well as possible collection and legal fees can make the purchase really expensive. *RUHR24 and *24auto.De are part of the editorial network of IPPEN.MEDIA.

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