Portugal car hire – everything you need to know

Is it worth rental car on the mainland portugal’s? What must be considered? What are the traffic conditions?
These are just a few of the questions that come up when considering renting a car in portugal. Answers to these and other important questions can be found in this blog post with the topic "portugal car hire"

Is it worth renting a car in portugal??

Depending on the type of trip, a rental car may or may not be. If you would like to city trip If you want to go on a trip, a portugal car rental is not recommended, because the traffic network in the cities is very well developed. If you want a round trip if you have a car in mind and you are more attracted to the interior of the country, a rental car in portugal is useful and recommendable.

Who is allowed to drive the portugal rental car?

To drive a portugal rental car, you must have had your driver’s license for at least one year and be 25 years of age or older. There can be as many additional drivers as there are seats available in the car. However, they must be registered on site.
Some of our portugal car rental categories allow for a reduction of the minimum age. This includes category B, category C and category D.

What types of rental cars are available?

Don’t worry – we have the right car for every number of people suitable portugal rental car. For example, for single travelers there is a small car and for families can we book a minivan. The most common categories of portugal car hire are:

Category A: comparable to an opel adam, suitable for one person
category B: comparable to an opel corsa, suitable for two persons
category C: comparable with a citroen C3, suitable for three persons
and category D: comparable to a fiat 500X SUV, suitable for 4 people

But be careful when choosing a car: the categories of portugal rental cars can easily be chosen wrongly. It must always be remembered that one suitcase is also included per person. This also means that even though an opel corsa can easily seat three people, it is not suitable for three people with luggage.
You can also rent an automatic car through us for your portugal trip. However, not every category of portugal car rental is available in an automatic version and automatic cars are also much more expensive than a stick shift.

How am I insured?

If you rent a car through us for your trip in portugal, you are required to have a fully comprehensive insurance without deductible included. Damage to glass, roof, tires, underbody and clutch will be reimbursed. In the event of an accident, the accident handling fee and towing costs will be reimbursed.
Attention: conclude on the spot no additional insurance. The insurance that is included when you book a portugal rental car with us is completely sufficient and it is not necessary to book an additional insurance with costs.

What are the additional costs when renting a car in portugal??

If you want to add a third driver, it will cost 6€ more per day, with a maximum of 60€. A total of two drivers are included with the booking. If you are between 21 and 24 years old, you will need a young driver fee on you. This means, for each rental car day you will be charged 9€ extra for your portugal rental car – but not more than 90€. On the spot a deposit of 1000€ will be paid on the credit card. For this you only need the credit card of the 1. Registered driver. When you return the car, the deposit will be released again.
If the rental car is booked for less than three days and the pick-up and drop-off are at different locations, the so called one-way charge in the amount of 60€. Furthermore there are extra accessories, which can be added (but only on availability). These include:

baby seat: 10€ per day, maximum 100€
child seat up to 3 years: 10€ per day, maximum 100€
booster seat up to 10 years: 10€ per day
GPS: only available at the airport stations in lisbon, faro and oporto and at the city office lisbon. 15€/day, 75€/week, 150€/month

It is best to let us know when you book your portugal rental car if you would like any additional accessories so that they are actually available. However, we recommend that you bring a navigation system from home, as this is much cheaper.

If you pick up/drop off the car outside opening hours, there will be an extra charge of 30€.

In addition, there are in portugal tolls on the freeways and on the two lisbon bridges ponte 25 de abril and ponte vasco da gama. you get an electronic meter for 1,50€ per day (max. 15€) for your car, which measures how far you have traveled on the highway with your portugal rental car. this fee will be deducted directly from your credit card.

Where to save?

If you book your portugal rental car in advance, you will benefit from an all-inclusive insurance and the best rates. on the spot it can happen that you are offered expensive insurances which you do not need. Since the roads are usually well maintained and do not require four-wheel drive, the usual categories of rental cars are quite sufficient.

What is the parking situation?

in the cities, especially in lisbon and porto, it is quite difficult to find a parking space – similar to the bigger cities here in germany. If you have found a good place, they are also quite expensive. Therefore we recommend you to book your portugal rental car only when leaving the cities. Outside the cities in the more rural areas you can easily find a parking space and the high parking fees do not apply. parking bans can be recognized by yellow lines on the ground or by the inscription "estacionamento proibido". Then there are blue parking zones, where you can park with parking discs, similar to in germany.

What to do in case of a breakdown?

If you have a breakdown or an accident, please inform the local service provider and the local police immediately. Also, in your portugal rental car there are documents with useful phone numbers that you can use in case of emergency. When accepting the rental car you will be informed of this fact again.

What to consider when driving?

Like in germany, portugal also has right-hand traffic and basically the same traffic rules apply as in our country. Out of town, depending on the signage, there is a speed limit from 90 to 100 km/h and in town 50km/h. All other drivers are allowed to drive up to 120km/h on the highway.
In the cities the traffic is a bit more confusing due to the many cars. Otherwise, driving a portugal rental car is relaxed, as you will be driving mainly on freeways.
If you meet a sheep or a cow while driving: don’t worry! this is a normal everyday scenario in portugal. drive slowly and carefully and enjoy the short moment of amazement.

What to consider when refueling?

That the refueling, if you rent a car in portugal, conjure you by the unknown language first times a few question marks in the face, that is quite understandable. Here is a brief overview of what fuel is available and what it is called in portugal.

diesel: gasoleo
super unleaded: gasolina sem chumbo 95
super unleaded plus: gasolina sem chumbo 98/ super plus or super com aditivo

In addition, we recommend for your portugal rental car the full/full refueling regulation.

Is it worth booking in advance?

Price-wise, it makes a big difference if you book the car on the spot or in advance. by booking in advance you are insured and do not have to buy insurance hand and foot or broken english. In addition, it is possible that your desired category is fully booked on site and you will have to book a different category. if you book your portugal rental car in advance, you are guaranteed your desired category.

What service can I expect?

Unlimited kilometers, as well as an all-inclusive insurance, which also covers the undercarriage, are included with our portugal rental car. You have to pay no hidden costs calculate and enjoy your vacation carefree. In addition, the car rental insurance runs without deductible, so you don’t have to worry even in case of damages. The portugal rental cars are regularly serviced and comply with the local regulations safety standards.

am i allowed to cross the spanish border with the rental car?

We have good news: the crossing of the spanish/portuguese border is free of charge and does not have to be requested in advance. So you can look forward to a day trip to spain with your portugal rental car!

which car rental stations are there in portugal?

The car rental stations we book for you are located in the following locations:

– faro
– lisbon airport
– airport porto
– lisbon city office
– porto city
– albufeira

If you plan your vacation in porto or lisbon as a city trip, for example to explore the sights of porto, you do not need a rental car. However, if you want to explore the surrounding countryside, a rental car will give you a plus of spontaneity that public transport often doesn’t offer.

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